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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Nov/09 3:09 AM
 |  |

Now that I've whee'd, I can go on to work.

Have a good day, y'all!
10/Nov/09 3:09 AM
 |  |

2:11 As this is probably the last fine day until spring, I will plant several dozen bulbs today and enjoy the sunshine.
10/Nov/09 3:30 AM
 |  |
10/Nov/09 3:50 AM
 |  |

I added two photos of Black-throated Blue Warblers to my gallery. These tiny birds migrate through Jupiter each fall and feed on the berries of my large firebush plant. I caught one in flight!
10/Nov/09 4:35 AM
 |  |

Check it out, Rayray:
10/Nov/09 4:35 AM
 |  |

I have already recently been referred to that site over it (I think it was Vici - oh hell my memory is going - must be the sea of sewerage the other day). Also I cannot remember who posted it for me in the first place - some months ago.
10/Nov/09 4:52 AM
 |  |

I guess I shall need to support that team
10/Nov/09 5:02 AM
 |  |

I'm picturing you wearing the hat.
10/Nov/09 5:35 AM
 |  |

No, that's not right. The hat says TB.
10/Nov/09 5:36 AM
 |  |

Now there is a gold one that says Rays here:
10/Nov/09 5:39 AM
 |  |

Good afternoon to all! That's a beautiful temple shown in today's picture.
10/Nov/09 5:52 AM
 |  |

Thanks. Those things are really great. I may well go for the yellow baseball cap with "RAY'S" on it. Less likely to lose that than usual !
10/Nov/09 5:53 AM
 |  |

I used to have a peaked, yellow, Dunlop, golfing hat. It looked good - but I gave it away to a lady who liked it - in a fit of generosity. Actually she was very pleased indeed.
10/Nov/09 5:56 AM
 |  |

I wear multicoloured peaked caps that were made in Aceh before the tsunami. Can't get them any more - sadly - because the factory was destroyed in 2004.
10/Nov/09 5:57 AM
 |  |

Ray, I don't know much about rugby, but before trying to carry on with your offering, a few questions:
- did the halfback 'feint' or 'faint'?
- was he carried off the field towards the sidelines or towards the goalposts?
- what was that sudden oval swelling under his jersey as he was being More...
10/Nov/09 5:59 AM
 |  |

Ian, you seem to be consistently going for 22 lately. Has this become an obsession for you?
10/Nov/09 6:02 AM
 |  |

A very zealous soul-winning young preacher recently came upon a farmer working in his field. Being concerned about the farmer's soul the preacher asked the man, "Are you laboring in the vineyard of the Lord my good man?"
Not even looking at the preacher and continuing his work the More...
10/Nov/09 6:05 AM
 |  |

Yes CG; the feint and faint are confusable when the joke is orally TOLD, not written.
To score, one needs to push a naked, unjerseyed ball down firmly in the right place. It doesn't count if the ball is sheathed in fabric.
If he 'feints' he pretends to pass (the ball) out.
However he More...
10/Nov/09 6:13 AM
 |  |

Morning,the Bali temple would look lovely in my garden if it was a bit smaller. Greg had me laughing, thanks CG. Got to get out in the garden while its cool will check back later.
10/Nov/09 7:03 AM
 |  |

Good lord Ray, the vision of a naked ball has me mind-bobbled. These chaps are playing without shorts??? Oh, by the way, I was just joking the jester.
10/Nov/09 7:04 AM
 |  |

Have a lovely day everyone! Off to work - it is likely to be about 37C here today - about 100F. Tough for little ones at school ona day like this! Catch up with you tonight.
Hope you have a lovely day shopping, mymare - I'd love to visit the bookshop with you.
10/Nov/09 7:20 AM
 |  |

CG: I don't know about rugby league, but rugby union is a gentlemanly game. When one speaks of THE ball, that is automatically taken as meaning the rugby ball. I don't know about rugby league but it may be that they slam down other kinds of balls behind the 'touch' line to 'score'.
10/Nov/09 7:35 AM
 |  |

Good morning Sudokuland, I love you all...yes, even YOU!
10/Nov/09 7:42 AM
 |  |

2.30 Lovely contrasting colours. Thank you Lori (?).
10/Nov/09 7:56 AM
 |  |

All this talk about slamming down balls has me feeling faint, unless that emotion is just a feint...
10/Nov/09 8:09 AM
 |  |

Boy, if this doesn't hit the nail on the head,
I don't know what does!

Two patients limp into two different medical clinics with
the same complaint. Both have trouble walking and
appear to require a hip replacement.

The FIRST patient is examined within the hour,
is More...
10/Nov/09 8:11 AM
 |  |

I notice that today's postings are mostly from the male contingent on the site. I wonder if the primary topic of the day - balls - has anything to do with that.
10/Nov/09 8:12 AM
 |  |

Dear Fiona,
I am not sure your analysis is right, beacuse I haven't sexed the postings. I intiated discussion by raising a rugby ball. The tranfer to other kinds of balls was someone else's doing.
10/Nov/09 8:21 AM
 |  |

That must be it, Fiona. The women on the site are much too demure to comment on such things.
10/Nov/09 8:22 AM
 |  |

Whoops! Bumped into you, Rayray! So sorry!
10/Nov/09 8:23 AM
 |  |

You know Rayray, I can't help but notice that your halo is just a tad off centre...
10/Nov/09 8:24 AM
 |  |

... and the conversation on Medium is apparently "inteeting".
10/Nov/09 8:25 AM
 |  |

Is he feigning innocence, Fiona?
10/Nov/09 8:25 AM
 |  |

all I can say is thank heavens Judy is in medium and not on here.
10/Nov/09 8:26 AM
 |  |

My, what a titillating observation, Jimmy!
10/Nov/09 8:27 AM
 |  |

According to a roughly estimated sex count (doing an 'Ian analysis') today, more or less so far, there are 42 female posts and 27 male counts. That is much more heavily male-biassed than usual.
10/Nov/09 8:29 AM
 |  |

I'm glad you're keepng abreast of today's posts, Jimmy.
10/Nov/09 8:29 AM
 |  |

So you agree with me then?
10/Nov/09 8:30 AM
 |  |

Fiona; I admit that my halo is badly in need of a polish with brasso
10/Nov/09 8:30 AM
 |  |
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