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Submitted by: Gath

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Yes, a thrill.

Then I ruin it by running to save the pineapple.
21/Jun/11 10:42 AM
 |  |

1:58 Good morning one and all!
He's a handsome brute! Or I should say, a lovable looking dog.
21/Jun/11 11:02 AM
 |  |

Son flew home from Sydney last night. He was on the last flight into Coolangatta before curfew @ 11pm. Thankfully he decided to return last night & not this morning as flights out of Sydney are being cancelled due to the ash cloud from the Chilean volcano.
21/Jun/11 12:02 PM
 |  |

Speaking of the Chilean volcano, check out these amazing photos: http://www.emol.com/especiales/2011/fotoshd/erupcion-volcan/
21/Jun/11 12:11 PM
 |  |

21/Jun/11 12:19 PM
 |  |
21/Jun/11 1:02 PM
 |  |

Karen.... You need to stay away from the food preparation area. At this rate, you're gonna burn down your house. Hiring a cook is cheaper than rebuilding the house and replacing your possessions.
21/Jun/11 1:33 PM
 |  |

I am in 100% agreement with you Heidi. I should stay away. Now, who is going to tell those people I live with? And will they believe you?
21/Jun/11 1:47 PM
 |  |

Karen, it's a thankless job. You make something healthy and they reject it in favor of the fast junk food. If you break down and make something that taste good, the kitchen is a great big mess.
21/Jun/11 1:55 PM
 |  |

I really thought tonight meal, was going to horrible. Turned out really good. The pork chops, I just sprinkled with garlic salt and did not over prepare them, so they were not dry. The squash casserole, that I left out half the ingredients was really good, for people to go back for second and one More...
21/Jun/11 2:27 PM
 |  |

Does not make me want to return to that room, though.
21/Jun/11 2:29 PM
 |  |

Today is the winter solstice and the shortest day of the year. Does that mean we won't be cold for so long?
21/Jun/11 3:00 PM
 |  |

Who's cold, Judy? It's quite mild over here.
21/Jun/11 3:07 PM
 |  |

It's nice to see you on the site, Judy. One of our "oldies" from waaaaaaay back when.
21/Jun/11 3:08 PM
 |  |
Rinnie at rest.
21/Jun/11 4:15 PM
 |  |
They sure make German Shepherds in a funny shape. It looks like a dog to me.
21/Jun/11 4:19 PM
 |  |

Good one, Saylz!
21/Jun/11 4:23 PM
 |  |
How many circuits of the globe will this ash cloud make. When Krakatoa erupted in 1883 they reckon the sky was dark for two years and weather patterns were chaotic for many years.
21/Jun/11 4:24 PM
 |  |
Anne can probably remember it as the noise was so loud, it was heard in Perth. LOL.
21/Jun/11 4:25 PM
 |  |
Home again, home again jiggetty jig. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
21/Jun/11 4:28 PM
 |  |

Saylz. What would that make me, hmmmm, 128 years old.
21/Jun/11 4:32 PM
 |  |

Good night people of the world.
21/Jun/11 4:39 PM
 |  |

Hi Anne. I visit this site pretty well every day and spend WAY too much time tackling the 16 x 16 sudoku. For a bit of light relief I sometimes do the simpler puzzles and spend a bit of time reading the comments, but rarely contribute. Perhaps I don't have much to say??!!
21/Jun/11 4:46 PM
 |  |

Judy, please join in more. We're all just having fun and enjoying each other's company. The puzzles are great, the people are even better.
21/Jun/11 4:53 PM
 |  |

Thanks, Keith. You never know when I might bob up again! And one day I might even do something about an avatar.
21/Jun/11 5:01 PM
 |  |

Judy - I have only tried the 16x16 a couple of times and gave up.
21/Jun/11 5:07 PM
 |  |

Anne, I think I'm doing really well if I can do it in less than an hour - and that's usually an easy one. Sometimes common sense gets the better of me and I tell myself I've wasted enough time and mental energy for one day - then give up. It's also a rather good way to get into the right mood for a nanna nap. ZZZZZZZ
21/Jun/11 5:13 PM
 |  |

The only reason I've been on here so much today, other than I had doctor's orders to stay home and rest, is that I've been catching up on a lot of filing I've neglected for quite some time. Being in the same room as the computer, I've been checking every now and then when I get bored with filing and tidying up.
21/Jun/11 5:28 PM
 |  |

I Cee said the blind man to the deaf man wh replied Hear Hear.
21/Jun/11 8:34 PM
 |  |

Arhhh Greg Dueling blond groaners eh???

What happened to the blonde at the soccer stadium?
She drowned in the mexican wave.
21/Jun/11 8:36 PM
 |  |

I came over to my blonde friend the other day and said, "Hey look a dead bird."
She looked up in the sky and said, "Where?
21/Jun/11 8:37 PM
 |  |

A blonde and brunette are having tea when suddenly the phone rings. The blonde picks it up and immediantely starts crying.
Her brunette friend asks her, "Why are you crying dear?"
Blonde says, "Because my mom just called and said that my father just died. "I'm so More...
21/Jun/11 8:37 PM
 |  |

And 113 Anne

A blonde walks into a library.
"PLEASE CAN I HAVE A CHEESEBURGER?!" he shouts at the top of his lungs.
"Sir, this is a library," the librarian says.
"Oh, sorry," he whispers. "Please can I have a cheeseburger?"
21/Jun/11 8:38 PM
 |  |

I did laugh at the dead bird one, Mr Cee. Not bad ones tonight. You're improving.
21/Jun/11 8:39 PM
 |  |

That's not fair, and I was just congratulating you on reasonable jokes.
21/Jun/11 8:40 PM
 |  |

GH, I am glad your son made it home in time.
21/Jun/11 8:44 PM
 |  |

Prince William says he doesn’t want the traditional fruit cake at his wedding. Prince Phillip says he doesn’t give a toss, he’s still going.
21/Jun/11 8:59 PM
 |  |

Someone’s just pinched a pair of my wife’s knickers off the washing line. She’s not bothered about the knickers but she wants the 12 pegs back.
21/Jun/11 8:59 PM
 |  |

Last night I reached for my liquid Viagra and accidentally swigged from a bottle of Tippex. I woke up this morning with a huge correction.

21/Jun/11 9:00 PM
 |  |

21/Jun/11 9:03 PM
 |  |
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