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Submitted by: Gath

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Hallo, everybody. Have a nice day.- we got the first snow of the year - and quite a bit, around 10 cm.
 |  |
3.06 but more haste less speed i reckon
 |  |
 |  |
Wow, 3:55. I still need alot more practice...
Have a fantastic day everyone.....
 |  |
good night everyone. It's 1 am here and I'm off to bed and looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow.

We're off on our next virtual trip - a shopping weekend - first stop Macy's. I've never been. Perhaps someone local could help us with a virtual tour?
 |  |
Here I am at the hour glass spilled
no more lines to be quilled
grains and grains I have chuffed
to share with those that I have loved
enjoyed great mirth and seen some shift
to the last of my dunes I must sift
Heated and swirled and left on the draa up high
to the down of the More...
 |  |
The desert was great but too full of sand,
it got in the belly button and,
I'm glad it's shopping for our next treat,
so long as the payments Ted can meet!
 |  |
Wibbled and wobbled was hard for me
but i would try it for all to see
flat as a board or covered in jelly
it matters not for the tale of my belly
swishing and dishing for all to see
André again is rolled up in me xx
 |  |
Long time but done
 |  |
André - knew it! COuldn't mistake your elegant use of words.
See you at the shops
 |  |
this easy is easier if you start with 9s!!! I think this dog ate all the thanksgiving leftovers!
 |  |
0:74 Beware of dog.
 |  |
 |  |
Oop. 0:47
 |  |
5:11 too much play :)
Fraz such fun!

Joke of the Day:

What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don't know and I don't care

safe journey all must away
 |  |
ugly husky 6.42
 |  |
4.11 Barking mad!!
 |  |
What's the difference between ignorance and stupidity?

There's a cure for ignorance. It's called education. Stupidity, on the other hand, is a terminal disease. If you're born stupid, you're gonna die stupid.
 |  |
jsherp have i upset you? I hope your comment is jest?
 |  |
2:11 Have a grand weekend!
 |  |
Lynne I wasn't Nefertiti - didn't go to the desert. It's after midnight here and 32/86 deg - why would I go to the Sahara? Cathy you asked about the lopsided screen - you did it naughty girl!! When you typed the long xo line, the computer read it as one word and adjusted the screen to fit. I only More...
 |  |
One last time on the shimmering sands
looking over this beautiful harsh land
Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow
but there will be a new adventure tomorrow
All my veils have now vanished
and the desert tale is vanquished
Though it was great fun while it lasted
Ted's credit card needs to be blasted (again)
So I'll say farewell from me
To all goodnight - k from b
 |  |
heaps of snow overnight, and most of the day! I could sit at the window all day long and just watch it fall....very meditating!!! 2.58, I don't know how I managed to get this time...usually I am up around 4 minutes, maybe I need to change to the medium puzzles now??
 |  |
Not upset at all. Just stating (part of) my philosophy. I have a very low tolerance for stupidity. Ignorant people can be made less ignorant with education. No amount of education will make a stupid person less stupid.
This is not to say that we all (myself included) don't do stupid things from time to time, but those that make a habit of it....
 |  |
Winter has arrived. It is bright, sunny and cold, and we have snow. Have a geat weekend all!
 |  |
Have you ever thought that ignorant people are that way because of their own laziness - their failure to seek education; but stupid people can't help it if they were born that way and have tried education but it doesn't help? My zero tolerance level is for those who abuse/ neglect/ take advantage of the vulnerable.
 |  |
Another beautiful sunny day - happy leftovers everyone!
 |  |
jsherp are you including me in 'stupid' is that what you are implying?
 |  |
4:37, on to medium.
 |  |
Yes. Ignorant people who don't take advantage of educational opportunities are exhibiting stupidity. But, if a person that is ignorant seeks education, his/her ignorance is erased. That's smart!
I agree with you that there are people that a/n/ta of the vulnerable. I, too, have a low tolerance for those. But if we neglect the vulnerable, for instance, isn't that a form of societal stupidity?
 |  |
Agreed, but if we don't value a person who is 'born stupid' i.e. born with a brain not funtioning properly, aren't we being stupid/ignorant in valuing that person any less than one we'd value with legs/eyes/ears/heart that didn't work properly?
 |  |
Just home from the first 'do' of the Xmas season, and its 2.40am - plus whatever it takes to type this. Do you people who have just celebrated Thanksgiving do the whole turkey feast again at Xmas? or are you 'turkeyed' out? Off to bed npw, will puzzle in the morning!
 |  |
02:20 It's raining cats and dogs here...
 |  |
Not at all! We are all ignorant in some things. A stupid person will recognize his/her ignorance, and do nothing to cure it. (What Susan calls laziness.) An ignorant person that sees that ignorance, and takes steps to remove it, is non-stupid. My point is that education, while a cure for ignorance, is powerless against a really healthy dose of stupidity!
 |  |
4:57, guess my fingers are getting faster.
 |  |
I can see where you're coming from tho' jsherp. We tend to be more comfortable with those most like ourselves, and a man with your educational qualifications and career isn't going to be one who associates with a person of low intelligence. I personally have less time for ignorant people because More...
 |  |
Bluey: Some folks here do turkey on both Thanksgiving and Christmas. My family does ham on Christmas. Don't know of anybody here that does a traditional Christmas goose. (Down, Ted! Not that kind of goose!)
 |  |
Yes! I think our problems arise when we associate ignorance with stupidity. I know from experience that the times when our marriage was the rockiest was when I forgot that ksherp is not stupid (very stupid of me!)

Once I realized that I would never have married her if she was stupid, things got better very quickly.
 |  |
As an educator I think I can give you a better insight on stupidity/ignorance. Ignorance is simply not knowing - education is suppose to do away with ignorance, but only if the individual is able to assimilate knowledge. Someone who does not have the ability can not be termed ignorant or stupid. Stupidity is knowing but not using the knowledge. We all, at some time, are stupid!
 |  |
The best illustration is global warming. We know the earth goes through climate changes but that what is happening now is both too soon since the last change and too dramatic. Our leaders (in the US) ignore the facts and believe we are just in a normal period of climate change. They are being More...
 |  |
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