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Submitted by: Gath

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 |  |
to KRP, yes the biblical quotes get a bit nauseating and perhaps they should go to a religious chatroom to do it but if it is a pagan you are (did I just turn into Yoda?) then surely we need to swallow our bile and leave them to it? Maybe Gath can add a theological button to the chat selections?
 |  |
If you don't like the biblical quotes don't read them.I do, although I'm not a practising Christian.
 |  |
What is that photo of the cloud extending down in a swirl over a copse in a field? Is that a tornado forming? Or happening? Incredible! Mother Nature she is awesome!
 |  |
I don't mind the Bible quotes, and while I am a practicing Christian, I would prefer that the quotes have some kind of purpose or application, not just trying to strike the fear of God in us! And I am uncertain about the appropriateness of the forum ...
 |  |
5:45 starting at 1
 |  |
cheeky little otters
Lots of newbies today, hope you all enjoy sharing on the site.
Susan applex
I hope all is going well with your treatment and feel free to share as much or as little as you want to.
have a great day/night one and all
 |  |
I've been a christian but am no longer and whilst the quotes aren't offensive they are annoying. As Judy said this is probably not the most appropriate forum for religious discussion.
 |  |
I will add my two bits in for the biblical quotes - again. This is NOT the correct forum for them. I find them nauseating in the extreme. I can, and do scroll over them, but I still think that the reason they are there is to indoctrinate and spread their word of their God. If they must waste their More...
 |  |
I'm with you guys about the religious quotes - I think they're really offputting and even if I were religious, I think they would still strike me as being a bit creepy on a site such as this.
 |  |
Two different yodas (really!) have talked to you in as many days. Very interesting it is! A jedi knight are you?
 |  |
Time to go, work I must! I really would like to know about that cloud formation (it's in the photo archive), if anyone can help me out. Ta. I'll check in tomorrow and see if I can carve a few minutes off my hefty time.
 |  |
baz, correct me (as Im sure you will) if Im wrong but didn't you state once in a post that you sent your children to Catholic Schools?
 |  |
JUDY, I had a feeling Hobbes did not usually read the comments so, yes, it was nice to get him/her to talk. Not knowing, I will consider Hobbes a him since I love the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. But then, we never did know whether the comics Hobbes was a he or she. We may have to wait til the morning to draw him out again. I would like to know how to complete them that quickly as well.
 |  |
Fromdom, not wanting to speak for Baz, but he can send his kids to Catholic schools if he wants; it doesn't mean he wants to indoctrinate others, or that he wants to see others try to indoctrinate others into Catholicism or any other religion on a sudoku site, or anywhere else.
 |  |
Yoda I have been practising for some time it is and much more flexible I am. Much admire I do, those bagels you wear on the side of your head.
 |  |
Warren from Philly. Sounds like those 'rules of the road' could apply to Los Angeles or any other large city. Thanks...
 |  |
'and it came to pass that all comments were summoned to be justified in the eyes of The Baz Our Lord who sayeth that it is a sin to cause nauseation to our fellows. He sayeth to lay down your pens and cleaneth your buckets.....'
Corinthian, Doric & Ionian Columns VII
 |  |
Frommie, capitalize the Baz please, some respect! But Pete is dead right. What does sending my kids to Catholic schools have to do with this debate? That is an entirely different issue. Are you insinuating that there is some form of double standard here? If you are, I can't see why, or where it is.
 |  |
I winter in Yuma Arizona and the locals love to see us arrive each fall and love to see us leave in the spring. One year the locals printed a bumper sticker which read. 'When I retire, I'm going to move to Minnesota and drive really, really SLOW'
 |  |
Lift your game KRP, I would expect more from you than a babbling load of codswallop like the above.
 |  |
'and it came to pass and was noted that From of Fromdom was not practising but only reading which caused weakness of the muscles and general in-vitality. I sayeth to you From, you must practice my son for otherwise the freak shall inherit the mirth. Practice until it hurteth.....' Fromeelians chapter 42 v.382
 |  |
'and the hordes gathered in their thousands but it was not beyond Baz Our Lord to feed them from his one bucket and all day and night did he dole out codswallop from his bucket to the masses. They were fed, they had clean buttocks and they were happy......' St Peters High v.19
 |  |
I love the site! The picture adds to the fun!
 |  |
Hi! all. Thanks to everybody for your support - it is most heart warming to know that Shikia has all these people from around the world supporting her - even if she is not aware of the enormity of it.
 |  |
Loza From Melbourne - Thanks for the info on the shunt - It's heartening news. the shunt is manageable though, it's that other little bugger in there that we can't control thats the main worry. I believe that it can remain 'dormant' for ages and may never develop - here's hoping.

Susan - More...
 |  |
Just seems a bit hypocritical to me.Now dont y'all wet your knickers over it, it is what I THINK, OK!!
 |  |
Good morning little otters
 |  |
Thank you to everyone who gave me recipes - I finally used the pasta maker the other night! Can't believe how easy it is - Jill I used your recipe and yes, it was absolutely delicious.
 |  |
A'nd the Lord did sayeth: he who can taketh 1 cup of flour and combine it with 2 eggeth whites should add a pinch of salt, some fruiteth and bake for an hour and then feedeth thy friends...' Babblical Quotes & Recipes Page 16
 |  |
I just treat those posts like I treat the Sunday morning visitors and the people in the airports. Walk around them, smile, say 'no thanks.'
 |  |
5:41 - cute otters. Good mAen to all.
ap - thanks for the math jokes. My son is a math major so he will enjoy them too.
 |  |
Nah, Frommie, it's not hypocritical in any sense, but you are entitled to what you think, and I don't think I could change your mind anyway.

See, we can get on!
 |  |
Judge not, lest ye also be liable to judgement. Of course, it can always be reversed on appeal.
 |  |
Jesus saves....but Ratelle scores on the rebound.
 |  |
Jesus saves....at the First United Bank at 4.8%
 |  |
Its the posts that say we are being indoctrinated that I find weird. Yes Gath weird. Paul and whoever Z something, are quoting from the bible.They are bringing the word of God, apparently, to us.I dont see it as indoctrination or nauseating, you either read it or scroll on.Baz you must have been in a state of nausea an awful lot, both as a parent and presumably as a pupil!!!
 |  |
dear diary, fell out of bed this am narrowly missing MTT bottle on floor.from down here floor very dirty, memo to self try not to come down here again.Sheets on bed are the rose patterned ones that I got at the Myer Sale, along with some 'smalls' which I took to the counter and paid for with my More...
 |  |
All this as the result of one post on Page 1? Baz, what'll ya do if Paul starts serial posting?
 |  |
 |  |
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