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Submitted by: Gath

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10:45 (3:15 for setup.. the rest to solve).. much harder then yesterdays.. a lot of pairs that do not match..
 |  |
 |  |
Chaos arrived here before ME, gees!!
But this time I beat him: did it in 3:40 !!
 |  |
how did you complete this one so quickly??
 |  |
Of course not my 'real' time, Chaos!
I think your times are okay & realistic.

I was just mentioning the time the real(?) Bucko would come up with.

Chaos rules!
 |  |
Not too bad...got to 52 by simple elimination and then one gb style logic step.

The fake Deb from Kanepos did it in 2.14...

The real Deb didnt time herself and after having read yesterdays postings is now worried that her grammar is going to be put to the test as well as her logic.....Sigh
 |  |
10:33, this was hard (tough), Oh well, time to go shopping. Have a terrific day/night everyone
 |  |
Apparently the great game of Sudoku has become the realm of immature adolescents with computer access and way too much time on their hands.

Too bad.....
 |  |
Is that the real Bucko speaking, or one of his impersonations?
 |  |
I think these comments are for fun.
They don't interfere with my joy of solving the puzzles.
Just a simple little extra; don't blow it up, Okcub!
 |  |
 |  |
The real me...in Spokane...where it is sunny and 40 degrees....
 |  |
John - couldnt agree more....

Wonder if anyone in Washington has heard of the saying 'Pot....Kettle.....Black'
 |  |
I got it in under 1:50. i know it was less than that but i'm not sure of the exact time.
 |  |
Thanks for the support, Deb!

BTW I think we have a new Bucko; I see this 'B from WI', bragging about his ridiculous time :).
Would the B stand for Bucko?
 |  |
G'day all, finally finished, I think I've cooked my brain tho..
Todays words of wisdom - Atheism is a non-prophet organisation
 |  |
John - 'B' in my book usually stands for something else... and given the time 'B' is claiming - I'd say 'B' is probably full of it :o)
 |  |
24:07; and I had to guess twice after staring blankly for 5 min. I do a lot better when I don't have to guess.
 |  |
Too funny Deb, John and nice one Andy! The fake Bucko(aka Chaos,and Chubbo) is just trying to cause trouble ignore him.
 |  |
Can any tell me what the picture is?
 |  |
How about a bird (sparrow?) on a hanging drinking contraption?
 |  |
I NEVER claimed a time under 2 minutes for ANY puzzle. If I say 3:34...then I did it in 3:34.

Remember: Even if you are paranoid.....everyone may still be out to get you..
 |  |
 |  |
Okay, Bucko (the real one)!
So you did it in 3 minutes something. But to many of us this is just not feasible.
Tell us: HOW do you do it so fast?
 |  |
BTW, how many 'useful' anagrams would exist, built on 'bucko spokane'.
Maybe the fake Bucko could present us with some (if he/she dares)?
 |  |
Will that do, John?
 |  |
Got anymore?
 |  |
No logic.....just observation and a quick mouse.
As soon as I center the game on the screen (so I can access the 'check move' button.....I will start the clock and choose the square with the most numbers showing. I will start with the lowest number and work my way up...checking surrounding More...
 |  |
6:38 to solve not including setup of poss. 3 guesses
 |  |
3 days. I just don't see the full logic. Guessed twice.
 |  |
Right, Bucko (if this is the real on); now I can see why you finish that fast. But, I'm sorry to say, your method is regarded as 'cheating' by the lot of us, I'm afraid; no offense meant here.
Serious players do not, I repeat: not, use any of the tools provided by this handy site, only in case of hopelessness...
But thanks anyway for the explanation
 |  |
I'm in love with manic bob! I've never posted a time on here and don't always do them. Andy from Sydney - that's twice today you've made me laugh out loud - cheers!:)))
 |  |
PS. Bucko, that is not solving the puzzle. That is guessing and not using logic strategies. Sometimes the tough ones require a guess or two, but if you are using the check moves button every time, you're taking the logic out of the game.

But hey, you solved it so if it makes you feel More...
 |  |
 |  |
Pomposity run amuck!!
Where is the 'logic' of not using all of the tools provided to solve a problem or puzzle?
Would Einstein's greatness be diminished if he had had access to a computer?
How is it cheating to use the computer to check to see if an entry is correct.....but NOT cheating to More...
 |  |
Short hints for a proof (all logic of course).
1) First eliminations to 23 filled cells.
2) Look at only possibles c1=6,c2=6 in their col. Look at only possibles g9=2,g8=2 in their col. Remove some possibles.
Now easy eliminations take place again, leading to 46 filled cells.
3) More...
 |  |
See - I was right about what 'B' stood for....

Alo gb :o)
 |  |
Sorry to disagree with the Bucko just above. While checking if an entry is correct, you end with ONE solution, you don't PROVE it's the only one. I sometimes feel tired of repeating unendlessly the same argument.
 |  |
Sorry to emphasize again :
...you end with ONE solution, you don't PROVE it's the ONLY ONE. I sometimes feel tired of repeating unendlessly the same argument.
 |  |
Good one Deb. I must confess I do use the automatically remove possibilities on the hard and tough puzzles. But I think I will stop because it seems to be messing me up more than helping because I put in numbers that aren't possible.
 |  |
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