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Submitted by: Gath

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yay! first!
 |  |
took a long time on this one...must not be awake yet (24:29)
 |  |
10.32 yoohoo, i finished a tough one, that's become a rare thing for me
 |  |
hi all
 |  |
Yesterday's TOUGH didn't seem too tough but I didn't set the timer. Made it through today but can't begin to keep up with the fast ones of you. Haven't gone back to read yesterday's comments, (internet went down about this time yesterday) but what to say about a pizza, wood-fired or not? Anyway, More...
 |  |
4 guesses today.
 |  |
Hi all, 8:21.

I want to share a new tool (at least it's new to me): the Simple Sudoku program by Angus Johnson at www.angusj.com/sudoku. For the serious solver, it can be set to offer no hints or help, but the user interface combined with the ability to highlight specific numbers makes More...
 |  |
[continued] To transfer a puzzle from here to Simple Sudoku, open the Simple Program, have it generate a random puzzle, then select design (F2) from FILE and CREATE NEW. Just copy over the cells and select FILE / START (F3). If it's a real toughie, copying 20 numbers is less than a minute.
 |  |
I started with:
1. a7=6; g2=h3=57, elim in box.Easy to 34 filled
2. Locked 8s in Bh8, elim in col
3. Locked 8s in Be2. elim in row
4. If a4=1 or b5=1, f1<>1
5. If a9=3 or e9=3, e3<>3
6. Triple e3,e5,e6=579, elim in col
7. Locked 9s in Be8, elim in col F
Stuck at 34 filled. Help!
 |  |
Excellent suggestion js. If I may add, the use of Simple Sudoku also has the advantage of doing the set-up for you. Because it does not err in set up, the chances of solving a difficult puzzle by a lucky mistake in set-up becomes much less. Also, it is an great tool for following someone else's More...
 |  |
I feel better. I didn't have to start guessing till I already had 34 filled.
 |  |
Finished it in 15:41 but I guessed. Nice fiddlers! Have a great one, everybody!
 |  |
Hi all !
I'm so sorry not to have time for sudoku at this very moment, so I had a glance. Too bad Steve goes vacating, but good reason for the others to pick up the gauntlet...
nic : at 27 filled (or 34 as well) look at 3s in Rows 2 and 9. They forbid d8=3 (depth 2) and take you to 48 filled. Sorry I'm too much in a hurry to look at the rest of the story.
 |  |
 |  |
Thanks gb! and sorry you have to go Steve :(
I found some Fcs:
8. If i1=1 or i1=3, f2=8 (not much help)
9. If c3=3 or c3=8, e9=3. Easy to 49 filled.
to be continued ...
 |  |
Well this is a drug, never touch it even once... Cryptic hints :

Fill to 27.
depth2 elim : d8=3 (look at 3s in R2 and 9)
depth1 elims : a5b6=5,a6b5=7,g6=9,i4=8.
depth 2 elim : h5=7 (look at 7s inside R3 and Cf).
Fill to 49.
depth 3 elim : c6=5 (start with 7s inside More...
 |  |
typo :

depth2 elim : d8=3 (look at 3s in R2 and 9)
Fill to 48
depth1 elims : a5b6=5,a6b5=7,g6=9,i4=8.


 |  |
At 49 filled:
10. Locked 9s in R4 => g6<>9
11. If a1=7 or a2=7, h5<>7
 |  |
24:24 Hi to all. Very good for me.
 |  |
Love those violins!
 |  |
Similar to GB. In fc language, after 49 filled,
1. e5=9==b5=9--a6=9==a6=8--d6=8==d6=5 => e5<>5
2. 5's: e6==e3--h3==g2 => g6<>5
3. Y-wing: 57-76-65 => h3<>5 UP to 57
4. c6=6==g6=6--h5=6==h5=5--i4=5==c4=5 => c6<>5 UP to 81
Auf Wiedersehen, Steve. I, too, am taking off a few weeks. Perth, here I come. Bye to all.
 |  |
18:30 Good mAen!
 |  |
Sorry to see Steve go...
Maybe, just for us, he could summarize how much time he spent on solving these puzzles + giving us all the info (give or take a typo ;) ).

How much time did one puzzle cost you?
1 hour?
 |  |
I know that I promised not to do this, but as GB noted, this is like a drug. Here is my version of a solution to today's puzzle.

1) Start at 22 filled - the given puzzle. UP to 27.
2) pair 75 at g2,h3 forbids 75 at g3,h12,i13. UP to 34.
3) Colors 3's: d2=3 == a2=2 -- a9=3 == e9=3 More...
 |  |
HI DJ! And thank-you so much! Very nice depth 3 solution you have today! If one wants to combine DJ's and mine as follows:

1) Start at 22 filled - the given puzzle. UP to 27.
2) pair 75 at g2,h3 forbids 75 at g3,h12,i13. UP to 34.
3) Colors 3's: d2=3 == a2=2 -- a9=3 == e9=3 More...
 |  |
Bricks - I probably spend an average of one to two hours on a puzzle - Most of the time is checking my work and looking for shorter solutions then the first one I find. In spite of the time it takes though, I do find it oh so addictive.
 |  |
HI gb!
I truly understand your comment above - that this is a drug... - I suppose I must retract my vacating publishing proofs and instead avow to write less often, and spend less time. I am truly weak, as I could not stay away even for a day from this darn Sudoku!
 |  |
thanks js Will have a look.
 |  |
My apologees as in my haste to spend less time, my color's 7's fc is not valid above.
 |  |
 |  |
Good mAen! I like to solve the puzzles to see the pictures. It's good to see young people learning the violin! They look dressed up. Must be concert or recital time.
 |  |
12.17 not too bad today
who are the young violinists in the picture
have a great day/night one and all
 |  |
Hi Fellas. Everyday I vow I'm not going to even look at the puzzle but it doesn't work, does it? It is an addiction, which has its good points...my husband has become a great cook!
 |  |
Even with gb's invaluable guidance, it took me almost 40 minutes to do this puzzle. I can't afford that much time, so I must be a serious addict.
 |  |

11 PM In Michigan. It's been a long day took an 11 hout break between Hard and Tough.

good night all
 |  |
20:52 after setup. Steve, in case you do need a break, thanks for all your work supporting all of our sudoku habits!
 |  |
 |  |
in your step 5 I don't see that h5=7==h3=7, since I still have h8=567; (in fact I get colours on 7s at this stage eliminating h5=7, giving (h3=7)==(h8=7), which is no help in establishing e3<>7)

 |  |
sorry folks, I just noticed Steve's comment a few postings above. previous posting is already covered.
 |  |
6:07 - seemed too easy to be a tough! Good Maen, all, and hope everyone has a great day.
 |  |
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