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Submitted by: Gath

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Stuck on 57 cells after an x-wing on the sixes- that's enough for tonight!
 |  |
3.49...so easy when you don't allow incorrect moves.....but what's the point and where's the fun?
 |  |
15:44 - but with 1 guess...
 |  |
Made it to 65 with emliminations, then a FC:
c4/6=6/8. If c4=6, then both d6/e4=7. Therefore c4=8. To final solution.

Going to redo it to check my 65....
 |  |
Stuck twice. Once at 51 and then further down the road... Still need to master the FC technique. See ya.
 |  |
to jim From jungle:
I recommend solitaire; it's more fun
 |  |
Easy for tough,no x-wing needed,only repetive use of elimination of possibilities through hidden pairs!
 |  |
Starting with 23 filled (b3=e1=h7=6)
1- chain 23/29/39 in col.d/Be2
2- chain 28/25/58 in col.f/Be8 then f2=1 e2=5
3- remove 9 from b8, b9, c8 and c9 then b4=9, b1=5 h6=5 h9=9 e8=9
4- 3 & 7 only in c8 and c9 then to 50 filled
5- whatever is in i5 (4 or 8) leads to g4=6, c6=6
6- whatever is in i5 (4 or 8) leads to g6=3 (48/48/47/47/34)
7- chain 478/48/478 in col.i. To the end.
 |  |
Almost finished and then hit 2 of the same numbers in one block... ending up starting all over again! Finally did it in the end tho, no guessing, all logic.
 |  |
That was a toughie - but made it eventually with a very slow 31:59
 |  |
9:07 - started to fall in place pretty early today.
 |  |
1 hr and 10 mins to get dead presidents. Yo jungle jim , you is a cheater
 |  |
Beautiful pic. What is a hidden pair?
 |  |
 |  |
Jan from SLC, check out this website for hidden pairs, triples, quads, xwings, etc.:
 |  |
Xwings on 3s, 6s & 7s took a while to get them but no guesses...
 |  |
dnu - hidden pairs and all... i just work the threes, a cube or a line, and hope i make no mistakes. I like to be able to check that I havent messed up somewhere. Did this in 12:50 - that's with some checkpoints along the way. To Jim, the point is not to get the little red blinky thing behind your number - do it in 3 minutes without that and tell me its easy! ;-)
 |  |
 |  |
Today's method for me...
1. H7=6, e1=6, b3=6
2. Looking at 3’s in Bb8, eliminate other 3’s in Col C
3. Looking at 7’s in Bh2, Bb8, eliminate elsewhere in Columns h and b
4. Looking at 8’s in Bh2, eliminate elsewhere in Col h
5. Triple of 239 in d1,2,3, eliminate elsewhere
 |  |
6. 1,5 in e2, f2, eliminate elsewhere in row 2
7. Triple of 258 in f7,8,9, eliminate elsewhere
8. g2=1, f2=5
9. looking at 9 in Row 7, eliminate elsewhere in Bb8, f8=9, b4=9, g5=9, h9=9
10. Looking at 5 in Row 3, eliminate from g1,h1, h6=5, c5=5, c1=1, a3=9, d3=3, d1=2, d2=9, b2=5, c7=9, f5=6, f4=3, h4=2, h2=7, h1=3, g1=8, g2=2, a1=7
 |  |
11. Looking at 468 in Col c, eliminate other possibilities
12. Looking at 48 double in Col a, eliminate elsewhere, a4=1, e6=1, e5=2, a5=3, a6=2
13. Either 4 or 7 in e9, i7=5, to 65 filled
14. Either 4 or 7 in e4, c4=8, to the end.
I hope that there are no typos!!
 |  |
Had some trouble with this one today. I think my method to solution is very similar to Valy's above. Simple eliminations to 51 filled.
e4=7:pair(48) @ i4,i5: g4=6:g6=3
Therefor, whatever you choose, 4 or 7, at e4, g4=6 and g6=3. Then easy to end.
 |  |
Just under ten and one half minutes.
Q: Join me in a cup of tea?
A: Do you think there's room for both of us?
 |  |
26:02... tough one today. Thanks for the hints, just didn't have the patience to sit and work this one out. Still trying to take all the Christmas decorations down. Hope everyone is enjoying the new year!!
 |  |
 |  |
 |  |
Thanks Valy, Steve and Mike for your solutions. I got there in my usual messy way, but it's interesting to see how other people did it. Keep posting! (Minus 8 here today, car stuck in a snowdrift because I didn't shovel the driveway...too busy doing this.
 |  |
I think you misunderstood....sudoku is excellent fun...the question was where was the fun or the point of doing it if you use the helps such as not allowing mistakes..but if you think soolitaire is more fun...good luck to you
 |  |
you're telling us you solve it 3.49 with no help ?? Is that minutes you're talking about?
 |  |
Found it tough today. I gave up at 51 filled and used Valy's chains (step 5 and 6).
Thanks Valy :))
 |  |


( if you need the question go to hard )

 |  |
are you the same as suzy from australia?

 |  |
Sunny & 30.1C at 10:32am
 |  |
33:44 Got one X wing, but had to guess from around 65 filled.
 |  |
Has the 'save game' function stopped working for everybody or have I screwed up my computer??
 |  |
22:40 including setup, but ARP. Back to two guesses, unfortunately. I allow myself the two guesses if I get stuck, after that I quit, but so far they've been solvable after the two guesses. Amazingly consistent in that way.

Thanks, Sweetie, for giving the name of a site defining xwings. More...
 |  |
36.30 from the moment I saw the puzzle... a little tough but I went by way of possiblities, eliminations and basic logic.
 |  |
10.16 not too bad had one guess
have a great day or night everybody
 |  |
13:03 with some help
 |  |
No guesses again, 2 days in a row. Doesn't take much to make me happy!
 |  |
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