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Submitted by: Gath

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am i really first todat
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I am passing this on to you because it definitely worked for me, and we could all do with a little calm. By following the simple advice I read in an article, I have finally found inner peace. You should pass this on to those you feel are in need of inner peace.
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The article read: 'The way to achieve inner peace is to finish of all the things you have started'. So I looked round the house to see all the things I had started and hadn't finished . And before leaving the house this morning I finished off a bottle of red wine, a bottle of white wine, the More...
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what do you call a woodpecker with no beak?
ans;a headbanger
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LOL x 10 that is the funniest joke I've heard this week. I study karate and we talked about meditation and inner calm last night--so maybe they meant mediCation instead. 10:38. Getting better at this.
 |  |
Worst performance for ages.
 |  |
15 mts.found a bit hard.nowadays its become a sort of regular i.e finding it hard. think seen this pic here before.any way better than a dog or cat.
 |  |
6.00 having a good day. Good MAEN to all
 |  |
Sarah, from a migraine and stress sufferer - Blessedly BRILLIANT!!! ROFL!!! Especially after an amazingly long 35:40 to do this one! CSL!!
 |  |
 |  |
18:20 Not a far different time from the previous puzzle. Think I'll hit the archives later for practice--goodness knows, it couldn't hurt. Nice ferris wheel ... Enjoy your weekend, puzzlers!
 |  |
LOL Sarah!
 |  |
This one is hard.

You can reach to 31 filled with basic techniques, but I had to use Steve's technique to reach 34 filled by eliminating c7=8.

Then the hardest is behind you and you can prepare landing : Eliminate i4=9, for instance considering 5s in Bh5 (4 sets), reach 39 filled, More...
 |  |
good one, Gath! Totally stumped for quite awhile, finally I guessed... twice... (she hangs her head in shame...)
 |  |
london, the eye!
 |  |
A Y-wing and a couple of X-wings brought me, at 46 filled, to a fatal square involving 15's with an 8 in the fourth corner. It's not as elegant as gb likes, but I tested the alternative to prove uniqueness and then applied the rule to finish out.
 |  |
The first X-wing involved looking at the 4's in Be5 to show two alternative X-wings in columns 1 and 3, either of which eliminates a1=4. The Y-wing involves b4, 14 and g6 to eliminate g4=2. The second X-wing eliminates 1's in e4 and e6. (Look at the strongly coupled 1's in R2 and R5.)
 |  |
took a min... nice wheel
 |  |
Ha! Finished in record time - by guessing a whole bunch. Naughty, but it was fun. Actually, my guesses were about 90% correct. I'm in a hurry - snow day today so school is closed - yippeeee!!! (I'm a teacher - snow days are the best part of the job)lots to get done on my unexpected day off . . . .
 |  |
can not believe this!!!!!GB found it tough and I found it very very easy!!!I guess that is the way it happens at times.
 |  |
Fortunately, there's a move at 31 filled after which it's easy fillings to the end. Though this moves has depth 6, I think it's worthwhile, because it ends any trouble.
 |  |
Stuck at 40 something. Took one FC. I don't think it's solvable without guessing. Anybody can guess. I wish they would design more tough puzzles where you can actually use X wings, starfish, XY wing and the like. When do I find them, I also find I've already eliminated whatever they yield by earlier eliminations.
 |  |
Love that joke Sarah. Great fun!!!
Jan I do karate too. Lol. Im more addicted to that than to sudoku.
For all I only stop times at easy and medium cause it takes me ages to do hard and tough.
 |  |
please ang, could you take some time to sketch your proof for us? We're all trying to learn from each other, and if you found a neat way to solve this one, I'm most interested.
 |  |
Is that the Prater Wheel in Vienna?
 |  |
Here the state of the art here :

1) Make sure you get these possibles at 31 filled (only basic techniques needed) :

|2/4/368|3 6789/37/79|15/68/15|
|678/57/568|68/4/1 |3/9/2|
|3467/8/1246|5/1237/49|12/23/16 More...
 |  |
2) By considering possibles 37 in e8, build two 'Steve sets' in which at least one element must be true:
Steve1 : {a6=7,c9=3}
Steve2 : {i6=9,c9=3}.

3) consider possible 6s in row 6 : aci6=6.

Now you need no more looking at the diagram :
Whether a6=6 or i6=6(giving c9=3 by More...
 |  |
Ooh, I love Ferris wheels. I love the feeling of weightlessness and flying.

I didn't fly through this puzzle, tough. 7:41 mintues total, 4:17 seetup, and a slow 3:24 to solve.
 |  |
Great joke, Sarah!

Happy mAen everyone.
 |  |
Note : this c9=6 elimination is not a fc ! My first proof was pure fc, but way longer.
This c9=6 elim uses 6 (thick/strongcoupled...) sets :
c89=3 (3s in Cc)
e8=37 (values in e8)
ae6=7 (7s in R6)
f8=79 (values in f8)
fi6=9 (9s in R6)
aci6=6 (6s in R6).

Exercise : after More...
 |  |
Lovely picture - I love these scenic ones! Good Maen and happy weekend, all.
 |  |
 |  |
here's a funny ferris wheel story for you guys: my sister and I both suffer from fear of heights and motion sickness, but when you have kids sometimes you have to bite the bullet and take them to amusement parks anyway, know what I mean? So she went to visit another sister in Los Angeles, where, of course, if you have kids you MUST go do DisneyLand.
 |  |
So after much persuading, my visiting sister let local sister talk her into riding the ferris wheel with her kids, since it looked tame compared to everything else. And would you believe... it broke down when she was at the top, leaving her stranded for 20 minutes. With someone stranger's hysterical kid in the seat with them. Wish I had been there!
 |  |
and it was one of those super-high ones too... where the whole frame sways a little in the wind... and it was night and getting chilly... man oh man, I would have run for the Valium after THAT! I don't know how I'm going to handle Disney when we go in May -- one of my sons wants to ride the rollercoasters with me!!!
 |  |
gb or anyone - could you put me out of my misery and explain why I still have an 8 in e8 (and d4)?
 |  |
typo in part 3 of gb's proof above - read 'in both cases, c9 is not 6'
 |  |
gb- in your position for 31 filled, b7 is the only 7 in that row, which leaves c7 with the only 5, so you can go to 33 filled. I don't know if that makes the remainder easier to solve
 |  |
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