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Submitted by: Gath

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with one wrong guess
 |  |
I thought I put the time 9:04
 |  |
9:00 flat. Righteous.
 |  |
Too long and too many guesses to post a time!
Beautiful flowers to brighten up our day.
 |  |
16:52. Not so shabby for me.
Today is the day to put up the Christmas tree.
 |  |
Time to go to work - see ya all tomorrow
 |  |
No guess, no wether..then..., only simple logic.
You are right Fi, it is easier to start with the most popular number in the grid (today 9). We usually get 19, 20 or 21 (lucky days) numbers. So one of them, at least, shows up 3 times.
Is talking moose turning mute?
 |  |
11:42 and happy to be back. A most beautiful yellow (Christmas Lily?) flower to brighten our dreams
 |  |
No, not mute -- still meticulously recorded every step as I solve
 |  |
Full solution, Step 1 (not checked for typos):

1. Simple elimination: i8=5, a4=9, b8=9
2. In column h, 1 must be in either h8 or h9; eliminate from other cells in column
3. In column c, 2 must be in either c7 or c8; eliminate from other cells in column
4. In column a, 4 must be in More...
 |  |
Part 2:

6. Simple elimination: b6=4, g6=6, b5=2
7. d5 & h5 must = 7 or 8; eliminate from other cells in row
8. Simple elimination: f5=5, a5=3, c4=5, i5=1
9. In row 7, 3 must be in either g7 or i7; eliminate from other cells in row
10 In column e, 2, 7 & 8 must be in either e4, e6 or e7; eliminate from other cells in column
 |  |
Part 3:

11. In row 3, 1, 5, 6 & 7 must be in either a3, b3, c3 or e3; eliminate from other cells in row
12. Simple elimination: g3=4, h4=4
13. h1 & i1 must = 7 or 8; eliminate from other cells in row and 3x3
14. h1 & h5 must = 7 or 8; eliminate from other cells in column
15. More...
 |  |
Part 4:

17. Simple elimination: e4=8 (all other cells in column eliminated), d5=7, e6=2, e7=7, c7=2, g4=3, i4=2, h5=8, i6=7, g7=8, i7=3, h1=7, i1=8, f2=7, f8=2, d2=9
18. Looking at g2 = 1 or 5, can conclude that e3 must = 5; Proof: if g2=1, then g1=5, b1=3, f1=4, d1=1 & e3=5; if g2=5 More...
 |  |
Part 5:

Easy to finish to end.
 |  |
 |  |
06:38 i couldnt believe myself.is anything wrong?my medium and hard was more than 7.the flowers cheered me.can anybody tell me how can i shoot a pic.lessthan 50kb with my olympus dc 100 model
 |  |
Did not time it but I am proud that I did not guess anything and found the FCs without any hint. Getting better!!!
 |  |
Edit the pic with IrfanView. It's free on the net.
 |  |
Thanks TM - Your proofs help me a lot. I have a question - how do create step 18 on your own? Do you have a system for picking cells and working them through, or is it just random? This is the only reason why I can't finish the toughs on my own. Every time I try to make a chain, I can never More...
 |  |
teresa --

I just pick a cell that has just two options and work out the next 5-6 steps for each choice. If I don't find an elimination that works, I move on to another cell until I find one that does.
 |  |
TM - I dont understand how to read your proofs...can you decode them?
 |  |
Amanda --

a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i denote the columns going from left to right
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 denote the rows going from bottom to top

thus, the lower-left corner cell is a1 and the upper-right corner cell is i9 (the center cell is e5)
 |  |
23:09 but with no guesses today! TM, I usually try to do what you just said, pick a cell with just two options, etc., but unless I can eliminate within two or three steps rather than 5 or 6, I just lose track and can't eliminate anything, like teresa.

TM, on these 5-6 step chains, do you write them down or keep them in your head? Or do you have some other special method?
 |  |
I print out the Sudoku and scribble them out by hand. There's no way I can keep it straight all in my head.
 |  |
Hi Teresa from Texas,
I used the same logic more or less as TM to get to where you need a chain, then picked these two:
Looking at b1=3,5 e3=5 Proof: If B1=3, f1=4, d1=1, e3=5 If B1=5, g1=1, d1=4, f1=3, e2=1, e3=5
Then by simple elimination b3=6
Looking at h9=1,6 if h9=6 f9=3 leaving More...
 |  |
Jane, same here. I can't follow them too far in my head, so I write down a 'flow chart' of the relationships until I get a match or a 'can't be' as above where h9=6. I don't actually print the puzzle, however use whatever works for you!
 |  |
 |  |
24:26, watching a movie called 'About a Boy' with Hugh Grant. It's really pretty cool.

I finished painting the ceiling from my Sudoko fire, and the house no longer smells like smoke. Now I have the walls and cabinets to finish.

All doc visits went fine. My hand has 2nd degree burns More...
 |  |
 |  |
'Chapeau' for TM's work ! May I only add that today's is the same puzzle as yesterday's, up to minor changes detailed in the sandbox, and that it can be solved with a single non-obvious FC at 54 filled (found by mark from ny):
Looking at e8 = 1 or 3, can conclude that h9 is not 6 : if e8=1 then More...
 |  |
 |  |
 |  |
The key is TM's step 20. You can get to there by simpler logic. But the trick is to choose the two-number cell that gives a quick (less than 4-move) elimination or proof. Kudos to TM if you went right to it.
 |  |
This one took a long time - 42:20 (when I should have been working), but it was worth it to work my way through the complexities. No guesses, no wrong moves, no checking the hints or solutions, just plain logic! Now to work.
 |  |
good work TM, I admire people like you and gb who give us help when we're stuck; Times of 3.46 & 3.51 must be just for clicking continuously with not allowing incorrect moves! fast mouse guys :)
 |  |
 |  |
1st time doing tough, didn't time myself... for good reason! But I got it. I need to do it on paper to see all possibilities. Luckily I had the time today. Brrr Windy 30 degrees today. If I don't get to see the pic, I become more determined. Lovely Lillies!
 |  |
Jen, Have you tried checking the little box 'this number is a possibility' directly under the grid? It allows you to put 1 or more possible numbers directly into a square. Just check the box, click on a number then click on a grid square. Uncheck the box to enter a permanent number. Hope this helps!
 |  |
I didn't use any 'if...so can't be', neither try any option. Everything went down just because of pairs, FC's or other easy process. Well I ought you to keep track of the whole process and write it down for you. It is so much work, TM!!!
 |  |
 |  |
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