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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello page three.
13/Jul/13 11:23 AM
 |  |

And then I was distracted looking for recipes. I want to bring something made with plums to the meetup Sunday. They're in season.
13/Jul/13 11:34 AM
 |  |

Thank you, Karen. What would we do without you?
13/Jul/13 11:36 AM
 |  |

I thought CG's puzzle was what is commonly known as 'curtails'. Ie the second word is the first word with the last letter removed...........so, if you provide the first word, then the second word is pretty obvious. (The first word minus the last letter. It can be nothing else).

Nor did Andrew Lloyd Wright write Cats.
13/Jul/13 11:47 AM
 |  |

Peter, Andrew Lloyd Wright produced Cats, and Although I realized you knew to second answer, you didn't write it. I couldn't treat you any differently from others. C'est la vie, but just I'll say 9 for 10.
13/Jul/13 12:05 PM
 |  |

everyone. Rob & I are having a wonderful time in Ann Arbor. We have enjoyed some good meals & revisited many of the places we frequented when we were both students at the Univ. of Michigan. Yesterday we went to the jewelers on Main St. where we chose my engagement ring 47 years More...
13/Jul/13 12:05 PM
 |  |

That should read 'just for you'.
13/Jul/13 12:06 PM
 |  |

all. Quick note. Last day in Hawaii. Long travel day tomorrow. Will be back here on Sunday.
13/Jul/13 12:15 PM
 |  |
Looks rather homey
13/Jul/13 12:21 PM
 |  |

I know I am going to regret this but...
Are we getting our Andrew Lloyd Webber's confused with our Frank Lloyd Wright's?
13/Jul/13 1:44 PM
 |  |

I reckon you're right Grass-hopper...............Alzheimer's kickin' in
13/Jul/13 2:01 PM
 |  |
At least I'm feeling better and not too much pain in my chest and ribs. I actually made it to the farm market and grocery store today. Got a 10 pound container of already pitted tart cherries - so cherry pie on Sunday. But I'd love pecan pie as well - haven't made More...
13/Jul/13 2:07 PM
 |  |
Kathy (FL) - I'm glad you are having a good time in that city where the 'Team Up North' exists. Will you be going to Zingerman's while there? That's a fantastic bakery and deli.
13/Jul/13 2:08 PM
 |  |
Plum - If you're still thinking about what to make for your meet-up, consider a crisp or cobbler. I think plum pie is better with Italian plums that don't ripen until late August around here. But all the different 'round' plums work well in crisps or cobblers (IMO).
13/Jul/13 2:10 PM
 |  |

Good night people of the world.
13/Jul/13 3:42 PM
 |  |

Good to hear that you are on the mend Dottie.
13/Jul/13 3:42 PM
 |  |

I rarely pay attention to the number of comments, but seeing 96 as I came to the site tonight gave me this rare opportunity to.....
13/Jul/13 4:20 PM
 |  |

...do a CP and get both 100 and LOL if no one else intervenes.
13/Jul/13 4:21 PM
 |  |

My parents are moving to my building, same apartment a few floors up, so I will be able to be home more easily and therefore much more often, like daily - YIPPEE!
13/Jul/13 4:22 PM
 |  |

However, speaking of 100, I was younger when they made the last move. I have started packing boxes and I am achy and exhausted. Also, there is nowhere to put the packed boxes, exactly, so I am not sure what we will do about getting about between boxes, since my father and his walker need a wide path.
13/Jul/13 4:24 PM
 |  |

I do indeed feel like a Little Old Lady right now.
13/Jul/13 4:24 PM
 |  |

Afternoon all, that cafe looks cosy.
We had a visit from our grandie Ashley who is 3 days overdue with her first baby, poor thing was bored at home by herself while hubby was at work.
13/Jul/13 4:34 PM
 |  |

Probably feeling a bit nervous about being alone, too.
13/Jul/13 4:47 PM
 |  |

Has anyone tried using the blank grids lately? I couldn't enter any numbers into them.
13/Jul/13 4:48 PM
 |  |

It is not looking good for No 7 in Mr Cee's poozle.
13/Jul/13 4:49 PM
 |  |

Hi G-h. I found number 7 the hardest. I put in answer, but not very confident that its right.
13/Jul/13 5:00 PM
 |  |

Sarah, how lovely to be so close to your parents.
13/Jul/13 5:01 PM
 |  |

Having my parents in the same building will enhance the quality of my life, for sure. I will still need to spend a good part of each day in their apartment since my father needs constant supervision, preferably not by another 90-year-old!, but the travel time between our two residences can be counted in seconds, even in rush hour!
13/Jul/13 5:24 PM
 |  |

I did not know it was Pecan Pie Day, and made a peach pie. The peaches were delicious on their own, and made a fantastic peach pie. Yummmmm.

I spent quite a bit of time perfecting my pecan pie, though, to find a way to make it less sweet. I don't like anyone else's pecan pie now, finding More...
13/Jul/13 5:28 PM
 |  |

Mr. Cee got me on #6, not #7. I can hardly wait to find out the answer others did not find hard!!
13/Jul/13 5:55 PM
 |  |

The blank puzzle page works fine now, or fine for me.
13/Jul/13 5:57 PM
 |  |

Peter forgive him. He is a Canadian.
13/Jul/13 7:16 PM
 |  |

Greg Forgive him. He is a Tasmanian.
13/Jul/13 7:17 PM
 |  |


One evening a grandson was talking to his grandmother
About current events.

The grandson asked his grandmother what she thought
About the shootings at schools, the computer age, and
Just More...
13/Jul/13 7:21 PM
 |  |


We were the last generation to actually believe that a lady needed a husband to have a baby.
We volunteered to protect our precious country.
No wonder people call us 'old and confused' and say there is a generation gap.

How old do you think I am?

13/Jul/13 7:23 PM
 |  |

Lizzie G

Yes you got it right.
13/Jul/13 7:24 PM
 |  |

1. Drum -> Rum
2. Beat -> Eat
3. Sharp -> Harp
4. Glee -> Lee
5. Opus -> Pus
6. Mode -> Ode
7. Pitch -> Itch
8. Trill -> Rill.

Lizzie G Is back at work if you could call it that and slips in her first attempt. Well so far so good and More...
13/Jul/13 8:13 PM
 |  |

So I suppose I should go compose another poozel
13/Jul/13 8:17 PM
 |  |

Easy or hard???

That is the question.

Still no answers to how old Grandma is yet??
13/Jul/13 8:19 PM
 |  |

Mr Cee, I was seeing it as a division problem not two separate clues.
13/Jul/13 8:48 PM
 |  |
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