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Submitted by: Gath

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5:56 - no mistakes. I don't mind repeat jokes - I just skip it if I've already heard it. Thank you to all who post jokes - I love reading them!!
 |  |
Hi Pam
wow that is a lot of driving for no reward of a holiday at the end of it. Must be disappointing to not reach you goal and have to return home. Maybe the rest at home will be good and refreshing for you.
Happy Easter Pam from my family to yours.
 |  |
Geez I got bumped out again, and the joke I was posting wasn't rude at all.

Deb, tut tut, Tee Hee! God if we had to think about every aspect of what we say, before we say it, for fear of insulting somebody, the post board would be vacant. Get a grip and don't be so thin skinned.
 |  |
Rosemary, thank you for your comments, we were going another 500 miles to destination, over a few passes, and the snow level had dropped to 2500 ft,and a big storm was forcast, plus there was flooding at destination, so we cut our losses. Very disappointing , rain here but once we get a good nights sleep the world will be a great place again
 |  |
Go on, my son!
 |  |
Thank you for your kind thoughts. I have breast cancer that no more treatment will cure. Yes you are right the days and sleepless nights are very long. No Baz, I am not seeking sympathy, just stating facts, although I expect I am not allowed to make the observation that so many of your comments are downright childist. I wish you all well in the future.
 |  |
Writing on a bathroom wall:

Some come here to sit and think,
but I come here to s*h*i*t* and stink!
 |  |
Another from the urinal:

It is better to aim high and miss, than aim low and hit your shoes!
 |  |
Happy Easter!
Go the WEst Coast Eagles!
The flag is ours this year!
Just need to get rid of Leo barry!
 |  |
are we in the bathroom now
 |  |
Go Saints and Hawks!!!!
 |  |
go lakes entrance what a lovely spot!
 |  |
Val, my sister is also suffering from breast cancer, so I can slightly imagine what you are going through, and can only offer silent support. Please, pleeeze don't leave the site as we all here (there are 4 of us!) love your postings, they are a ray of light amongst all the banality. Keep the faith!!
 |  |
 |  |
Baz, Val as she pointed out was stating facts, if you felt a twinge of unease, as we all did when reading these facts, that is your problem not hers. I am sure she wouldn't be concerned with how you feel, under the circumstances. You really must not be so thin skinned you know !!

Happy More...
 |  |
3:27 Hello Everyone, Maen bAz (now what does that capital A stand for?) Happy Easter- The stone's been rolled away. I hope that no-one has actualy been sick on chocolate (has been known to happen ) this joyful Easter morning.
 |  |
3:12 Beautiful day here in Oz.
A lovely easter egg from my husband this morning, hope you all get your chocolate delights today too.
 |  |
you made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's fun to watch the site and hear from all the old friends and grumps. Must go look at BAZBDAY!
 |  |
Hey Val, Muchea, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep up your postings. This site is for everyone -not just the narrow minded bigots who need to express their views LOUDLY and daily.

Blessings everyone!!!
 |  |
PS Apologies for that little outburst about the grumpy bigots. Easter blessings are for bigots and grumps as well - I'm sure that they will be pleased about that.
 |  |
here we go, again. I don't believe I even hinted that I thought that Val was seeking sympathy, or anything else. I Just refuse to feel guilty about what I post. Val has my sympathy, even though it is not sought. But infering I am a bigot is a bit rough! Though a grump I can live with. Keep your chins up Val.

Fi, not sure what to make of you comment there!
 |  |
Val how many chins do you have ?? Baz why should you feel guilty, I am sure that you are the only one who'd have to deal with that, as I can't think of anyone else who'd care. Somehow I think he protesteth too much. hmmmm
 |  |
Boring bully boy bigot Baz AND very thin skinned to boot !!!
 |  |
I hope there's an adult with that kid. I was just reading about how often the family dog unexpectedly attacks and seriously injures a family member, usually a young child. The doctors who wrote it said that children should never be left alone with a dog, not even the family pet. (Sometimes they attack adults too. Think of that woman in France who got the face transplant.)
 |  |
If you turn on your computer's sound while looking at the photo you can hear the kid say 'why grandmother, what large ears you have'
At least that's what I think it said. The wind blew so hard here today I think my ears are full of sand.
 |  |
happy easter everyone 2.17 personal best ;-)
 |  |
Hmmmmmm! now we are getting somewhere. I don't protest at all, merely state what is right. And thin skinned, I don't think so Rog, I enjoy reactions. Why do you think I am here?
 |  |
Hi Liz
are you from Cockatoo in Queensland
 |  |
 |  |
Baz, you really are a deep thinker, still waiting.

Val/Muchea - go and die on another site. Terminal idiocy more like it.

Deb - Nice one with the ugly lady. Starting to appreciate your sense of humor.

And I don't hide behind any nom-de-plume. Part of my life is on public More...
 |  |
You protest all the time Baz, hate anyone disagreeing with you ie you are very thin skinned and you must be terribly bored if all you can do is reply to the banal postings but get moderately aggressive with the others. Keep up the good work, I find you a fascinating study.
 |  |
Get back on your medication ASAP DON'T LEAVE IT TIL TONITE !! I'm sure with you we would readily identify the clay.
 |  |
Seems that the party is getting rough. Maybe someone had too much chocolate this holiday. Let's get back to the fun stuff that attracted us to this site in the first place.

Anyone who is ill or has troubles should be able to speak about it and get support, not be dumped on.
 |  |
BAz (and think about the capitals) You Dag!! You're getting bites every where today. T'was good to chat in the chatroom. PS Gath - with the comment type - should there be a category of 'Strictly Stirring'
 |  |
Roger, This is the only time I will reply to a banal comment! But I won't get aggressive. Not at all. And don't tell me you are studying me, you are reading me. Grow up a bit laddie! It is now all getting to be a bit of a yawn really.
 |  |
I am heading back to the chatroom at the 1/2/time break
 |  |
Am reading this with great interest, Val is on
Herceptin beehive, what r u on? that is apart from Today Tonite !! How fortunate that your wife was compatible with you for a kidney transplant, is she related biolgically ? how did u 'lose' your kidney. Now that the two of u only have two kidneys between you, look after them. Also your spleen, don't vent it so much.
 |  |
Loved the comment.

Michael from Boston; Do you think that the child set up the camera on a timer shot? ;-)
 |  |
Gee Val and now Roger have to grow up. Any ideas on how to do that? Yes, just don't tweak Baz's tail or rattle his cage. As for beehive I won't say what I think his problem is as I'm sure he knows already
 |  |
Tweak the tail, rattle the cage, do what you need to do, but I will reply, and will be right. But leave beehive alone. He is always right too, I have a lot of time for him, but am still pondering. Not keen on getting too involved out side of this area
 |  |
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