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Submitted by: Gath

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PS: Don't miss out on the hard crossword puzzle. Beautiful picture of girl and baby!
Congratulations to their families, they have two adorable little angels.
 |  |
GrannieMo - As the kids say, 'You go, girl!'

Wishes really do come true! So far I've already seen 3 names on my 'missing' list come back today!

Angie from Melb - Congratulations on your promotion! You lost me on the reference to the 'one hit wonders' show. I still More...
 |  |
I've never posted here before, but I've gotta tell nal(miami) that the prices at overstock.com are sky high! In my honest opinion.
 |  |
Jaz - glad you're still around. I know that not everyone has as much time for posting as we old retired folks! Also, sometimes people just need to take a break now & then, especially when some of the comments get a little too personal.

Ed - You've made me happy today, too. I think of you More...
 |  |
Nal - I had no idea there was that much time & effort in making flan!! Maybe you would be willing to bring one to Ed's pool party?? Kim can bring the hot dogs, & I'll bring the margaritas!
 |  |
HELP! I know this might be asking for a lot...I read in the archives a while back a joke about Northerners moving south and the language they will encounter. I CAN'T FIND IT AGAIN!!!!

I have a friend moving south and wanted to pass it along. If you posted it before...could you PLEASE post it again so I can share it?

Thanks in advance!! :o)
 |  |
Loved your shrimp story...but I thought you were from Florida and isn't boiled shrimp pretty common there?
 |  |
Looking for the 'moving south story' now for you..I sometimes save jokes for forwarding later and will look for you and post asap if I find it.
 |  |
G'day everyone. I enjoy the jokes and pleasant comments.
 |  |
To Lisa....didn't save the joke you were looking for...sorry To Stan: Hello fellow Alabamian...what's happened to Gigi from Sylacauga?
 |  |
To Kim from fl: Loved your 'married me anyway' story! Mine is that the first time I met and visited my future mother in law I had just flown in from Europe; I had washed my few clothes with Prell to save space etc. I threw them in the washerwhen I arrived. The water came out of the rinse just More...
 |  |
Gene from Fla keys: I have heard of a 'doggie flu' going around that is serious. Do they have vet ERs where you are.
Kathy from Valrico: Hi! I have been lurking, reading the posts, but not posting myself.
Kim from fl: Sarahoz is my ebay name, also. There have been a few times that I have More...
 |  |
3:33- mAen everybody!
 |  |
Yay it's not a cat!! Gosh, you never do know what a simple comment will start on this site... naked sudoku rubber room party? Who would have guessed? Sorry I missed it....
 |  |
thanks nal for your happy bastille day!The next holiday day is the 15 August Assumption.
More sensible day.. the first name of my two daugthers is begining with Marie, so we celebrate this day for both girls!
 |  |
Oh and thanks to a couple of you for the righteous anger. Not exactly earth-shattering, but the thought was there, I guess!
 |  |
To Hugh from Canberra, Ben from Fremantle, your dear ones, and the rest of us who have, or whose loved ones have a bad disease like cancer.

I belive that healing has three parts of equal importance: spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical. We must each find the spiritual for ourselves, More...
 |  |
Welcome back, Ed, good to hear from you. Your comment about 'odd sayings' would have been appropriate yesterday with Naked Sudoku. I'm afraid I'm very wasteful!
Now I'm off to deep clean the house. I'm taking advantage of hubby and hormone being gone for almost 2 weeks to get to their More...
 |  |
Results of n = 1 experiment: Fig leaf on/off does not help my times. I'm going back to whatever is most comfortable. (At least until next Friday.)
 |  |
It's too hot to care! (it's summer here of course, our turn to b**ch
 |  |
I found it enjoy

The following is a pre-approved posting whose purpose is to offer insight and advice to Northerners moving South.
•Save all manner of bacon grease. You will be instructed on how to use it shortly. Seriously.
•Just because you More...
 |  |

•Be advised that in the South, 'He needed killin'!', is a valid defense. Especially when directed at Yankees, all y'all! Ack
 |  |
Hi everyone, Just popping in to wish Peace, Love and continued Prayers to ED and Barb, Hugh and family, and Ben and Val. MY prayers always include my sudoku family, but when difficulties come up, I try to make the prayers more personalized. Thad, you have certainly added an introspective note to More...
 |  |
Thad, -- not making any comments about the contents of what you say - I know it was about serious things, illness, etc, but 'integratively'????
 |  |
Kim, help, I need your tractor. I just flipped a king-sized mattress by myself. The job isn't quite done, but I need a break. Its still easier than with hubby...we'd have to see how Boeing was going to di it, run a feasability study, write a proposal, run it by NASA.....
 |  |
 |  |
 |  |
Hope you're all having a great weekend!
 |  |
Grammarmaster you have caught me.

But along with my degree in Sub-optimal Linguistics from Concrete State University, I also received a home wordsmithing kit, and a license to bend. {You didn't know I am special agent 006-1/2; unfortunately my badge is also classified, so I am not allowed More...
 |  |
Thad - ouch!! I give up!! Jargon alert!!
 |  |

My friend is going to love this! Of course you get full credit for finding it!!!!

Enjoy your weekend! :o)
 |  |
Thad: ? Concrete State University? Is that the home of the Concrete Canoe Team? I will look at your comments (which I love!) integratively i.e., mixing the gravel of truths with the mortar of imagination!
 |  |
Carol, yes, ferrocement the stuff of dreams. When one canoe hit a rock, the rock broke.
 |  |
Not really been paying attention, but I think we should try to have 'integratively' definitely coined. Or do I mean difinitivately coined? :o)
 |  |
Thad, I even googled a paper on suboptimal linguistics and got a paper on degrees of grammaratalitiy (or some such thing) from School of Cognitive Studies from Edinburgh University, not dated however. Chomsky seems to be the father of this. Perhaps I should go get some of those Scotch strawberries I have soaking in the fridge!
 |  |
If the wonderful people on this site don't help you feel better, your to far gone.

Kim, We be looking for you and your family.

 |  |
Thad - you are quite an amazing combination of philosopher, scientist, & comedian! Love reading your very interesting assortment of comments. Is your Billings in Montana? My husband's sister lives in Dillon. Beautiful country out there.
 |  |
I am horrible!

In my haste to email my friend, I realised that while I gave Amma credit for FINDING the joke, I neglected to thank all of you who LOOKED but could not find the joke. So this is me thanking you all for your help! :o)
 |  |
Ed, are you checking on the daily reports about Barbaro? I hope & pray he can pull through this laminitis. Could I ask a rather sensitive question - can a horse's sperm be frozen? God forbid he should not survive, then could there at least be the possibility of some Barbaro offspring?
 |  |
Carol, did you mean grammeratability, that must be a word, for sure!
 |  |
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