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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning people of the world.
24/Mar/16 12:00 AM
 |  |

March winds arrived last night.
Guess the saying, In like a lamb, out like a lion, is the saying for this March. Just laying in bed had me feeling like I was going to be blown away. Definitely not a skirt or hair day.
24/Mar/16 12:02 AM
 |  |

Stray Kitty brought me another gift yesterday. Oh joy. Really wish he did not feel compelled to bring me gifts. Unfortunately he deposited his kill in the middle of the FPA floor and Man was not home to save me. But surprisingly K saved me. In quick thinking after seeing what I screamed about, she More...
24/Mar/16 12:05 AM
 |  |

Stray Kitty is turning out to be a loving kitty. He will wrap himself around our legs and rub against it. The downside to that, is that we are usually walking or trying to walk. We still cannot reach out and just pet him, and when we do hold him for cuddles, it takes a few minutes for his straight, More...
24/Mar/16 12:08 AM
 |  |

Anyone know about Red Lobster biscuit mix? When I was preparing this last night, Stray Kitty was going wild to get to the mix, not the finished product. I had to bring out my squirt bottle to attempt to get him off the counter, but he was determined to get to the bowl. I gave him some batter and he More...
24/Mar/16 12:11 AM
 |  |
When I lived alone, I would go next door and ask the big strong Texas man who lived there to come and get the dead field mouse off the floor of my kitchen. Really!
24/Mar/16 12:11 AM
 |  |

I really need to get up and be productive today. I found out MIL is coming to stay the weekend with us. This information would have been nice to know at an earlier time, since it only gives me today to prepare for a MIL visit. The girls will be home on Friday, so really whatever I accomplish today, would really be a waste of time.
24/Mar/16 12:14 AM
 |  |

Oh your neighbor kitty loved you, Wolf.
Yes, I have had such gifts of that variety too. One of our dogs was grateful enough to bring me skunks. Thankfully not live ones, but still skunks. I do have to be grateful, that none of my grateful fur friends ever brought me a live gift in the middle of the night, into my bed. That happened to my BIL. Yikes.
24/Mar/16 12:17 AM
 |  |

24/Mar/16 1:01 AM
 |  |
Another soggy morning here. I'm thankful for my indoor cats, therefore no trophies come my way, other than toy mice. I'm so proud.
24/Mar/16 1:30 AM
 |  |

24/Mar/16 1:32 AM
 |  |

Karen, I don't know if it is possible with your stray cat, but, perhaps if you could put a bell collar on him he would quit killing birds. My sister-in-law did this with two strays they had and it worked well. Gives the birds a little warning, at least.
24/Mar/16 1:39 AM
 |  |

Well, no one tried the poozle yesterday, so here's another attempt with a new one.....

A word ladder is a sequence of words formed by changing just one letter each time. Eg: CAT - COT - DOT – DOG, etc.
Starting with CHASE and ending with CATCH, can you find the missing words?
24/Mar/16 1:42 AM
 |  |

Woody is having a bit of a fuzzy morning.
24/Mar/16 1:44 AM
 |  |
Awww, Batty ... no responses to your puzzle doesn't mean we didn't try ...
24/Mar/16 1:48 AM
 |  |

Our last cat was a stray. It was quite a lengthy battle convincing him that he was to be an indoor cat. After we had him neutered, he seemed to be mostly content to stay home. That, and he liked the steady source of food....
Unbeknownst to me, he did get out one night. I heard More...
24/Mar/16 1:55 AM
 |  |

Not sunny.
Not snowing, either!
24/Mar/16 1:57 AM
 |  |

Holy Cow! If Judy couldn't figure it out that puzzle must have been a humdinger! Shall I post the answers and save your sanity?
24/Mar/16 1:59 AM
 |  |

We finally got our second bath's shower doors. They had to reorder them because they sent the wrong finish.
One more thing and the job will be completed.
(Good thing I never believe the time estimates on a remodeling project!)
24/Mar/16 2:03 AM
 |  |

Our cat could catch mice inside our house!
(Luckily, he never caught birds in the house!)
24/Mar/16 2:07 AM
 |  |

Hmmmmm..... wonder where Keith is?
24/Mar/16 2:07 AM
 |  |

Too late! (Hello, Keith!)
24/Mar/16 2:08 AM
 |  |

Well, gift #3 came in. Ugh. After a length of time and a stern lecture, I shut the door. Fresh air is overrated. Anyway, now Stray Kitty looks like I hurt his feelings, but I don't feel guilty. Actually grateful, considering this is snake season.
24/Mar/16 2:14 AM
 |  |

Kathy, Stray Kitty and I just had this conversation this morning, over coffee. I asked him if he would like a pretty dark blue collar with a bell and he responded with a meow. We are still working on trust issues, so I did not mention a certain vet visit that needs to happen. I like having More...
24/Mar/16 2:20 AM
 |  |

Again, I must be grateful about the gifts. Out on the farm, the dogs would bring gifts. I mentioned the skunks, but there were other animal body parts that were brought. Once the body of a deer.
Maybe if I took them shopping or pointed out things that would be nice to have as gifts, I would not be blessed with dead offerings. :/
24/Mar/16 2:23 AM
 |  |
Concerning the bells ...
The National Park Rangers are advising hikers in Glacier National Park and other Rocky Mountain parks to be alert for bears and take extra precautions to avoid an encounter.
They advise park visitors to wear little bells on their clothes so they make noise when More...
24/Mar/16 2:32 AM
 |  |

Good morning.
24/Mar/16 3:15 AM
 |  |

Thanks for that warning, Judy.
24/Mar/16 3:16 AM
 |  |

We went to Yosemite once, I spent the night looking out the window for the imaginary bears I could hear.
24/Mar/16 3:18 AM
 |  |

I was very tired next morning.
24/Mar/16 3:19 AM
 |  |

No pets here, so no prizes, no business to deal with - but also no cuddles. Maybe one day, we'll get another dog but not yet.
24/Mar/16 3:22 AM
 |  |

Judy -
24/Mar/16 3:41 AM
 |  |

I am not in the habit of telling the difference in any type of living droppings, but if I were in bear territory, I am certain, without a doubt, it would not matter if the business had bells or not, I would indoors.
24/Mar/16 4:04 AM
 |  |

After CP's comment, I had a thought, which is going to knock me out for the rest of the afternoon, or at least until the girls get home.
Anyway, the thought of not having my fur companions, is impossible. Just them in the room without cuddles is a great comfort, which makes the business clean up More...
24/Mar/16 4:08 AM
 |  |

Did I just compare the joys of parenthood to animal waste?

I don't think so.
I couldn't have done that.
Nah, not possible.
I don't think I did.
24/Mar/16 4:09 AM
 |  |
Good day, Woody.You are one sweet cuddly pup.
24/Mar/16 4:25 AM
 |  |
Happy Birthday, Greg.Health and happiness all year long.
24/Mar/16 4:35 AM
 |  |

Judy, that literally made me laugh out loud!
24/Mar/16 4:39 AM
 |  |

Morning all, a wooly Woody.
Have a great day, I'm off to golf later.
24/Mar/16 5:30 AM
 |  |

fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
24/Mar/16 5:38 AM
 |  |
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