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Submitted by: Gath

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Gath: If you're k from brissie, who else are you? Are you also the mysterious 'from', 'anonymous,' and even (perish the thought) me?

 |  |
Vera conrats for the Ukranians!! and also to any Italian supporters out there!! Shame about the refereeing, it has been a bit iffy all the way through. (Understatement!!!) The Socceroos did great to get as far as they did, our best ever!!!

Angry Ant, glad to see you back, was thinking it's far too early yet!!
 |  |
Good maeN all. QFD:

Let them hate so long as they fear.
(Oderint Dum Metuant)
Lucius Accius, Fragment
(170 BC - 86 BC)
 |  |
I agree that it is dissapointing that the Socceroos lost!! But Lucas Neill did move his arm in a tripping position and I think the ref was right to award the penalty. Nothing worse than getting up at 1am to see your team lose!
 |  |
I just had my car serviced and while I was waiting in the customer lounge two staff members beat each other up. One of the guys worked in the parts office the other was a car salesman. It was all very unexpected, and there was even a bit of blood.
 |  |
That's horrible, EDEN. I'll bet it was over a girl! Did they both lose their jobs? Not a fun thing to witness, eh?
 |  |
The sales guy came around mouthing off to the parts guy calling him an f@#king C@#T for not answering the phone. Then there were a lot of other unsavoury words mentioned. After about five minutes of this the parts guy came around from behind the counter and punched the salesman. One of them had a More...
 |  |
this is shamelessly plagiarised from this month reader's digest....

sudoku for dummies
_____ _____ _____
l l l l
l l 3 l l
l l l l
l l l 3 l
l l l l
l 3 l l l

now cross my fingers and hope it worked!!!!
 |  |
well that didn turn out well!!!it removed all the spaces
 |  |
Eden, Elias could have kicked both their a**es
 |  |
Mickey my list is on June 26 yesterday page six. Two on yours I've added to mine are Suzy and Damien the rest match. You have Angie on 2 times her old date 17 July. Victoria I have her down as 8 July in her post did she change to the 7th? I didn't see DAD on your list he's on mine and I have a More...
 |  |
Ed, I have to admit it was the most exciting thing I have seen all week. Even more exciting than when one of my rehab patients showed me the poo under her finger nails last Friday.
 |  |
Good Run Aussies. Do not know much about soccer, but the foul that was called seem to me could have been over looked and let the players decide the game in over time. Yes the Aussie player raised his arm, but was that to trip or protect his head?

Any way congrats to the Socceroos.
 |  |
Eden, You may have noticed, Judy and Mamacita seem to be forming an alliance against me. I'm not surprised that Judy would do this because she had sampled to much wine at her reunion. And even brought large amounts home.
But Mamacita going along with this is shocking, I have to believe she is More...
 |  |
Congradulations to the Oregon State Beavers on winning the College World Series.

There is a school near Mamacita that was called Beaver College. It was an all girls school until recently, and is now called Arcadia College.
 |  |
Ed, I think you just need to pack it in and admit defeat. It's the only thing that works.
 |  |
Keith, Well I certainly appreciate the support.

 |  |
Keith, There are many more female posters than men, they are probably smarter than us. Plus the big thing, like cats they are sneaky. Even Warren who is a cat lover, would probably side with them. Like the man said, ridden hard and put up wet. I'm throwing in the the towel.
 |  |
I'm sorry Ed but two X chromosomes are thicker than water.
 |  |
Ed, I didn't know the girls were ganging on you. I'm on your side Ed, just give them one of those firm handshakes, that ought to settle them down...
 |  |
See, see.

I was listening to an other great Son Volt album today, called Trace. Jay Farrah has the perfect voice for the songs he writes. Does any one like Son Volt, The Jayhawks, Wilco or Uncle Tupelo?
 |  |
AWWWWl EDDDDD!!!! ARE U JUST A WITTTTLE BIT INTIMIDATED BY JUDY AND MEEEE? YOU KNOW WE LOVE YOU, BUT YOU MUST LEARN NOT TO MESS WITH US BY TRYING TO CHARM ONE AND THEN THE OTHER!!!@ ASK BARB!! You just have to do things the way we taught you. You are not, repeat, you are not ready to try to report More...
 |  |
Eden, That would get me a couple of black eyes.

So far it's just been Judy and Mamacita. But you birds of a feather.....
 |  |
Mamacita, I still can not wait to see you. Maybe when you come to Fl. this year? But only if you have the time. I would never ask you to change plans. We could take a trip with Kathy, and go see Kim. We could take turns ripping around on her tractor. She like you lives in Gods country.
 |  |
Ed, Elias will keep me on the straight and narrow, no flocking for this bird.
 |  |
Gee, Ed, why did they change the name of the school?
 |  |
Frump, Go figure.
 |  |

This is like watching a barrel of rattlesnakes drown in their own blood.

 |  |
BTW thank you all for the lovely birthday messages last month. I missed them as I was away but Ian kindly alerted me to them and it was lovely to look in the archives and see the good wishes that came my way.
 |  |
Eden, With two fine men, a nice home, work, and your great artistic skills, you need little else. You can be very proud. Plus you are funny as h**l.
 |  |
That's too deep for me.
 |  |
Hey Ed, It sounds good, but are you trying to ignore your punishment???? I see you continuing to post,your hands haven't been spanked, nor have you gone to your time out. Whats up with this????
 |  |
ED: Oops ... sorry to have missed all the fun! I was watching a movie with my husband. Forget the cat idea ... I am definitely a DOG person! Men that like cats give me the willies! Mamacita summed it up pretty well ... don't mess with the Old Ladies!! I'm loving all the female bonding on this page! In spite of it all, we love you bunches, silly boy! XOXOXOXO
 |  |
ED: But Mamacita has spoken, Ed, so you had better go to your room!!
 |  |
Mamacita, I'm only required to give you my name, rank and serial number. I can stand any torture you have in mind. Well except taking away my sweet potato pie. Which I'm going to have some now. Are you not past your bedtime?
 |  |
Mamacita stays up late when she is on a MISSION!
 |  |
When I first started playing Sudoku there were only five sites online. There are now 91,900,000 sites listed on google.
 |  |
CHRISSY: Like how long have you been playing ... 20 years?? LOL
 |  |
Judy, I wondered where you were. What movie did you and your most understanding husband watch,
Days of Wine and Roses?
 |  |
Rather, I should have said 91,900,000 locations on google
 |  |
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