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Submitted by: Gath

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And TOPP...
08/Sep/14 3:38 AM
 |  |

Too close not to roll it over this time.
08/Sep/14 3:38 AM
 |  |

I'll also chime in that today's photo is fabulous! What are the chances of being there and ready when a bird takes flight like that?

Silverguy posts on a Nikon photography forum, and one of the subtopics is wildlife photos that didn't make it. Imagine this bird flying more quickly than More...
08/Sep/14 3:41 AM
 |  |

Grill timer calls. Chicken & cob corn today, with 'tater salad.
08/Sep/14 3:42 AM
 |  |

... I'll be right over.
08/Sep/14 3:52 AM
 |  |

Love the picture Shosho. Very fitting today, since the kitties cannot tell who they want attention from, and are going between Man and me.
08/Sep/14 3:57 AM
 |  |

Canuk Greg, the first 25 years has been an adventure and I cannot wait to see what the next 25 brings.
If Man survives, one day, we will be up there with Saint Barbara and HalT. I believe he holds the top record, on this site.
08/Sep/14 3:59 AM
 |  |

Saint Barbara, Man is the one who went through childbirth. I had wonderful drugs.
I am sure, that he wished I had, had those drugs during pregnancy. :)
08/Sep/14 4:01 AM
 |  |

Kathy, during K's pregnancy, staff was smart to give me drugs, before the real action began. During M's delivery, it took them 7 hours to get smart. During that time, Man did not leave me, though he did stay in the corner of the room. He did make a mistake of snoring once, at which time I threw a pillow at him. Darn Man, kept my pillow.
08/Sep/14 4:04 AM
 |  |

Silvergal, I hope your first 25 is as good as ours. I am sure there were some rough times, but at the moment, I do not remember any. I found a good guy, who gets on my nerves daily, but cannot imagine being without him.
08/Sep/14 4:06 AM
 |  |

I am getting mushy, cannot have that.
So off I go to decorate the girls new club house. Man is still working, but I am ready to decorate and would like to see the girls surprised look when they get home today.
08/Sep/14 4:08 AM
 |  |

Chocolate legos would be very expensive in Florida.

The AC bill to keep them from melting would be so high.
08/Sep/14 4:17 AM
 |  |

Letterkenny to Castlebar today. Went via Belleek, arriving about 0935hrs but the pottery was closed. Didn't open until 1200hrs. They probably don't need tourists and I would have saved a small fortune. Ben Bulbin of Sligo was impressive. Took a trip out to Westport and More...
08/Sep/14 4:18 AM
 |  |

Congratulations to Karen and Da Man.

The next 25 will be better, trust me, I know these things.
08/Sep/14 4:26 AM
 |  |

Congrats, Karen!

Tomorrow is my 35th anniversary. I have no idea how I lasted this long.

What a lovely picture of a Warbler.
08/Sep/14 5:50 AM
 |  |
Sorry to hear about your dad Chris. May I offer my sincere condolences.
08/Sep/14 6:00 AM
 |  |

Anne and I are giving our feet a well earned rest after walking around and up and down the wonderful sites and buildings of Bordeaux on the hottest day so far.
08/Sep/14 6:39 AM
 |  |

I almost forgot!
Congrats Karen and Mike.

(Change 'New Year' to 'Anniversary'.
08/Sep/14 7:02 AM
 |  |

Good morning everyone. Not that it matters, but 1:58 for the puzzle today.
08/Sep/14 7:26 AM
 |  |

It's nice to see you, Chris.
08/Sep/14 7:38 AM
 |  |

And that you got time to do a puzzle.
08/Sep/14 7:39 AM
 |  |

Hope you got the space and sleep you needed last night.
08/Sep/14 7:40 AM
 |  |

Meanwhile, we had a lovely trip to Bundanoon yesterday for lunch with eldest daughter, SIL, and the grandsons.
08/Sep/14 7:43 AM
 |  |

Poor daughter had the flu, and eldest grandson was ina very unhappy mood.

08/Sep/14 7:46 AM
 |  |

Daughter said ''I'm having manflu - I want to be waited on hand and foot, and to lie around being pathetic.''
08/Sep/14 7:47 AM
 |  |

I figured out how to log in again! I heard that I was being asked about. Thank you for the birthday wishes, no big plans, just work. I have posted some recent pictures on my page so you can see what I have been up to lately, besides work.
08/Sep/14 9:48 AM
 |  |

Welcome back, Sarah Beth!!! And
08/Sep/14 10:12 AM
 |  |

For Keith, yesterday we went to daughter Belinda's place. She has three wombats living near the creek. Yesterday afternoon one large one wandered around the paddock all afternoon. I seldom see them as usually the do not come out till dusk.
08/Sep/14 10:16 AM
 |  |
Everybody. I've missed being on here for a few days, but my internet access has been lost more than it's been on for a few days.
08/Sep/14 11:07 AM
 |  |
Chris - I was sorry to read about your dad, but I'm sure he's in heaven now. I hope you and the rest of the family can be together for a few more days to comfort each other.
08/Sep/14 11:09 AM
 |  |
Happy Silver Anniversary to Karen and Man. I hope you make it to at least your Golden Anniversary.
08/Sep/14 11:10 AM
 |  |
Sarah Beth - I'm glad you figured out how to log in here again. You should visit here more often! Wishing you a very happy birthday!
08/Sep/14 11:11 AM
 |  |
Happy belated Father's Day to all the dads down under.
08/Sep/14 11:12 AM
 |  |

The whole time I was visiting there June, I hoped I'd get to see one not in captivity, but it never happened. Ah well. Some things just aren't meant to be.
08/Sep/14 11:17 AM
 |  |

Thank you all for you anniversary wishes. Though, now I am a little worried, since many of you have shared, that the next 9125 days, not counting leap days, will go faster. The last 25 years, is a blur. I mean, I just graduated high school a few days ago....I am sure it was a few days ago.
08/Sep/14 12:33 PM
 |  |

Man tried his best, which is generally really good, to prepared a nice dinner tonight. Unfortunately, when I walked into the FPA, I instantly got sick. I could not touch it. Man and the girls seemed to not have my problem. When I started clean up, had the same effect, so Man and the girls did the More...
08/Sep/14 12:39 PM
 |  |

Before some jump to an outrageous conclusion, no, I am not. Not possible. There are certain factors saying, no way Josè. One, a certain event is happening, which means, no. And, another event has not happened...in quiet sometime. Way TMI, but I am not, in no form, whatsoever.
Better not be.
08/Sep/14 12:43 PM
 |  |

On a different topic.
Did not get to decorate girl's tree house today. When I was getting hammer and tacks, MIL returned the girls. My very exhausted girls. Thankfully, for the first time ever, MIL returned them before bedtime.
08/Sep/14 12:45 PM
 |  |

You're right, Karen. And in just a few more weeks, you'll be... uhhh, well... about my age!
But it's not all that bad. After all, I'm still here.
08/Sep/14 12:48 PM
 |  |

Time for a page change.
08/Sep/14 12:49 PM
 |  |
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