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Submitted by: Gath

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What is it you seek Mr. Barrister?? Pity you are not a Barista...you could make me a decent cup of coffee.
 |  |
Apologies KRP, I seek audience with HER Royal Majesty QRP - My mistake.
 |  |
 |  |
Nay, dear king, the only Fluffy Duck of which I am aware is in Agios Nikolaos, in Crete. The hostelry in Stratford to which you refer is probably the Dirty Duck (or the White Swan if you approach it from the opposite direction).
It was once a fine inn, but is now dominated by loud American tourists on their way to or from the local playhouse, professing to know whether to be, or not.
 |  |
I understand you seek an audience. What is your purpose, fine upholder of the law?
 |  |
Your Majesty,

I am concerned for Blind Freddie’s Cousin. I have not heard from him since the last week when he set off on his quest to seek his Cousin -Blind Freddie and / the Scarlet Pimpernel.

 |  |

No wait your Majesty, Allow me one moment...
 |  |
It is a courier pigeon M’am….

Word from Blind Freddie’s Cousin M’am.

M’am, Blind Freddie’s Cousin reports that he is unable to locate his cousin – Blind Freddie. He has also sought (but not found) the Scarlet Pimpernel. It seems that when Blind Freddie’s Cousin has been here, the Scarlet Pimpernel has been there … and vice versa, M’am.

 |  |
I am extremely worried to hear of Blind Freddie's Cousin's disappearance. Though I never met him in person, I grew particularly attached to him through his marvellous verse.
Do you suspect foul play? I will provide all the manpower you need to conduct a thorough search and ensure the safety More...
 |  |
Blind Freddie’s Cousin reports that he still has food – 2 crusts, a lump of cheese and ..er…a small courier pigeon (which he would prefer not to eat). He continues to search … and listen … for his cousin… but he fears the worst.

Unfortunately, Blind Freddie’s Cousin does not say where HE himself is… so I am unable to communicate back with him M’am.
 |  |
It seems our messages crossed in the pigeon post. (I am not a speedy typist, I fear, and normally rely on others to type for me - being a queen.)
I suspect you suspect the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Please advise.
 |  |
7:57 easier than the medium
 |  |
I offer my sevices to help locate whoever it is needs locating. Is it Blind Freddie or Blind Freddie's cousin that has disappeared or both?? I shall pack some vegemite so that he at least will have something decent to put on his lump of bread. And I shall get him a better method of communication....2 jam tins and a length of string.
 |  |
Madam, I am unsure of the identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel. I wondered perhaps if it was an alter ego or either KRP or Lady Fraise??
 |  |
It is certainly not I. There is only 1 King Red Pen and I do not go under other pseudonyms. My ink may run a little dry occasionally but I do not covet other titles.
 |  |
Firstly, forget the Vegemite, which is vastly inferior to the real thing - Marmite. Several of the largest jars available are already on their way via private jet, which is faster than pigeon. (It is full of B vitamins and has a superior texture and taste to its Anitpodean imitator.) Crates of the More...
 |  |
I hope very much that your ink does not often run dry.
We have a great deal of work to do, to keep the occupants of the English-speaking world on their toes.
Please give me your word that you have done nothing to harm Blind Freddie or his cousin.
 |  |
Thankyou Madam. I shall immediately set off in search of Blind Freddie's Cousin who searches for his cousin – Blind Freddie and / or the Scarlet Pimpernel.

I will follow him here and there until I am able to report your kindness and deliver the provisions. Please pass on gratitude to KRP for his belated concern for my client.

I shall take leave now Your Majesty Adieu
 |  |
6:48 Call that hard???
Anyone know the place in the pic. (Luxury hotel maybe?)
 |  |
God speed, dear Barrister.
Bring our friends back to Redpenland safe and well and you shall all three be appropriately rewarded.
 |  |
Please give the location of the castle in the photo...........
 |  |
I have hurt no-one my queen; most certainly not BF or BFC or B for BFC or SP or LF. OK QRP?
 |  |
I believe you are in the American colonies and the time difference perhaps prevents us conversing in real time. But I am anxious to know your theories about KRP's other personality.
 |  |
Personally I think Promite is the supreme form of that particular spread. Best served on a particular type of biscuit only available in a small town near Wagga Wagga.
 |  |
Hi everyone! Just reading the comments, it's so funny that something that we here in OZ just say to make a point! has turned out to be quite an ordeal! I am refering to of course Blind Freddie?? I get quite a laugh out of it!
 |  |
No, KRP. Any biscuit made in a town anywhere near somewhere called Wagga Wagga will simply not do. The true king of biscuits for savoury delicacies is the Bath Oliver. But is it available in the southern hemisphere? Do you even have Harvey Nicks and Selfridges?
What is Promite?
 |  |
Yes, Lady Cathy. I think this has been an ordeal for many of us but we have survived and have a much stronger realm for it. We shall be spreading the Promite/vegemite/marmite in celebration. I hear horses..........no, just some git with 2 coconut halves. Could it be Blind Freddie's cousin??
 |  |
Maybe I do not understand because I hail from the frozen wastes of the north. Please will you explain what Blind Freddie said which was so funny.
 |  |
Who is Oliver my queen and why are you in the bath with him? Harvey Nicks is here (brother of Stevie Nicks?). I have a respectable commercial trade and do not Sellfridges or any other white goods. Promite is the more subtle & slightly sweeter version of vegemite. It can also be used as make-up in low budget theatrical productions. I like to promote promite.
 |  |
Ah, your wit is what endears me to you most, dear king. That and the fact you know who Stevie Nicks is.
However, I fear you have not enjoyed true bliss until you have sampled a Bath Oliver spread with vignotte, and whiled away a few hours on the fourth floor of Harvey Nicks. Perhaps you can More...
 |  |
I have much to learn from you my queen (and shouldn't you be getting your beauty sleep??) Tell me more about the spread of vignotte in the bath? This has aroused my simple curiousity. Stevie Nicks has recently lent her presence on the entertainment circuit in The Land of OZ. She is now 416 years old but still going strong. Mick Fleetwood could not, unfortunately, be dug up for the occasion.
 |  |
Ahhh, good to be back. I realized I had been spending so much time in easy (the puzzle, not the street) reading the posts that I had been neglecting med/hard/tough. No wonder I was waist deep in bad grammer/spelling/taste...oh wait no, its not that bad over there :)
 |  |
I must away my queen. Wishing you a restful nocturnal somnolence. My thoughts are with you.
 |  |
looks like a mosque up on a hill...
 |  |
This is my sudoku-land summer hut
 |  |
 |  |
Could that be the Courthouse Hotel in Port Douglas that KRP was holding forth? He sounds a bit troppo to me.
 |  |
for 'that' read 'from which'
 |  |
 |  |
 |  |
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