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Submitted by: Gath

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The coffee actually exist and you can buy a minute amount of it. My baby brother actually gave me and my other brother this coffee as a gift. I still have it, and am a bit intimidated to try it!
13/Dec/13 3:53 AM
 |  |

Huh? Oh golly someone pushed me into a wheeing position!

13/Dec/13 3:54 AM
 |  |

Oh, Serena pushed me while I was typing my posts!
You're right, caffeine is addictive. If I go for more than a day without my coffee, I develop a horrendous headache!
13/Dec/13 3:58 AM
 |  |

CP! and I'm off to go grocery shopping! I like to go in the middle of the week in the morning to avoid the crowd!
13/Dec/13 3:59 AM
 |  |

Thesaurus listings for lark: game, joke, prank, caper, high jinks (informal), laugh (informal), shines
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

I thought that was close enough.
13/Dec/13 4:34 AM
 |  |

I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc., I called the Suicide Hotline. I got a call centre in Pakistan, and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.

13/Dec/13 5:31 AM
 |  |

Beehive and Serena:

A popular version was created by Eric Lechner, Lars Norpchen and Matthew Kaufman, housemates while attending University of California, Santa Cruz in 1990, revised by Craig Jackson (also a UC Santa Cruz student) in 1994, and brought to widespread public attention in 1997 More...
13/Dec/13 5:33 AM
 |  |

Morning all,blurred pic, thought I was going to have to take my new glasses back.lol
13/Dec/13 5:35 AM
 |  |

December is very popular for birthdays it seems, I have visited the pages of our 4 birthday people today and want to add Kate/Sydney's Mum who is also celebrating today. Happy Birthday Kate's Mum.
13/Dec/13 5:56 AM
 |  |

Kate's Mum!
13/Dec/13 6:18 AM
 |  |

Believe it or not we have actually put up the outside and porch decorations! YAY!
The tree is up and lighted, but sadly lacking in ornaments, poor thing. I am off to a Christmas dinner tonight, a Christmas luncheon tomorrow, and other dinner Friday. Saturday is a Christmas More...
13/Dec/13 6:28 AM
 |  |

1:53. Good morning everyone.
13/Dec/13 6:56 AM
 |  |
13/Dec/13 7:11 AM
 |  |

Good afternoon to all! Who is the lady in today's photo?
13/Dec/13 7:24 AM
 |  |

Just back from a doctor appointment. All's well and I'm still alive and kicking.
13/Dec/13 7:25 AM
 |  |

Check out this Carol Burnett skit that was never shown on television. Viewer discretion is advised.

13/Dec/13 7:27 AM
 |  |

Just to show beehive I was paying attention and can take direction, I put up a new vid on my page.

It's too late for this year, but maybe next year.

(So long Christmas 'count down timer')
13/Dec/13 7:39 AM
 |  |

Greg, I don't usually 'do comedy', but that is good (IMNTBHO).
13/Dec/13 8:17 AM
 |  |

Got a call from the doctor's office. The 'common cold' is actually pneumonia. Good thing is we got it early.
13/Dec/13 8:42 AM
 |  |

Good morning everyone. Look after yourself HalT - you need to be fit for the upcoming festivities!
13/Dec/13 11:20 AM
 |  |

I need a medal smilie, to award to myself! All dust bunnies have been banished from my incredibly clean, tidy house. If any of you want to visit, now is the time! You could eat off my floor!
13/Dec/13 11:22 AM
 |  |

Now I can indulge - and check out the site, without guilt!
13/Dec/13 11:23 AM
 |  |

For those that missed it yesterday and if you want to try and change a video on your page, there are instructions on how to do it on my page.

If Doug and DoA can do it, then anybody can.
13/Dec/13 12:38 PM
 |  |

I will try that, but not until I get back home. We're in SF tonight to see a play, and Willie Nelson tomorrow.
13/Dec/13 1:37 PM
 |  |

Just sent answer to Serena and I'm tired. I don't know what is worse: having pneumonia or answering puzzles.
13/Dec/13 1:40 PM
 |  |

Gee, old age is catching up with me. I have been racking my brain for a come-back for beehive but my mind is a blank. Ooops, I feel another wisecrack from beehive coming on.

Hey, that just jogged my memory on another matter. For years there has been a brand of beer available up in More...
13/Dec/13 1:49 PM
 |  |

Sorry Doug, but the 'powers that be' have limited me to one wisecrack per day.

But I do love Keith's Mr Hankey avatar.
13/Dec/13 2:02 PM
 |  |

Time to go and watch the poms get another hammering.
13/Dec/13 2:04 PM
 |  |

Doug, a racked brain is not a pretty thing. Believe me, I know. I did it today on Serena's puzzle.
13/Dec/13 2:17 PM
 |  |

Sure was a big oops, Keith.
13/Dec/13 2:24 PM
 |  |

In my defence, I had deposited them in a room with a locked door.
13/Dec/13 2:24 PM
 |  |

I kind of knew I had not done anything which would have left them in a vulnerable place.
13/Dec/13 2:26 PM
 |  |

I'm awake after just 3 hours sleep, have to go to an appointment.
13/Dec/13 2:29 PM
 |  |

I'm sure tiredness, sleepiness and crankiness are waiting around the corner.
13/Dec/13 2:31 PM
 |  |

Bed time. Night all.
13/Dec/13 3:12 PM
 |  |

OK CP, let's re-cap here.

You were entrusted with the keys to the drugs cabinet but you lost them.

You weren't sure where you left them.

The keys were eventually found in a locked room.


Hey, you didn't leave them in the loo by any chance did you?
13/Dec/13 3:14 PM
 |  |
Everybody. My surgeon was impressed today with how well my incisions are healing. I don't have to see him again for 6 weeks. But I see my regular doctor on Mon. and then the cardiologist the following Mon.

It's quite cold here, but I walked from the far parking lot to the doctor's office at a good speed and WITHOUT pain. So the surgery must have been successful!
13/Dec/13 3:38 PM
 |  |
Sacky - Congratulations on getting your house so clean. You're welcome to come here and clean mine if you want!
13/Dec/13 3:39 PM
 |  |
Hal - I'm glad you went to the doctor so they can start you on proper medicines now instead of later. Hopefully, the pneumonia will be well under control before Christmas.
13/Dec/13 3:40 PM
 |  |
This should be BOPP.
13/Dec/13 3:41 PM
 |  |
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