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Submitted by: Gath

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Yes, Hugh. Bendigo boasts having the longest Chinese Imperial dragon outside China. His name is Sun Loong and he's about 35 years old. He replaced the original Loong, who retired around the time of his 100th Easter fair and is now housed in the Chineses museum. Every year the Chinese contingent at More...
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Hi Baz...re yesterday's post. No, I didn't take your comment personally.
Notice I dont have 'supporting member' after my name? I had a pop up this morning telling me my membership has expired. That six months went fast. Not sure if I am going to renew. I'm finding the comments fairly boring as More...
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Deb: I think people may have become a little wary about commenting on controversial issues, as it seems to be so easy to offend people and the discussion can become pretty heated. I know some don't mind that - even relish it - but others are not comfortable with the tension. There's always the weather, I guess. How is it in Brisbane today?
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OK, OK, I am playing the stereotype game, but I did get a smile from this lot and thought I should share.

Blonde LOGIC

Two blondes living in Oklahoma were sitting on a bench Talking........ And one blonde says to the other, 'Which do You think is farther away..........Sydney or the More...
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Geez Deb, do you need any further explanation why we don't post as often. Same old stuff day in day out. Same old jokes doing the rounds again and again and again. Sheeeeet.
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2.14 - To anyone interest: The latest photo of my boys is on the Parents Page.

AP: Can you barrack for Port Power next Friday night? The Pies really need a win to get out of their slump.
 |  |
GrannieMo, thanks for the website. I grew up with a fascination with Antarctica and its wildlife, especially the Emperor Penguin. Mind you, having huge photos of penguins, icebergs etc around must have helped. Right now, my computer background is a great shot of King Penguins and Gentoos on More...
 |  |
Deb, I'm glad you brought the question up, and I really hope a lot of people, especially people who don't usually (or never) post, respond.

A few months back, there were posters from all of the world here, and there was much more back-and-forth among a much wider and more varied group of people. That was a big part of the draw for me, at any rate.
 |  |
3:45 Hi All.
Hi Deb - I think you'll find that many of the old hands are here still doing the puzzle but don't comment. I agree, to some extent, with Judy but would add that some days are an absolute riot in more ways than one as was way back when.
Some are more easily offended than others More...
 |  |
Deb, I also find myself no longer checking the comments each day. We did have some riotous times as Geoff just said, but I've also found some great days like the beginning of the cricket match. I'm not sure who was responsible for all those posts under many different names, but I suspect it was Mrs Pooter.
 |  |
Hi Anne - I am in the 'don't usually' category.
 |  |
Hi DEB! - I agree that a lot of what we see here are repeats or things we have already received via e-mails. The things I enjoy most here are usually NEW stories, information, people, etc. I really liked your mouse story yesterday, especially because I had never heard it before! I haven't noticed a mention of Mark lately. How is he doing? How is his foot?
 |  |
Sorry, Hi Susan - we posted simultaneously.
I'd better get back to work before I'm accused of being an habitual...
Bye all have a good one.
 |  |
Hugh, both my parents were teachers, my one sister became a town librarian (the after school day care aspect dominated), one of my daughters just got her teaching credential and I'll attend her graduation from the masters program in education in about a week. I got to live through school where my More...
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 |  |
Maybe we need a party? Where's the Lady Sudoku?
 |  |
All you who gripe about how boring it is here, bring up an interesting topic, or offer interesting comments, or buzz off. Griping about it does nobody any good.
 |  |
Keith, I wasn't meaning to gripe. I guess that the novelty of anything wears off after a time. Some of the people who were frequent posters already when I first posted last October disappeared some time ago, or only post infrequently like andre,HH,Ted,Fiona/France.
 |  |
Keith, it's for just that reason that I haven't posted a remark on what's happened to the comments page. In general, I agree with you that if you can't fix something (in this case, as you suggest, by making a more interesting comment) then it's better not to 'gripe'. But the fact is that a lot of More...
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What do you think of this? My son's class of 12/13 year olds had to give a persuasive speech. One boy said as part of his speech, 'I might not be Fred Flintstone, but I sure know how to make your Bedrock.' The teacher laughed heartily, and while I suspect some of the kids didn't get the full meaning, I wonder if the teacher should have been a little less enthusiastic.
 |  |
Wish I could claim credit for that Deb, but sadly I was stuck on the number 37 bus trying to get to Myer to return some 'smalls' that turned out to be too small. Am I rambling again? Where is Dr KRP with his prescription pad when one needs a fix?
 |  |
Maybe I should lay off the cough syrup. Eh, Susan?
 |  |
anne, I think it would be interesting if those who used to comment but stopped would tell us why. What ever the reason is some thought should be given to it while showing respect to the person.
 |  |
busy summer, trying to get all squared away. vacations (camping in Sierras, sisters reunion in Jackson Hole). trying to get my retirement CA STRS correct. working in the garden, trimming bushes, planting, harvesting. weather's too nice to be inside on the compulator. taking walks and hikes More...
 |  |
still looking at a north county meet in October! are you still in mammoth?
 |  |
Ed, hic, shee my earlier comment ol' fella, hic
 |  |
my retirement dream was to work in adult literacy. went to my training at the library on saturday. these people speak english but need help with reading for job apps, GED, citizenship, use internet, reading to their kids, helping with homework, or working in classrooms. just the job for a 28-year More...
 |  |
my very very best to all our teachers who are returning to work soon. your students will reward you with many wonderful memories!
 |  |
Susan, I was certainly not aiming my comment at you, but at those that do nothing but take pot shots. They know exactly who they are. They are nothing more than a negative waste of everybody's time.
 |  |
Maybe you should practise what you are trying to preach there Keith. Your last 2 comments have been extremely negative.
 |  |
Yes, the 'usual suspects' dominate the early posting pages with our boring and noice conversations, but, good grief, you Aussies are asleep!! The great folks who have stopped posting appeared on the LATER pages ... when most of us have signed off! The comments I miss the MOST are the ones that More...
 |  |
I'm relieved, Keith. Unfortunately those sort of people are everywhere in real life too. They sit back and whinge, but never have anything constructive to offer. I do a fair amount of volunteer work for the kids' schools. I love it when other parents whinge that there's not enough people serving More...
 |  |
NAN (RETIRED)FROM LEFT COAST - Nice to see your name tonight! Sounds like you are keeping very busy. Have you started wondering yet how you ever had time to work? When is your trip to Europe planned? Which countries are on your itinerary?
 |  |
NAN: We'll stay at Mammoth until the snow flies! Anyone in San Diego County interested in getting together in October??
 |  |
Okay, this fairly-newbie, soon to be irregular has to get some sleep. Tomorrow is my last day to prepare mentally and physically for the onslaught.
As I post occasionally down the road, don't let me get away with griping - I TRULY love what I do. MATH ROCKS.
 |  |
2:23 - a decent time to start the week! Still with baby in belly, so unfortunately the following gueses have missed out:
Serena from Vermont - Girl 12/8 8lb
Elise from Strath - Boy 12/8 2.54pm 3.38kg & 49cm
Jean from Champaing IL/USA - Girl 13/8 7lb 120z
PJ from NP - Boy 13/8 8lb 10 oz
 |  |
Whoops - can't leave on that note! Angry Ant - my thoughts will be with you - of course I would love to win the 'contest', but more than anything I wish you a quick, easy delivery and a beautiful boy/girl.
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