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Submitted by: Gath

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Jim loved the picture of your turtle yesterday, thought it was yours, and liked the pic. today of Mt Buller. We do have some very beautiful country!! maybe thats what I should do take some pics of my little town and post them on here??
 |  |
 |  |
Hi all just returned (Friday evening/Saturday morning) from my Christmas party. Drank lots but strangely sober!!! What a waste of money and vodka!
 |  |
2.56 best ever for me. What a strange day. My son has his HSC results and sadly did significantly worse than expected so cant get into the course he wants at University but should still get into 'something'. Performed particularly poorly in a couple of subjects but oddly got a very very high mark More...
 |  |
Maggie it may seem like that but at least he did his best! and that is all he can ask of himself! Well I have to go out for a while so it's Byeeee!!!! from me might try to catch up with everyone later if not tomorrow.
 |  |
there is always a back door to get into the course he wants to. hsc is too stressful for everybody. all students should just do their best.
the problem in my experience, is that they usually want results that exceed the time and effort they have put into their studies over the past 6 years. and More...
 |  |
what he got in his hsc!!!

 |  |
 |  |
Thanks. will continue to explore options. I think that some kids,my lad included are still too young to really know what they want to do in life. I feel if he was passionate about something he would really excel but maybe some experience in the 'real world' first would help.
 |  |
Great to see a description of the scene, saves everyone guessing
 |  |
 |  |
spanked with wooden paddle today buttocks hurt much i new to sud oku
 |  |
We moved to Fish Hawk Trails the middle of July 2005. My wife's parents live in Newport Richey and her sister will move to Fl. next year. My wife works at Tampa General on the heart team. As always nice to hear from you. Have a nice weekend.
 |  |

does any one ever read the comments other people sumit? also I have improved my time it's 31:49min
 |  |
3:23... not too bad...
 |  |
Of course! We read first, respond, and after an hour of convos online, finally get around to the puzzle. We know what's important!
Here's a sudokusuggestion for a great holiday treat:
Make anatomically correct gingerbread people and eat the best parts first.
It's 7 p.m. here!
 |  |
THANK YOU for responding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
 |  |
I always wondered how 'jonesing' started since I married into that name. any takers? or guessers?

And don't ever worry about keeping up with the joneses, cuz we don't even have a TV or video recorder or camcorder or DVD player or SUV!

Anybody else out there who doesn't have a TV? I have met only one other family who doesn't!
 |  |
Suzanne, yes, I remember Basketball Jones very well; it's what I first thought of when HH brought the term up. Very funny song; it was Cheech and Chong, though very unlike their usual stuff.
 |  |
And here's proof - read all the comments, posted comments, did the puzz in a sparkling 7:31 (my normal) and then finally come back to look for reactions or connections. If I had time I'd stay but my book calls. Anyone still read out there!? I guess you could say I do have a jones for sudoku - it makes my evening! And I'm soooooooo happy to have my 3 weeks off from teaching! YAY!!!
 |  |
And why are you TRex? Do you live in dinosaur country or are you just a sudoku newbie?
 |  |
we have a TV but where we live it so isolated we do not get any channels :( I wish we did The Real World is my favorite show
 |  |
Nan, I have no idea, although I think the term came up in the mid-70's, when the drug culture was active among teenagers. That's the first time I heard it (and the Basketball Jones song).
 |  |
I know what's on the tube, but don't watch except on vacations when there's a TV. Love CSI when I can watch. Catch up on the good movies during vacations: just finally saw Bull Durham. Don't worry about your times on the puzz, you'll get better. I took 3 hours to do my first one back in July on a plane from LAX to Calgary on vacation - guess it must have been a harder one.
 |  |
T-Rex is a nick i have had since i was little. mom and dad said it came from my messy eating as a kid and no I do not live in dinosaur country just bear country. . . once a bear attacked our satolite dish and we have not got one since

I have to go talk 2ya later
 |  |
slip of the finger!
 |  |
nite nite T-Rex what a great name! Be sure to check archives the next day! You may get replies!

Jane - but I wonder why jones?
I have to go search out the basketball jones song, cheech and chong. (That was my time!!!)
 |  |
I think it's wonderful that you don't have a TV, etc. I had an aunt & uncle (named Jones!) who never had a TV, & I thought their kids were deprived. They all did a LOT of reading & turned out to be the smartest kids around! Do you have children (other than your students!)? Do they campaign for a TV or just know it's hopeless? What book are you currently reading?
 |  |
I could jump on top of the backboard, take off a quarter, leave fifteen cents change I
could, I could dribble behind my back I got more moves than Ex-Lax I'm bad I could
dribble with my tongue Here I go down court, try to stop me You can't stop me 'cause I
got a Basketball Jones More...
 |  |
I'm new to sudoku ... is there a timer on this site or does everyone time themselves? Thanks.
 |  |
The boys are now 24 and 28, never whined for the TV, got it as a treat, were in gifted classes, both have graduated from UNIV of CA (one SanDiego, one LA), are working and on their way! Every spring I challenge my first graders and families to go a week without TV and 12 of 20 do! I give them a More...
 |  |
Look on the left side in the pink box under the smiling young lady! (We get this question once a week!) Welcome and come back often!
 |  |
nice pic. first time i've been in this site. must come here often
 |  |
Better watch out talking about books in sudoku-land, Nan--next thing we'll all be reading, and then where will that leave us??? Let me (us) know what you think about the Da Vinci code... I couldn't put it down but had some questions about it...
 |  |
 |  |
Hi everyone! managed to get back on here, and finished the last puzzle, tough was'nt too bad, can do better? it looks very quite on here a also seen a few newbies? welcome to you all, hope you enjoy talking to us and doing the puzzles too.
 |  |
3:10 - better than yesterday but still not the best!

8 days till CHRISTMAS!!!!! Yippie!!!!!
 |  |
Was wondering the same thing about the quietness Cathy, but I think since it's a Friday / Saturday night (this is so cool--talking around the world!) the week before Christmas, I expect lots of folks are at parties.
 |  |
I think you might be right! oh well it does'nt matter, I might go soon anyone as have a couple of little things to do, always something to do when you have kids isn't there! it's really hard to do this puzzles some days with all the kids at home so the school holidays should be very interesting????
 |  |
anyway,anyway,anyway,anyway! must remember how to spell my words get them mixed up at times???
 |  |
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