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Submitted by: Gath

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thanks right back at ya
 |  |
bill k: how much older??????????????
 |  |
Thoughts and prayers to you and yours that are overseas. Hope they are able to stay safe.
 |  |
Charlotte: Quite a bit. I just turned 43 on March 13th. I don't fell that old, and sometimes wish I was 13 again. Thnings were much easier and less scary. Now I have a job and 3 kids of my own: one is like you, 13yrs, one is nine and Emma Rose is 2. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
 |  |
Why is it I have to read all the comments before I do the puzzle? I have been visiting this site since early January and i am here Monday thru Friday normally during my lunch hour (have small children home, can't get near the computer. I read the jokes (love them), controversy (refuse to comment) and I rarely add my thoughts but i like to hear what the same people are up to. mAen
 |  |
What's with the 'tree'????? Is it a tree or some freaky plant. im not sure i did pretty good today 1.18
 |  |
0.57!!!!!!! Im on fire today! I mean i have only done the same puzzle 3 times and all but im still excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 |  |
Bill K. Sorry. I forgot to logon. Thank you for responding and your thoughts & prayers. They are always appreciated.
 |  |
Vicky: Sounds like the puzzle isn't the only addicting thing here. I'm like you. I enjoy reading about people in all parts of the world. While I do comment now and then, I too try to stay out of the controversies. Not what I signed up for.
 |  |
Jeanette: I don't know how armed service families keep sane. There are many times I become worried when my wife and kids are out and about on the local roads! Can't imagine the worry caused by someone in harms way.
Continued thoughts and prayers...
 |  |

Mornin' all.......Morning fix!
 |  |
 |  |
Bill K. It is a very short trip to insanity for me. My daughter is home now. She was in Iraq. She was my baby and that was scary. Her husband is also in the Army. He is the one there now. Thanks again.
 |  |
Hmm...10:30. I think time speeds up when I do this.
 |  |
Good Mean to all, read yesterdays comments to late to post, regarding coffee.
The BEST coffee is Tim Hortons, doughnuts are good too. 'only in Canada you say'
 |  |
OK all, I am from Seattle, coffee capital of the usa. I agree, Starbucks s..ks, tastes burned to me. But the best I have found is a brand called 'Torrefazione'..smooth and strong and tasty (like I like my men LOL). But guess who just bought them??? That's right..Starbucks..so far though, they are still doing their own roasting so the quality is still good.
 |  |
To Suzanne, next time in Victoria try Tim Hortons
Am looking after 2 grandsons at moment. however, had bad luck and backed into a lamppost yesterday, so insurance claim when I get home, Husband wasn't too pleased. Thank God it was only a Hydro pole
 |  |
We're slow - 4:41. Novices.
 |  |
Starbucks doesn't taste burnt to me, but maybe that's because I always get a mocca. Maybe the chocolate masks it. I'm not a Starbucks fan. I've heard they jack up the caffene level to make it more addictive. I don't know if that's true. Seattle is indeed the coffee capital of the US, and well deserved. I hope I get a chance to try Tim Hortons and Torrefazione in Seattle.
 |  |
St 'Patty' would seem to imply a female saint - It's Paddy, though real Christians would be annoyed at abbreviating Patrick in any way. Anyway, it's quite a depressing day in Ireland the past few years, what with us copying the drinking antics of our emigrated family members in USA, England & More...
 |  |
Suzanne & Bill K, I am another lefty!
 |  |
Happy St. Patricks Day everyone.
 |  |
To Suzanne ...From Seattle
Good Luck with your 'Torrefazoine'.
Starbucks bought my favorite coffee a while back and it's now hard to get and tastes surprizingly like Starbucks!
 |  |
this game is easy i just did it in 12.34 mins and im 15
 |  |
i just read peeps times and now i think i not tht gd at this
 |  |
Good mAen!
I am a female Mickey. Mickey is the name my parents gave me. So Hi! to Mickey. Happy St. Patrick's Day. I am a newbie. I enjoy the jokes and discussions from around the world. I have not commented before. My time is 6:54. I have been hoping for rain in OK.
 |  |
Bummer, Sheila..McStarbucks will soon take over the world...another monopoly forming...
 |  |
3:43 Good mAen & Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Sunny, but cold here in Maine.
 |  |
That was fun!!!!
 |  |
Greg, you'll get better...the rest of us started out slow too...just enjoy the game of Sudoku!
 |  |
To Greg from England-When I started,a few weeks ago, I was in the 12 min. range and I'm an old fogie. I now average around 4 min. Stick with it, and your times will improve.
 |  |
I have been doing these for several months now and am still slow. I guess I really don't care. It is the fun of doing it. Not how fast I do it. Guess I'm not that competitive.
 |  |
 |  |
The shopkeeper was dismayed when a brand new business much like his own opened up next door and erected a huge sign which read BEST DEALS.

He was horrified when another competitor opened up on his right, and announced its arrival with an even larger sign, reading LOWEST PRICES.

The More...
 |  |
Good mAen all. It's definitly a Joshua tree. I know they're in the southern California deserts (I've seen them) but not sure about Arizona or other southwest states.
 |  |
A man is driving along the highway in his convertible ...
... and he's got eight penguins in the back seat of his car. A police officer sees the car, and pulls him over, siren and lights in full force. When the officer approaches, the driver very politely asks the officer what the trouble More...
 |  |
'Yes sir, right away, sir,' says the man, and he drives away.

The next day, the same officer sees the same car with the same driver, with the same eight penguins in the back seat. Only this time, the penguins are all wearing sunglasses.

The enraged police officer pulls the driver More...
 |  |
Good mAen to Sudokumanics around the world.
We made it to St. Paddy's Day Friday in Oregon!

As for the picture...it could be a sunrise or it could be a sunset. You decide!

...ora et labora...
 |  |
 |  |
G'day (Maen) Sudoku cobbers around the world. I've only been playing a couple of weeks and this is my first post. Love all your comments and jokes. 'aveagoodweekend; Mondays a hliday in ACT.
 |  |
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