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Submitted by: Gath

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2:17 - one of my best times yet - yay :-)
 |  |
time slow 4.11. all in Wilma's path stay safe. birthday wishes to Kel Kathy and Kathy and anyone else who celebrates today. Sweet rascal very clever but just liked the Matt one!
 |  |
1:53, that is by far my best ever time
 |  |
this is the easiest one ever
 |  |
k from brissie- I just got off the phone with my in-laws up north who are worried about me and their grandson with the upcoming hurricane. I still call them weekly tho my Linda has been dead for years.
80F 20MPH wind from south gusts to 30 here it comes
 |  |
Welcome Emily Hodges from Northern Kentucky welcome and I think you will match up just fine.
Kathy (West Australia) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.
 |  |
I just drove home from work though a frog strangler of a thunderstorm only to find that a tornado hit a couple of miles away. I guess Wilma is finally on her way. The girls were screaming because the power kept going off while they were watching the world series. Going to print up the sudokus from More...
 |  |
Though I was going great, then realized I hadn't 'unpaused'. Happy combined birthdays Kel, Kathy and Kathy. Great one SweetRascal, like a serial joke! Lisa, in-laws are a necessary evil - at least mine live 1000 K's away! Queen, where is your Red Pen, see Ronan from London. Best wishes to all you guys in Florida - there are 6 Aussies trapped in the Mexico Wilma. Scary!!
 |  |
Jim - sorry if I offended I have a lovely daughter in-law, unfortunately I was unlucky with my in-laws.
 |  |
Wilma's coming! Wilma's coming! Geeez it's been raining for hours already and we aren't even in the direct path...tornado watch for the next 12 hours. Yipee. Jim and cee cee good luck to you and stay safe.
 |  |
Good luck to those riding out Hurricane Wilma...when will these dang things stop...nite all...busy week teaching coming up
 |  |
Bluey from Port Kembla. 6 Aussies trapped in Mexico?? Normally, (laughing) for 2000 bucks anyone in Mexico can be in The USA in 16 hours .....Beinvenidos a America! Necesita trabajo, comida, dormitorio? No problemo! Please folks I love Mexico.
 |  |
To all of you in Wilmas path our prayers are with you.
 |  |
3:23-I am getting better! New to this, my dad introduced it to me and now I am addicted, I usually don't time myself and so this was the first time I did and yeah....didn't do to bad.
 |  |
2.58 that's the first time I've timed myself :)

Hello everybody.

Hope all in Wilma's path stay safe. My thoughts are with you.

I can't even imagine what experiencing a hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, tornado or any fierce storm might be like. We get cold and rainy/windy weather in Hobart but nothing terribly frightening or awe inspiring.
 |  |
To ALL in Wilma's path - take care, we're praying for you. Jim from Jupiter: v. nice that you keep in touch with in-laws. Hope to hear good news from Floridian sudokuists tomorrow. Peace.
 |  |
Thank you all for kind thoughts. Danielle in Taz I think 12 days of 10C and foggy drizzle is pretty scary! That kind of weather drove me to the tropics. The storm's eyewall is less than 250 miles away now (0500UTC24OCT) yet no rain here from Wilma since 4' rain- last Thursday! Gusts hit about 35MPH More...
 |  |
5:31 my average . whats this the third one good luck 2 all ppl who live in danger zone
 |  |
5:13--wow! broke 6' finally! hooray
 |  |
time to read the comments: 45 mintures (with a couple distractions)
Time to do the puzzle: 2:30
Time spent at the eye doctor for 'weary eyes': 1 hour 45 minutes
Living as a sudoku addict forever: priceless

(sorry if anyone is unfamiliar with this ad campaign)
 |  |
To those it applies...
-good luck with Wilma, we are thinking about you
-happy birthday
-great jokes, love them (i only have one joke but it may not be appropriate for this site)
 |  |
2:38. My hands never needed to stop, but I guess this is the fastest my computer can handle! Any suggestions?
 |  |
Wilma's torrential rains are but minutes away now, I can see them on the Miami NOAA site. I was just outside it was drizzling, the wind now gusting to trop storm force, still 80F where it will stay. Not much lightning in hurricanes; too warm to make the hail which makes most lightning in t-storms.K More...
 |  |
Good luck Jim! Sounds like the show is about to begin--maybe going outside now isn't such a good idea? I could be wrong.
 |  |
4:22, I've only been timing myself for the past four or five days, I'm hooked on these things now, great to get the mind working, especially around exams!
 |  |
Best of luck to all those experiencing Wilma, Jim from Jupiter, feel like I'm with you!
Andre - sick of *$#@%&*** 'database errors' yet?Hang in there girl. Sweet Rascal lol :)).
Birthday wishes to Kel and perhaps 2 kathy's.
QRP - you work for the KGB don't you - firing squad?? Brian you sound confused..
 |  |
The wind is steady at 30 MPH, gust to fifty. Still no hard rain here as it pours for a thousand miles north of here!!! CBS affiliate WPEC radar shows rain so close I wonder why not here yet. Wilma's eye alone covers 4000 square miles! I have a small screened entryway that is walled on both sides, More...
 |  |
Hi Jim - just visited the website and had a look at live video photos. From the clock it's about 3.40am there so I gues you won't read this too soon - good luck!
jh - hope somewhere you picked up my apology about my confusion over 'anon' the other day :)
And happy birthday to Kathy from Western Aus!
 |  |
Hi all sorry have been in bits!...I know
50 database errors, 4 reboots and a bottle of wine!
Sweetrascal me too :)))
QRP: really i was watching 'Songs of Praise' 6 of them back to back. So enlightening.
Brian come as you want you are in the choir 'male welsh voice' the best!
 |  |
obviously can post now. Billy its so frustrating is'nt it.
ké i think that accent looks rather fetching actually....
Ted I think Trevene has been at 'Sunday School' party!! last night and when she has the pool(very cold water) built you will dive in in your orange bikini top (only) as punishment!!
 |  |
3:11 - Have a nice day.
 |  |
She is here.
At 3:56 AM EDT a huge gust of wind announced true arrival of Hurricane Wilma. I heard it coming thru the trees in the distance, and I can hear the wind outside as I type. I will stay up all night tonight as a hurricane arriving is such a unique life event (tho this makes 2 4 me) I don't want to miss it.
 |  |
Amber Teddy is being harsh with us! I feel.
We have that ad it is good :)
HH so glad like me that you are working? from home wanted to comment last night just had to watch the comments come in, perhaps should have a 'database error' website just so we can leave comments when we can't get through!!! Just done my invoicing took me all of 2 seconds obviously not done much since found this site!
 |  |
Jim just been watching it on the news, obviously much safer, they stated hurricane down to a '3' so only 130 miles per hour wind speed like that makes it ok!!! our weather reporters are so smug. They tell us it will rain today, thank god they told me I would never have known that deep lashings on the window was rain!!
 |  |
Andre, good to know you have that ad, was afraid people would look at that post in confusion.
Jim...hope you keep power all night so we can keep getting your updates, so fun to be right there with you! I have been through one, Fflyod 1999 was working at Disney World Orlando...not much happened but it made lots of guests mad!!
 |  |
Jim - think I thought you may not post due to power down - hope you can stay on-line so we know you're safe. andre, it is ?working, tho' did 2 hours from 6.15 this am - PRE-sudoku work? hmmm - need help with priorities! Am getting worried about Trevene...
 |  |
1:31, best ever
 |  |
At 5:13 AM EDT the wind has been in the 30 MPH steady for over an hour. First hurricane force gust at 5:03 AM you can tell; that is when it first gets scary! Light rain for an hour has barely coated the pavement but the ever-increasing wind shows what awaits. Dry air from the Bahamas has kept More...
 |  |
5:23 AM first hard rain lashing down, followed by steady rain. Downspouts flowing, you can hear them. Last evenings smells of barbeque- we all knew the power was going to fail, and folks cooked out throughout the neighborhood- are long gone and the smell of rain evaporating off warm pavement fills the air. That too will be washed from the air as the downpour intensifies
 |  |
Impressed you still have power Jim!
 |  |
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