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Submitted by: Gath

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Is this the Ride!
24/Jul/07 2:47 PM
 |  |
does a fireball = a gobstopper?

Col - keep off your feet! rest up and catch up with the daytime soaps/oprah...x
24/Jul/07 3:09 PM
 |  |
what happened to clipboard?
24/Jul/07 3:13 PM
 |  |

fireball = one of those humbugs with extra stuff in?
24/Jul/07 3:21 PM
 |  |

ok just googled (dont you love it) fireballs.
never seen them before. saw the process of making them and now wonder how many people have broken their teeth on them.
thought they may have been like humbugs and at sovereign hill in ballarat they make them with chillies in I think. but guess not More...
24/Jul/07 3:35 PM
 |  |

Rose ,thats for sure ,I can still remember the pain in your jaws when you got the big jawbrakers ,they are really good Rose there awful hot at first but after the outer layer is gone there good and sweet but too big for your mouth!
24/Jul/07 3:48 PM
 |  |
Angie,i dunno under what category you can classify this,natural feature or city..just see for yourself and choose..
Cape Camorin...
24/Jul/07 3:52 PM
 |  |

Has anyone re-read yesterdays comments end of Page 4 posted by clipboard from a.c. nielsen. It was only posted at lunch today. Who is this regular (anonymous) Australian poster?
24/Jul/07 4:13 PM
 |  |

ANGIE - Natural Wonders - Crater Lake, OR

From Wikapia: Crater Lake is a caldera lake in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is the main feature of Crater Lake National Park and famous for its deep blue color and water clarity. The lake partly fills a nearly 4,000 feet (1,220 m) deep caldera More...
24/Jul/07 4:18 PM
 |  |


I wonder how many people you've got pressing on the 'previous day' button!

Don't know who it is (I could guess)- and how do you know it/he/she is Australian?

oh yeah (here's my ignorance shining through) - whats 'Durian' ?
24/Jul/07 4:28 PM
 |  |
Col - A godawful fruit that stinks to high heaven....are roman and marlena still together? are hope and beau still together? does alice horton still bake cakes? does victor still frown a lot? is jack abbott still a womaniser? is anyone in a coma?
24/Jul/07 4:32 PM
 |  |

Victoria got us pressing previous!
Col had us running for Google!!!
I love this place.
24/Jul/07 4:34 PM
 |  |

been a little while since I've caught up with those people Billy.........but another question..................didn't Hope and Beau die?...just after they got married............oh I dunno - about 20 years ago??
24/Jul/07 4:35 PM
 |  |

Yeah but they came back to life again...and again...and again...
24/Jul/07 4:37 PM
 |  |

Do you have a rating company called 'A. C. Neilson' in Australia? Do they do polls over there. In the US, they keep track of what people watch & listen to on the radio. The TV networks, know when these polls are going on and put on their best shows - it is called Sweeps Week. If a program does More...
24/Jul/07 4:39 PM
 |  |
A quick questionairre -
1/. is Ian from Boston -
a. incisive and witty ?
b. relevant with comments about weather ?
c. too drunk on bourbon and coke ?
d. just an old pottery collector ?
All answers are confidential.
24/Jul/07 4:44 PM
 |  |
2/. Is Rosemary from Wagaratta -
a/. a great bedmaker and caring grandmother ?
b/. a smalltown but caring person ?
c/. someone who should get out more ?
d/. ready for retirement ?
24/Jul/07 4:44 PM
 |  |
3/. Should Gath -
a. continue to censor comments deemed harmful to anyone's sensitive disposition ?
b. slacken the conservative atmosphere and allow witty banter ?
c. open up the site to neo-nazi propagandists ?
d. invite self-abusers to bring their friends for an open forum ?
24/Jul/07 4:45 PM
 |  |
4/. Should we all -
a. just do the sudoku and relax ?
b. not do the sudoku but continue to post meaningless jokes and trivia ?
c. do the sudoku and then post comments about 'how hard the 9's were on easy today' ?
d. stay home with the computer unplugged and watch Oprah ?
24/Jul/07 4:45 PM
 |  |
If you scored 1-10: you should get your pet newtered and take care not to put your red socks in the white wash. 10-20: you should practice sudoku more but take time to get a bus somewhere once a day. 20-30: you should join a religious group and never mention sudoku again. 30-40: you should check your underwear and never eat durian on a moving train.
24/Jul/07 4:46 PM
 |  |
of course we have a.c. neilson. Lucky you do not have McDonalds in the US eh....?
24/Jul/07 4:46 PM
 |  |
I am not anonymous......I am just a naughty boy.
24/Jul/07 4:47 PM
 |  |
I cannot tell a lie Col....tis me! - the sensible one. A rapier like tit and a mind like a steel crap.
24/Jul/07 4:50 PM
 |  |
Is that a soap opera Billy? Did Roman run off with Beau to perform in a travelling circus as a horse and rider team? Did Alice Horton and Jack Abbott find romance among the icing?
24/Jul/07 4:52 PM
 |  |
See there is plenty for me today!
24/Jul/07 5:09 PM
 |  |
According to the above you should 'check your underwear and never eat durian on a moving train' Presumably a stationary one is OK
24/Jul/07 5:12 PM
 |  |
You young'ns have too much time on your hands.
24/Jul/07 5:15 PM
 |  |

have the guts to put your name to it.
24/Jul/07 5:45 PM
 |  |
ANGIE Here's a possibilty for your daughter. Newgrange is one of the oldest man made structures known. It is in Ireland and predates the Pyramids and Stonehenge.
You can find quite afew other websites on it also. Just google Newgrange.
24/Jul/07 6:30 PM
 |  |
Rosemary - Whoah there! Do you have something against people with stationery names? Throughout the world there are people with names which strike others as strange - it happens, believe me. It can be very hurtful if people ASSUME it's a made-up name.

Clipboard - How are you going Clippy? - More...
24/Jul/07 7:32 PM
 |  |
A quick summary:
1/ Beehive is back.
2/ But is Baz back?
3/Beehive is banned therefore he has snuck under Gath's radar.
4/Is Beehive gutless?
24/Jul/07 8:01 PM
 |  |
Minister for the Unnecessary - Given that durian are not all that common in Australia and certainly not cheap, I don't mind giving you this information, as it probably won't prompt you to instigate legislation/impose a tax on them:-
- Durian are commonly described as tasting like heaven but More...
24/Jul/07 8:01 PM
 |  |
5/Is Pen Beehive?
6/How many free memberships are really Beehive?
7/Is Beehive topper?
8/There seems to be a pattern emerging.
24/Jul/07 8:03 PM
 |  |

ANGIE & FINN - when I went to the suggested website - My Virus detector alerted me to a Trojan Horse virus installed on Temp Internet file, it got to the System exec and about 4 dil files. Just ran a complete check on my system. Be careful with that website. Of course it may have just been a coincidence. But, be careful.
24/Jul/07 8:11 PM
 |  |

hope you are feeling better col, should I bother to say take it easy?
24/Jul/07 8:35 PM
 |  |

Eve for the warning.
24/Jul/07 8:39 PM
 |  |

24/Jul/07 8:41 PM
 |  |

I have just read all the posts on this page and I have just reported my comment as abusive as 'love it...' looks like I have agreed to all of clipboards postings - it doesn't. Had I given enough time to read all the comments I would not have posted what I did - my apologies to you Rose, Gath and Ian. If Bhive is indeed back as has been suggested, then nothing ever changes....
24/Jul/07 8:43 PM
 |  |

lets flip to a new page...... ready
24/Jul/07 8:47 PM
 |  |

sooonnnnn I suppose
24/Jul/07 8:48 PM
 |  |
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