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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning, again.
24/Aug/09 12:00 AM
 |  |
Good Maen
24/Aug/09 12:02 AM
 |  |
Good morning, on toast.
24/Aug/09 12:03 AM
 |  |
Hello Glinda, make mine with fat free butter!! and whole wheat bread...
24/Aug/09 12:09 AM
 |  |
Gail, saylz, Jane and Glinda - I loved your comments and elaborations on hackles (which is what Jerry raised on me that sparked my comment days ago). I'm glad you found the lighter side of things at last - but the debate was good.
24/Aug/09 12:09 AM
 |  |
Hi appy - now off to do the puzzle
24/Aug/09 12:10 AM
 |  |

Smoke in my ice, Jane?
It provides another meaning to the expression "black ice"
24/Aug/09 12:10 AM
 |  |

It's good to unshackle the hackles once in awhile. It's been a long time since we got to 7 pages, as we did yesterday.
24/Aug/09 12:11 AM
 |  |

Hmmmm...black ice in a licorice liqueur. Maybe we should patent that, Rayray.
24/Aug/09 12:16 AM
 |  |

...but first, some more coffee.
24/Aug/09 12:16 AM
 |  |

Smashing picture today - clear as crystal
24/Aug/09 12:18 AM
 |  |

Hope you all have an amazing day/night wherever you are in this most wonderful world of ours

24/Aug/09 12:18 AM
 |  |

Gorgeous photo. One of Nal's?
A toast to you, appy!
It WAS a good debate, Helen, and mostly civilized.
Thanks, everyone who joined in, it made for very interesting More...
24/Aug/09 12:23 AM
 |  |

Happy Sunday!
Taking a few days off to drive the Grunt to Uni and helping him move into his 1st apartment.
Packing kitchen utensils, spare Tupperware, blanket, a few easy recipes & provisions...how much room do we have in the van?!
24/Aug/09 12:27 AM
 |  |
Have one great niece transitioning out and away (getting married) and another moving in today. Both are 22. New kid is finishing college this year and then working in the area.
24/Aug/09 12:30 AM
 |  |

Just a repeat of Post I made yesterday.

When we respond to someones post..would you like the option of a "reply to" button as a feature on site? This feature would allow us to know that someone has responded to a post we have made, and give us notification that someone has More...
24/Aug/09 12:30 AM
 |  |

24/Aug/09 12:32 AM
 |  |

Good morning all.

Heading out to breakfast with a stop at the local farmer's market. BBL
24/Aug/09 12:33 AM
 |  |
I appreciated the debate as well -- it's good to see an interchange of ideas every now and then.

Keep in mind, too, that there are often different argumentative styles; that some people present their ideas more forcefully and even sometimes more aggressively than others; and that even in More...
24/Aug/09 12:33 AM
 |  |

Dear Sudokuland,

Please excuse my late arrival. I was reading yesterdays posts, trying to prepare for today, when I "rubbed out" a contact lens. As I'm kind of, sort of "camping" at my new place, it took a while to get the lens taken care of. Then there were the More...
24/Aug/09 12:39 AM
 |  |

24/Aug/09 12:40 AM
 |  |

24/Aug/09 12:40 AM
 |  |

Golly, Gee Whiz, don't think I ever did a 22 before.

24/Aug/09 12:42 AM
 |  |
If the US health care issue got 7 pages of comments from around the world on Sudokuland, that means it is really important and is not just an issue, but a problem. My morning paper (one of the few Berlusconi does not control in Italy) had a feature article about what they called 'Dr. Obama', citing More...
24/Aug/09 12:45 AM
 |  |

In recognition of the fact that our last few days discussion on a touchy subject drew no serious "flames", and many points of view were presented in a civil manner, I'm buying.....

24/Aug/09 12:46 AM
 |  |

OK, Helen, rub it in. all this reading and thinking has me
24/Aug/09 12:48 AM
 |  |

Angie, I'm trying to figure out how it would work. Where would the 'reply to' button be? Say I wanted to reply to your post, where would I click to do that? How would you be notified that I replied?

I am soooo tech challenged!
24/Aug/09 12:49 AM
 |  |
Angie, I think your idea is a great one - even multiple 'reply to' so that you can direct your replies. I found some interesting comments, but they were pages away from where my reply would have gone, and maybe the 'commenter' would have never seen it. Can Garth help us out on this one? Or will it make him tear his hair?
24/Aug/09 12:50 AM
 |  |

I'll have a spoonful of that love, Jerry!
Back atcha'!!
24/Aug/09 12:54 AM
 |  |
Jerry, I'm becoming fond of you! I'm not trying to rub anything in - but it seemed a coincidence that after days of debate, my local paper had an article about it this morning. BTW - what are those little bowls full of cute little red hearts and yellow chicks? I guess I'm not very 'in' on sudoku icons.
24/Aug/09 12:59 AM
 |  |

Angie, great idea! Not just for debates but also for other comments asking about their comments, ideas, or statements. I know that during the school year I can't access this site during the day and a lot of you have made great posts and I wanted to reply but didn't because I was soooooo late, I figure the person wouldn't see my comments.
24/Aug/09 1:07 AM
 |  |

Hi everyone.
Wishing all of you a very happy and nice day wherever yo are.

A very happy day to me ,the reason is Two happy events .
It is my 36th, Anniversary.
It is the engagement of my Daughter Sandy.
I wish them a a happy new life.
A photo will be placed in my own page sooner.
24/Aug/09 1:09 AM
 |  |

Helen, smiles n hearts. Another way of saying have a wongerful day...
24/Aug/09 1:10 AM
 |  |

Those are Jerry's bowl full of love smilies, Helen.
Little happy faces and hearts that he shares with us.
24/Aug/09 1:10 AM
 |  |

Jerry's like that sibling you'd like to strangle but you love him any ways. As he says, he likes to "stir the pot". But it does give us a vehicle to proffer our thoughts and the site becomes a stimulus for our brain. We try truly to withhold the emotions but sometimes we get carried away. But we do come back on friendly terms.
24/Aug/09 1:11 AM
 |  |

shoulda been smilie faces n hearts.
24/Aug/09 1:12 AM
 |  |

Wagdy!!! You and the missus have a wongerful day of celebrations! I have you beat by one year!
24/Aug/09 1:14 AM
 |  |

shosho, I nearly choked, laughing, when I read your "sibling" comment.
24/Aug/09 1:15 AM
 |  |

Well, I have to have . As long as I am making a , hold out your !
24/Aug/09 1:16 AM
 |  |

And Jerry, you're just as irritating as my beloved little brother!
See Mom, I haven't busted his head yet!!!
24/Aug/09 1:18 AM
 |  |
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