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Submitted by: Gath

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Kathy, I hope i didn't steal your thunder--those were just some that stuck with me from a while back; i can't remember any more so i'm waiting for them to keep rolling in. I DO love Maxine, too, but don't have the calendar. Waiting for more of those, too!
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Hi Rob..When did you leave Brissy? and where did you live while here? I was born and bred here. Left for a couple of years and lived in Perth and also lived at Straddie for a few years.
 |  |
hi Liz -- MAEN was coined by one of our sudokoists on this site, it stands for Morning Afternoon Evening Night. A global 'hi'.
 |  |
Thanks Kathy for your explanation. I imagine so a 'upanitis':)
Amélie: Groundhog don't be marmotte? You have shooted poor marmottes!!
 |  |
Great pic! is he smiling?
 |  |
Hi Val, I never got into Star Trek, Moody Blues, Steeley Dan and The Beattles as strongly as most people. I liked all of them based on the given talent, just was a huge fan. I saw The Incredible String Band, Pink Floyd (12times), and of course the greatest rock & roll band of all times THE ROLLING More...
 |  |
There was a discussion here a few days back, regarding the official onset of 'N' in maen. I am pretty sure (although not 100%) that it was agreed that N would commence at 8pm - as that is the time that all 'adult' shows come on TV. Lets face it, sometimes this can be a VERY adult show ! LOL Personally, I use 8pm as my guide.
 |  |
just was not
 |  |
to val from bolton - Sorry I forgot your telling me you liked jigsaw puzzles. I'm sure I'm older & more forgetful than you! Sounds like you get a lot of the American TV programs in England. Do you watch Survivor? Tonight is the premier of the next series & I'm looking forward to seeing the new More...
 |  |
IMHO (is that 'in my humble opinion'?) night is when we sleep, so from 10 PM to 6 AM could be the recommended 8 hours of sleep. That's not to say that everyone sleeps at that time or even that we are lucky enough to regularly get 8 hours of sleep!! Think many people make do with only 6-7 hours.
 |  |
Kathy and Ed:
I just changed my Tampa reservations. I will be coming in sometime in the evening of Feb. 20 now so that we can get up in the AM and hit the park. So that night is a possibility too if it is easier for you. Also, just found out that the Holiday Inn on Fowler is changing ownership More...
 |  |
I am an ER addict, have been since George Clooney was on first season. Tonight is a biggie with James Woods as a guest actor, wont be missing that! (Sweeps month)
 |  |
Have you noticed that there is a huge blank space between your comments & the next one? Can't figure out why that would be? Did you read the two nice articles on the sports page today about Isiah Kacyvenski of the Seahawks & Troy Polamalu of the Steelers? They both sound like really good guys who have succeeded despite difficult childhoods.
 |  |
Oh yes, Suzanne, I love ER, too! It looks like tonight's show is going to be a good one with James Woods in the lead role. Did you see him on the Today Show this morning? I think he is a very good actor.
 |  |
Well done Kathy,I noticed the May.And no I don't pick on obvious typos,only glaring grammatical errors which have been nonexistent of late.
Of course you may choose whatever timeframes you desire for afternoon etc.,but the recognized divisions are afternoon as noon to sunset,evening from sunset to dark,and night from dark to midnight.Morning is as long as the other three put together.
 |  |
Good MAEN everyone. 3:11
 |  |
Ed, Have you heard yet what your friend from Brazil's schedule will be? Do you have a preference of Monday or Tuesday night? Tuesday is better for me, but I could work it out for Monday instead if need be.
 |  |
Hello All. Elsie from Strath, nice to see you back. Kathy from Valrico, I love Survivor too but I haven't seen any ads for a new series here. Darn It! Hope it comes soon.
 |  |
Good Maen everyone, Have just got up and must get ready for work. Another lovely fine day here in Albany in the low to mid 20's.
to BEEHIVE GERO - hello Greg, I hope you enjoy your diving at Exmouth. A pretty place up that way.
 |  |
Kathy ,
Since that has happen to me before, I think it's me. James Woods, Denzel, Gary Sinese, Dennis Frantz, and many others are all THE MAN. grammarmaster is very happening. I think ER is sliding in recent years but still very good, I miss Noah. Suzanne Feb. 21 is good. Kathy if you like you could come to my house and I would drive.
 |  |
Ed, in my college years i listened to Poco and Dan Fogleberg, Neil Diamond, Otis Redding, Al Wilson, and Al Green. Crazy mix; also never liked Beatles (to my husband's chagrin). Now i mainly listen to Otmar Liebert, Enya, Clannad, and Stephen Bennet (recordings by S.B. from NPR--haven't been able More...
 |  |
Lately my daughter Melani and I watch American Idol while we do her laundry and drink wine :) She's been a fan, just got me watching with her for the special mother/daughter time together.
 |  |
I'm all over the place in my thoughts. You are so accurate concerning Troy Polamalu (what a stud he is), he's a bad dude. Same thoughts about Isaiah Kacyvenski, he is a perfect example of what's possible, but limited to the few who have what it takes.

 |  |
3:05 BIG HI to my sister Babs in Perth, WA. Miss you loads xxx
 |  |
Hi everyone! elsie nice to see you back, was only asking about you the other day in the chatroom!! off to do the other puzzles.
 |  |
Norma, Don't worry, you didn't steal my thunder. It's just that the couple jokes you wrote were on the e-mail I got recently, & I thought you might have received the same one. I had to copy mine from the pages I printed. Never could have just remembered them like you did!! You mentioned Enya in your classroom. What grade do you teach?
 |  |
I also tried to email that address to you on your Yahoo. It didn't work for me either. You and F will have to catch up here or on IM

 |  |
 |  |
col and fiona apparently my yahoo address doesnt have au on the end of it.
dont know why?
 |  |
Check out www.xpn.org. all day but esp. 10pm on.
Great music you presently listen to add Loreena McKennitt if you haven't already. I am sure you know Eithne (Enya) and Marie are sisters. If you have a turntable try and find some Incredable String Band albums. Richard Thompson, Maddie More...
 |  |
to grammarmaster - I'm so glad you're back. I was afraid I had made you feel bad about making corrections. By your time schedule, 3 AM would be considered morning, which I guess is right because AM does mean 'ante meridiem' (before noon). More discussion on this, anyone?
 |  |
I think this is a fun discussion, but it's going to be hard to pin down a specific definition, since the terms themselves are flexible. Night can refer to any time after sundown; as you note, any time after midnight (probably after 1 am) can be thought of as the early hours of the morning...
 |  |
Somebody, please help. I'm at a standstill and all I see are what e1 I think is referring to as FC's. For example, a box with 4 empties, the possibilities for which are 29, 179, 179, 1279. Is it valid for me to say the first is a 2, leaving the others with 179? Please try to answer in simple terms - my mind starts to swim pretty easily when I try to read proofs and solutions.
 |  |
You are one smart cookie. What movie did you see? I would like to see The World's Fastest Indian. Music I am thinking of going to see Coldplay & Fiona (there is that name again) Apple. I think I talk too much.
 |  |
Then again, do we *have* to pin everything down? Sudoku-land is free! (unless Q & KRP disagree...)
 |  |
Maybe I should've mentioned that the sudoku is not one from here.
 |  |
Hi, Ed. You don't talk too much. You keep things interesting!
 |  |
That doesn't follow. The last entry could be a 2 as easily as the 1st. 9, (1 or 7), (7 or 1), 2 is just as likely as as 2, (1 or 7), (7 or 1), 9.
 |  |
this woz so easy, im a 12 year old and i did it in 2 minutes tops!!!
 |  |
thanks, jd, i know i was reaching, but i look at this puzzle and i see groups of possibilities like that in several boxes, rows, columns, and i can't seem to get past it. i need to just put it down for a while and come back to it later. i'll go up top and play with the easy one, that'll make me feel better. Thanks again :)
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