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Submitted by: Gath

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Have just gone back and read all the postings as I was advised to do, after doing all the puzzles. All I can say Hugh is I am genuinely flattered that you think I am as young as Helen obviously is. Don't you think you are all behaving like a pack of dingos?
 |  |

Gath, this site is no less subject to Gresham's Law than anything other endeavor. Only you can prevent that, and you're doing a good job so far.

Regards, Bostonian
 |  |
Ed/Keith - I've been flat out like a lizard drinking. I'll try and talk to you later today when I get home. (About an hour from now)
 |  |

Gath: No more page numbers at the bottom?
 |  |
You are doing great gath, thanks for this wonderful site. In general, I think we have to understand that some people out there are disturbed and unbalanced. our best bet is to ignore them.
 |  |
Just logged back in and WOW the dramas, it's like a daytime soapy.
 |  |
Hey Guys- hold on a minute. Gath I think the site is great...Just a lot of bull in certain parts and at certain times of the day. This site has the ability to bring people together for constructive comments but I don't count the good Maen's all, baby weights -etc. among them. If I had known that More...
 |  |
To Hellen Back - you must remember that for some, life without the pastry recipes, weather reports from guatemala and the Births Deaths & Marriages section would be like life without fragrant scented toilet paper ie: you only know it's there if you don't use it. Personally I prefer pages 52-60 of the New Idea especially if it has Britney. You are correct with one thing...you are bored.
 |  |
Okay, Helen, you've had your say..once again.
Perhaps I am just another one of the boring comments you just pass and do not read... well I hope you read THIS....


What is it that will brighten your day
What subject will enlighten More...
 |  |
'If I had known there were a certain 1 or 2 that take everything to heart' - mmmmmmmmm If you'd actually tried to find out what makes some of the posters tick - instead of charging in like a bull at a gate - then perhaps you WOULD know that there are some sensitive people on here. I find it hard More...
 |  |
well done Gath - numbers are back again at the bottom of the page !
 |  |
Hi Everyone,

Just added the bottom navigation numbers. Hopefully that settles down & works ok.

Helen - Each to their own, it seems. Plenty of people like wishing each other good morning/maen etc. Likewise, some people find it inane - these people just ignore what doesn't interest them & talk about something that does.

Anyway, time for lunch.

 |  |
Good night all.
 |  |
krp - why are you in a padded cell? I have a sneaking suspicion you would be a formidable opponent in scrabble.'Phut' is indeed a word...and I didn't know New Idea had so many pages.
 |  |
 |  |
Thanks Gath, it was getting tiresome scrolling to the top of the page for the page numbers! Not working is making me slothful - is that a word?
 |  |
 |  |
Angie Col etc give it a rest.You're just prolonging it and making yourselves feel so mature in the process
 |  |
Where'd Helen/Jean go? - can't be from Aussie if she doesn't know where Wangaretta is.

Ask a Kiwi - What's a Hindu?

Answer - Lays iggs, every budy knows thut.
 |  |
Hugh - yes !!Flog me, flog me, but be gentle!! oops - may be i shouldn't have said that, more inane banter...
 |  |
mAen all. Have snuck in and out a few times over the weekend in between enjoying a visit from daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandsons. They came for my birthday on Saturday.
 |  |
Introduced the 5 year old to Kids Sudoku - he loved it and does it well. Didn't get through the marathon of postings for Friday - what an effort.
 |  |
Hugh - thought you wrote 'morals'. BUT there is nothing wrong with my morals and my morale is just tickety boo.
 |  |
CP from canberra
hope you had a wonderful BD on Saturday and enjoyed catching up wtih family and friends.
 |  |
thank you I didnt think wangaratta was too far out in the outback for most people in Oz to know where we are.
 |  |
Have been watching from the sidelines today and most days actually. Love the jokes and recipes, enjoy the general chit-chat and often learn something from the more profound postings and the reply comments. Hate the nastiness and b*tchiness when it happens - my choice is to take nothing personally, just acknowledge that not everyone is the same.
 |  |
I suggest we start a fund to buy sun lamps for Helen so we can brighten her day. Col can donate the first .10 cents. Billy I was in a padded cell because my jacket was at the cleaners. And yes phut is a word. So is discombobulate. Scrabble sounds good...mud or chocolate? Or is that wrestling? We More...
 |  |
krp - discombobulate would not work in scrabble unless it started as 'discomb' or 'obulate' - then you could add to it, however, neither word exists. The big question you suggested we ask is best asked on other sites that ask 'where would you like to put that?'
 |  |
just love the fact that you have returned to our comments especially to the easy site and may your queen return soon too.
that is just what we need on here again a little courting, jousting and romance!
 |  |
Hey Rose - we've certainly had jousting and a few impalings to boot, romance is in the chatbooth re andré and her writings!!
 |  |
Rosemary - My dear old mother used to live in Benalla so I know where you are - I need only to learn how to spell it.
 |  |
Billy - behave now!!!
 |  |
Thank you Rose, so nice. Billy: you could have disco and late further across the board. letters mbobu in the right spaces and bingo! Well scrabble! anyway. You cannot have bingo in scrabble I guess. The answer to your last question: 'in Tasmania'. Flogging is good! In Japan I joined a Frogging Club. We frogged all night.
 |  |
Thought this might lighten things up and/or add to the drivel.

Once upon a time there lived a king.
The king had a beautiful daughter,


But there was a problem. Everything the princess touched would melt.

No matter what;
 |  |
Kristi from Bedias, Texas - would the strawberry jelly in the cheesecake pie be, for us Aussies, stawberry jam. As in what you spread on bread or scones, rather than Jello (jelly to us) that you eat as a dessert? Thanks for the birthday wishes, Rosemary.
 |  |
Sorry thought I got rid of the .jpg.
 |  |
love it , great joke!!!
 |  |
Hugh - you are so masterful, I will behave in the knowledge that the norty chair awaits for those with loose morals. My morals are extremely tight.

KRP - 'And that's the reason knitters use the term 'frogging' as they merrily unravel their hours worth of knitting.' Yes, I can just picture you frogging all night long. And Tassie is a good a place as any.
 |  |
lol wouldnt worry about the spelling , I could have put from 'wang' but they tell me that has another meaning!!!!!!!!!
 |  |
Billy, oh Billy! - Tch! Tch! Tch! he says , shaking his head in despair
 |  |
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