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Submitted by: Gath

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06/Nov/14 12:01 AM
 |  |

Hello, HalT!!
06/Nov/14 12:21 AM
 |  |
Hook 'em Horns, jamie!
06/Nov/14 12:23 AM
 |  |

Good morning to you, too, Wolf!! Don't know if you know it, but HalT is an Aggie also.
06/Nov/14 12:25 AM
 |  |

I can't hang around right now - have to go get some quizzes graded.
It looks like a rainy day in Texas.
06/Nov/14 12:25 AM
 |  |

Sunny here! Yippee!!!
But chilly.
06/Nov/14 12:33 AM
 |  |

And a sunny flower to match the day!
06/Nov/14 12:45 AM
 |  |

(Snagged for Shosho!)
06/Nov/14 12:45 AM
 |  |

Good morning Gents and Shiela. No sun but a bright moon!
06/Nov/14 12:57 AM
 |  |

G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Acme: Spots on the top of your head.
Here's today's factoid:
only 432 people own half the land in Scotland.
06/Nov/14 1:12 AM
 |  |

Happy Wednesday!
06/Nov/14 1:17 AM
 |  |


The answer to yesterday's poozle: CARROT
(each of the other words remains a word if you remove the first and last letters)

The always coveted Bat Crown is awarded to winners Judy, Hal, Doug W, Silvergal, and Mads! Excellent!
06/Nov/14 1:58 AM
 |  |

good morning
06/Nov/14 1:58 AM
 |  |

I missed GREG! He gets crowned, too.
06/Nov/14 1:59 AM
 |  |

Stayed up way too late last night reading
06/Nov/14 2:01 AM
 |  |

Evidently, the Scottish landowners can't be too selfish....

''Scotland has some of the best outdoor access laws in the world and pretty much all of the privately owned land is free to walk, cycle or camp on as long as the outdoor access code is followed (namely leaving no trace).''
06/Nov/14 2:03 AM
 |  |

And for today....

Using these letters: AAADDEEEEKSSSS complete this square. The square reads the same across as down:

R * * *
* * * *
* * * *
* * * K

Answer to my ''EEKS!'' inbox, please.
06/Nov/14 2:08 AM
 |  |

It seems I gallumped out to the computer
06/Nov/14 2:14 AM
 |  |

at just the right time.
06/Nov/14 2:14 AM
 |  |

Without further ado
06/Nov/14 2:15 AM
 |  |

I'll take it if I can.
06/Nov/14 2:15 AM
 |  |

06/Nov/14 2:15 AM
 |  |

Our resident gallumper strikes again!
06/Nov/14 2:30 AM
 |  |

, y'all! The week is lost without at least one good gallump
06/Nov/14 3:10 AM
 |  |

... it's my only exercise.
06/Nov/14 3:18 AM
 |  |

Good morning to all! Just let that 'flower' go to seed and you'll have lots more 'beauty' in your unkempt lawn.
06/Nov/14 3:19 AM
 |  |

I found a poem:

The Infamous Gallump
By L G Meadows
The Gallump
Has quite a hump
But his nose
Looks like a lump
He has a crest
Like a quails
And a tail
Like a snails
Now his feet
Are really neat
But to count them
Would take a week
Oh, his More...
06/Nov/14 3:31 AM
 |  |
A beautiful sunflower is certainly a much better emblem of an unkept lawn than my field of dandelions!
06/Nov/14 3:32 AM
 |  |

06/Nov/14 4:11 AM
 |  |

Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
06/Nov/14 4:11 AM
 |  |

Hubby and I are waging a silent war with the kitties presently . . . A war of wits . . . dang cats have peed on the new entry way rugs and scratched up the new wallpaper!. I have laundered the rugs and patched up the wallpaper. Now we planning to either place a thin clear acetate sheet over the wallpaper or a thin maple veneer that would match the end wall which hides the shoe cabinets.
06/Nov/14 4:15 AM
 |  |

Hubby suggested getting rid of the cats. But I couldn't, once you adopted a kid, you wouldn't give him/her up! Just as you can't give up your kids just because they're behavioral problems!
06/Nov/14 4:16 AM
 |  |

Shosho, we used double sided sticky tape on the wallpaper area where our cat decided to scratch. He didn't like it at all when his paws got stuck. Problem solved.
06/Nov/14 5:21 AM
 |  |

Creative, Kathy! My cat-loving coworker is wondering if the tape peeled some of the wallpaper off?
06/Nov/14 5:43 AM
 |  |

1:38. Good morning everyone.
06/Nov/14 6:26 AM
 |  |
06/Nov/14 6:32 AM
 |  |

A new teacher was trying to make use of her psychologycourses. She started her class by saying, 'Everyone who thinks they're stupid, stand up!' After a few seconds, Little Larry stood up. The teacher said, 'Do you think you're stupid, Larry?' 'No, ma'am, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!'
06/Nov/14 6:57 AM
 |  |

Larry watched, fascinated, as his mother smoothed cold cream on her face. 'Why do you do that, mommy?' he asked. 'To make myself beautiful,' said his mother, who then began removing the cream with a tissue. 'What's the matter, asked Larry 'Giving up?'
06/Nov/14 6:57 AM
 |  |

The math teacher saw that Larry wasn't paying attention in class. She called on him and said, 'Larry! What are 2 and 4 and 28 and 44?' Larry quickly replied, 'NBC, FOX, ESPN and the Cartoon Network!'
06/Nov/14 6:58 AM
 |  |

Larry's kindergarten class was on a field trip to their local police station where they saw pictures tacked to a bulletin board of the 10 most wanted criminals. One of the youngsters pointed to a picture and asked if it really was the photo of a wanted person. 'Yes,' said the policeman. 'The More...
06/Nov/14 6:58 AM
 |  |
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