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Submitted by: Gath

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 |  |
Victoria, do you know of free internet games aimed at teenage boys?
beehive, I do have Other checked, but Sudoku techniques unchecked. When I'm busy, I also uncheck jokes, but always keep the others checked, and I never knew that Aunty referred to radio as well. I put ABC radio on a par with More...
 |  |
MAEN to everybody! And don't forget to spread the love <3
 |  |
I'm going to watch a show I taped on George Washington. As always it's been a pleasure.
 |  |
Some of the smartest people I know watch reality TV, but I think they do it in the closet ...
 |  |
My prayers are with you.

How did my comment from last night get on this page? The one just above this one.
 |  |
I meant to add that perhaps Rosaria would benefit from seeing a grief counsellor or joining a group where those in similar positions share their experiences and support each other. Sometimes only those who have been in the position or have professional training can help. As her friend, perhaps you could find out what services exist in your area. May she find the strength to deal with her grief.
 |  |
Judy, I agree. I loathe Big Brother and can't bear to see it, even accidentally. But I know some very intelligent people who are addicted. To each his own, I guess.
 |  |
ED: Did your comment from last night come back to haunt us? Spooky!

Just kidding around last night, you know ...
 |  |
Hi Judy. How do they fit their TVs in the closet? :o) It was BB that I was referring to in the last sentence, not reality TV in general.
 |  |
even the promos for those reality shows are offensive, especially 'fear factor', and they flash on before i have a chance to change the channel. i think those promos need warnings beforehand, like they give us for violent programs! :}
 |  |
Stay by your friend's side. My sister's friend lost her brother in a car accident and their mum went to pieces. He was their only son and their favourite child. She tried to commit suicide on several occasions and over time pushed her friends and family away. She eventually succeeded and now my More...
 |  |
AMMA AND MAMACITA: Thanks so much for your anniversary wishes. As my very funny husband likes to add, it has indeed been 37 years ... 37 l-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g years!

Our lovely son, who spent a semester studying in Thailand, pre-ordered our Thai food last night. He 'tamed it down' for me ... More...
 |  |
I would be delighted to jump with you, let me know where and when. That Hugh is such a kidder. I am quite good at hitting a landing spot so if I am a little off and land on you, it would not be intentional.

Only two things fall out of the sky birds**t and fools.
 |  |
speaking from experience; time does not heal all wounds. that's another myth or 'old wives tale'.
some of us either don't know how to heal or don't want to..it's hard to let go of someone who's gone. people don't want to hang around after a while, when the grieving friend doesn't fit the mold and 'snap out of it' soon enough.
 |  |
Morgana, please know that Rosária is in our thoughts and prayers.
 |  |
TO SUSAN: Are you KIDDING?? Have you SEEN the size of the walk-in closets in new American homes? At the start, my daughter put the baby's changing table and dresser in a CORNER of their closet, which is about 10 X 20 feet!
 |  |
The state bird of my wife's chilhood home - Louisiana!

Celebrate, everyone! Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is burning in Hell at this very moment!
 |  |
ED: 'WOULD be' ??
 |  |
A most happy anniversity to you and your husband. Barb spent 18 days in Thailand and loved it. We hope to go to Aus. next, maybe by way of San Diego. You and your husband should jump together. Pack an extra pair of undies.
 |  |
3:00 nice bird. whhere did they take that pic? arrgh.. 2nd page
 |  |
time does not heal all wounds a saying not a myth but it heals some and in other times it makes the first nearly unbearable pain easier to live with
 |  |
Barb has this huge closet, I have one five times smaller.

What did you mean by 'WOULD be'?
 |  |
life goes on..relentlessly.
 |  |
ED: My husband says he would be willing to go up in the plane with me, but only to push me out ... :)

Let us know if you come through San Diego ... we'll meet you. Thanks for your good wishes.
 |  |
Happy Anniversary Judy! and many more!
 |  |
LK: Thanks, Linda.

ED: Makes more sense in your posting above.
 |  |
Judy, that's the size of 2 average kids' bedrooms here. Is that the norm, or is your daughter very financial? How big is the bedroom then and how big is the house, or is there no room left in the house for anything else? So smart people who watch reality TV 'do it' in the closet? You Americans belong in a cluster! :o)
 |  |
Preservice is a student teacher, and she got the job because she is studying to be a HPE teacher, and that was the unit the class was up to when she arrived from uni. As a final year student, she was required to teach all lessons.
 |  |
See what you started with the closet thing.

Judy meant 'in secret watching reality shows', not actually in the closet.
Our homes tend to be larger than life.
 |  |
SUSAN: Her home is pretty big, but it reflects the current trends in California houses. The master bedroom is huge, with a sitting area and entertainment center, the enormous walk-in closet, and a bathroom bigger than my family room, including separate shower and tub, double sinks, and two little More...
 |  |
 |  |
Children's books that didnt make it...........A little imagination and this is hilarious

1. You Are Different and That's Bad
2. The Boy Who Died From Eating All His Vegetables
3. Dad's New Wife Robert
4. Fun four-letter Words to Know and Share
5. Hammers, Screwdrivers and More...
 |  |
I knew that Ed, just having a go at her. If a closet is 10 x 20 ft or 3x 6 point something metres, I would imagine the bedroom would have to be at least double that. In a standard medium budget home here, that would fit 6 bedrooms, making her bedroom and closet not much smaller than a basic 3 brm house here.
 |  |
SUSAN: I imagine Americans 'do it' in a lot of strange places! But Australians are not immune to the 'do it anywhere' syndrome ... TWICE as I toured your lovely continent with school children, we had to usher them away from young Aussies expressing themselves in the grass in a most intimate way! :) Adults chuckling, students with enormous eyes ...
 |  |
Judy, you know that I have to ask. What is the 'entertainment centre' inside the master bedroom used for? All sorts of strange thoughts are going through my head. The baby and the TV are in the closet so......
 |  |
 |  |
JULES: Very funny ... especially the 'pop up' book!
 |  |
SUSAN: You are WAY too funny!! I know that it is no where as interesting as you have envisioned, but 'entertainment center' here refers to a built-in TV, CD player, stereo, DVD player, cable music, etc.

But that wouldn't explain the mirrors on the ceiling ... :)
 |  |
I think even Baz'll smile at them Jules. We have lots of witty people here. Anyone have some to add?
 |  |
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