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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning.
01/Feb/09 12:00 AM
 |  |

01/Feb/09 12:00 AM
 |  |

Good Maen, Sudokuland! Welcome to a new day!
01/Feb/09 12:00 AM
 |  |

Saturday and Sunday...


to February, AU
01/Feb/09 12:04 AM
 |  |

Glinda, Shiela, Dorthea.. hello :)

How funny that I kept refreshing the page to post my comment and i've been clicking since the clock struck, 00- and.. nothing, until I opened a new window, and here are you beautiful people
haha oh well, thats what I get for trying to hard..
01/Feb/09 12:06 AM
 |  |

School plays. The best way of missing classes.
01/Feb/09 12:07 AM
 |  |

Monkey see, monkey doo
01/Feb/09 12:19 AM
 |  |

2:05 Good evening everyone.
A bit of monkey business going on there!
01/Feb/09 12:26 AM
 |  |

01/Feb/09 12:38 AM
 |  |

Good afternoon, rayray!
It's very nice to have you back!
01/Feb/09 12:42 AM
 |  |

hello anne, and rayray..
01/Feb/09 12:44 AM
 |  |

good morning everyone, still to hot to sleep here, but it has cooled down alot
01/Feb/09 12:47 AM
 |  |

mickey that is good to hear that it's cooling down.
I've known of extreme weather all over the world lately, but I didn't know it affected me closely until I got an email from my sister last night-
She and her husband had to move out of their house due to an ice storm, and expects not to More...
01/Feb/09 12:53 AM
 |  |

Thanks Sheila. For me it is good to be back with all again. At least mostly back - except for one or two, albeit useless, excised components!
01/Feb/09 12:54 AM
 |  |

2:02 almost broke 2 minutes.
01/Feb/09 1:03 AM
 |  |

Marylinn, It is amazing, we don't normally get weather this extreme for so long. We have been known to have 40(104) days but normally only 1 day of it. Wednesday was 43(109), Thursday was 44(111) and Friday was 45(113), it dropped to 38(100) here today which is still pretty hot. It is current 23(73)
01/Feb/09 1:05 AM
 |  |

Where I am we don't get the really cold weather thankfully because as much as I really dislike the heat, I dislike the cold more. The closet I get to snow and ice is lookingout my window at the snow on the hills lol
01/Feb/09 1:08 AM
 |  |

That heat reminds me of the 1990's when I was younger, and I moved with my family to Arizona.. we pulled into Pheonix at 117F, with no AC in our van..
we learned really quickly to adapt within a few months (of the summer).. but when you're not used to it, your whole life changes. I'm sad for all of you, who can't get to sleep well, until it cools down...
01/Feb/09 1:08 AM
 |  |

rayray - nice to see you on the site again -
01/Feb/09 1:11 AM
 |  |

117... that about 47 in my language lol, I know what that is like. my family and I went camping 12 months ago at my father in laws block of land we had 2 47 degree days... we packed up and came home, it was too hot for the kids especially Kalleb he was only 1 and a half then
01/Feb/09 1:12 AM
 |  |

I am going to follow the crowd and say Welcome back Rayray. As I have been away from the site for a while i am unaware of why you were away but from the comments I assume you have been unwell and I hope everything is looking better for you now.
01/Feb/09 1:16 AM
 |  |

10 little monkies jumping on the bed, 1 fell off and bumped his head -- no more jumping monkies on the bed -- looks like fun to be in that play.... enjoy your day -- the sun is out, the snow is clean and the day is fine.
01/Feb/09 1:17 AM
 |  |

wow, yeah that can put a damper on the vacation..

I actually learned to love arizona as my favorite state, due to the awesome sunrise/sets, as well as the monsoons/rain, and if you're out of the city, there are alot of orange groves that leave the air smelling really sweet..

So More...
01/Feb/09 1:18 AM
 |  |

lol amazingly enough at 1.20am... it did make sense
01/Feb/09 1:20 AM
 |  |

well, rayray aside from my previous hello, I also welcome you back.. I remember you from past times.. though I also was away for several months, so I didn't learn of your experience either..
but here's to getting well
01/Feb/09 1:21 AM
 |  |

haha mickey, glad to hear it- I think i'm as loopy as you are at 130am, for my 730am, probably since I did not get any sleep at all before coming in at 430am..

I'm really hoping today isn't my first day I go home early.. but lack of sleep can really put a damper on 10 hours in a parking booth..
01/Feb/09 1:22 AM
 |  |

so it is 7.30am there now?? or am I not as intelligent as I thought I was at this hour lol
01/Feb/09 1:25 AM
 |  |

haha it is 730am in utah.. i think i jumped the gun by a few minutes, at the time, it was 7:22am

aaah hahaa.. well, what good is life if you can't laugh at yourself ?
01/Feb/09 1:27 AM
 |  |

I just realised it Sunday.... that means all my kids go back to school tomorrow.. my second youngest is starting primary school and my second eldest is starting high school....I think it's time to party tomorrow I will only have one at home
01/Feb/09 1:30 AM
 |  |

It's better to laugh at yourself with friends, than to be laughed at when your not laughing
01/Feb/09 1:31 AM
 |  |

Good morning Worldly people--we have a few options for clothes today. It is like to or not to wear depending on the time of day.

For those suffering from the heat I suggest clothes optional day. Once you go free there is not going back and it so comfortable. You learn to live with the pointing and laughing after a while. But oh so comfy.
01/Feb/09 1:31 AM
 |  |

that definitely sounds like a party...

pull out the party favors..

How old is the youngest staying home?
01/Feb/09 1:32 AM
 |  |

Kalleb is 2 and a half now, and Karen if I went without my clothes my eldest son would be running, he gets all embarrassed if he sees me in my underwear
01/Feb/09 1:35 AM
 |  |

hello karen...

you know, it could be construed in even the coldest of temperatures, to be a clothing optional day..

It will give a new twist, to overcoming the snickers, and laughing, pointing, etc..
It will help your body build an immunity to chilly weather..and perk things right up, or down

01/Feb/09 1:36 AM
 |  |

Winter's chill is poised to make one more push into Florida. It is to get down into the 40s overnight (thats single digits to you Celsians) and only in the 60s (upper teens C) for a high. Brrr!
Only a few weeks now till pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training.
01/Feb/09 1:39 AM
 |  |

Hi Jim..

For some reason your comment on the up and coming sports training reminded me of the Superbowl party that my hubby offered to have at our place... should be good times..
01/Feb/09 1:42 AM
 |  |

Hello Jim
01/Feb/09 1:44 AM
 |  |

a party with a 2 yr old... you could celebrate with a nap together, watching a program, reading, making a treat, swimming.. you could have quite the party with you and kalleb
01/Feb/09 1:46 AM
 |  |

We could also look at this as a great weight loss plan. In the heat, sweat those fat cells out and in the cold, the shivering could shake it off.

Todays, weather here is neather too hot nor too cold, so guess I could eat. Got a new stalk of celery yesterday.
01/Feb/09 1:49 AM
 |  |

He is actually going to my mums for the day, one of the teachers at the school rang me last Friday and asked me to do a heap of laminating that they need done so I will more than likly be at the school all day.... I really need to teach someone else to use the big laminator then I don't always have to do it
01/Feb/09 1:49 AM
 |  |
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