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Submitted by: Gath

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To Janci, LK, Ian, and all the others with great music recommendations:

Thanks! I just checked the archives and found out there was a lot of discussion.

'Leader of the Band' is a GREAT song. Haven't heard or even thought about that one in a while.
 |  |

Mamacita: Amazon has a lot of Sarah Vaughan as well. And here's an eBay tip: Do two searches, one for 'sarah vaughan' and another for 'sarah vaughn.' Suddenly the 'available items' goes from 150 to 500. You'll come up with two different lists, and the best bargains are found under the misspelled listings, because so many people simply miss them. I didn't try 'Sara,' but you might want to.
 |  |
To Ian

Did I understand that you're a Sox fan? I have been for 20+ years even though I've never lived closer to Boston than NY. Loved going to Yankee Stadium to root against the evil empire when the Sox came to town. Even saw them beat the Mets at Shea once.
 |  |

I sure am, Greg, although adulthood and the need to make a living cut into the time I used to spend memorizing all the stats.

 |  |
morning all! not enough sleep, so forgot the timer!

Jungle Jim, we've finally found out where you live! (or have I just missed all other posts with clues?)

Mamacita, what a great TFTD.

Sarah, loved the jokes!

To all those graduating (and their parents!): Congratulations. The years of hard work are worth it in the end!
 |  |
This takes a lot of concentration and it is a lot of fun to do and to kill time that you have extra.
 |  |
Hi Warren....do you know my mother in law?
 |  |
Q. How many Freudian analysts does it take to change a lightbulb?

A. Two. One to change the lightbulb, and one to hold the breasts, I mean ladder.
 |  |
nice picture, shame about no caption, but hopefully the photographer will own up.
cant agree more beehive and jess, thought all at channel nine and the two miners - Todd Russell and Brant Webb, did a great job as a thank you to their rescuers and a tribute and fund raiser for the family of Larry Knight.
cant wait for all the negative comments and put downs now.
 |  |
Mamacita great TFTD.
Sarah love the jokes.
Josue From Barranquilla- Colombia? It sounds beautiful there.
Congratulation to the graduates and their parents.
Our daughter-in-law graduates next Saturday in Kansas City. We are looking forward to sharing it with her, our son, and her parents.
 |  |
What album is the song on I found a cd with the song Alone but not the one you wanted. Let me know.

Go sox.
 |  |
damn my time stinks Timer 00:08:47
 |  |
Are you sure its your TIMER that stinks?? lol
 |  |
beehive, jess and rosemary, thanks for your comments. Jess, I certainly don't have a problem with anyone disagreeing with me, and I don't know where you got the idea that you aren't allowed to disagree with others on this site. You shouldn't abuse others on this site, which is totally different. I More...
 |  |
Greg/TX - best wishes for your research and graduation. I well remember the feeling of finishing 'forever' although the itch to study has never really left me.
Glenn, I loved the 10 Old West Phrases - I've already emailed it around.
Anne, I so envy you at the moment! I've always stuck to the More...
 |  |
The disco party sounds great, as long as you don't play 'It's Raining Again', because it is, and I can't stand it! It was supposed to be heading for Florida but must have boomeranged straight back. I'm off to do some ironing - must be my least favourite housework, but I've got some DVDs to watch while I do it.
 |  |
If a man says nothing in the woods and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?
 |  |

A blond gets into an elevator with another man. She looks at him and smiles 'TGIF'.
He looks back and smiles sadly 'S.H.I.T.'.
Disconcerted the blond tries again 'TGIF'.
Again the man comes back with 'S.H.I.T.'.
'No, no. TGIF Thank God it's Friday.'
Shaking his head the man replies 'S.H.I.T. Sorry Honey It's Thursday.'
 |  |
Lovely little harbour. Is this another of fi NT's collection of jealousy inducing NT shots? Actually, doesnt look tropical enough.
 |  |
 |  |
I agree with your sentiments, I watched hoping they would whet my appetite for the FULL story later. Even a 'yeah it was tough' would have been enough and not given anything away. I do understand they want to sell there story and I cant blame them for that. I would do the same. Perhaps its a sad More...
 |  |
2:37 - a good time to end the week! Have a fabulous w/end and happy Mother's Day to all you mums for Sunday!!!!!
 |  |
I'm sure the cheque comment was lighthearted humour, and maybe discussed before the show, therefore a little engineered.
 |  |
 |  |
Time 2:24
Hello all! I need some advice. I'm flying for the first time next weekend and I am scared to death! Finally going to leave the great state of Wisconsin and head to Arizona for a long weekend. It's my first vacation in over 3 years and the last one only got me 250 miles. So advice More...
 |  |
4:27 Maen all
 |  |
To LK from MN.
If you are any where near Medina, the party begins at the ballroom. I'll be in the white western boots. Stop by and say hi.
 |  |
The Sox are leaving everyone on base but their grandmother.
 |  |
How many mice does is take to screw in a light bulb?

Two. Light bulbs are small and only two can fit inside. (Think about it!)
 |  |
I thought how admirable the miners were. They are miners not Rhodes Scholars or in the debating team. Even Eddie was bearable and he was obviously being very supportive towards them - and we know how everybody on this site loves that !! JOKE, LIGHT HEARTED COMMENT ETC
 |  |
Well, now to let my little bit of venom out the bag re the Tazzy miners. I agree with Susan's interpretation of events. I have an enormous problem with those two making big money - for themselves out of their extreme good fortune. I don't care how uncomfortable they were. They were not the heroes, More...
 |  |
Well, now to let my little bit of venom out the bag re the Tazzy miners. I agree with Susan's interpretation of events. I have an enormous problem with those two making big money - for themselves out of their extreme good fortune. I don't care how uncomfortable they were. They were not the heroes, More...
 |  |
How come there is 2 of the above
 |  |
One man's abuse is another man's pleasure !!
 |  |
A man watches a blond in a casino put money into a soda machine and push a button. Out comes a can and she places it on the floor. She continues to do this and soon has a pile of drinks. The man wonders then asks her what she's doing. She replies... Duh! Winning......
 |  |
I have only posted a couple of times but I have to say I agree with Susan from Ingham and elsie from strath too. I'm fairly definate that they did not say they would donate payment for any interviews. I think they could have said something general about their ordeal or how they are now to us. Maybe Todd was nervous on TV or not feeling too good but he looked almost surly.
 |  |
Gee I bet all the good folk in Beaconsfield, miners etc rescuers etc would be real upset to read these negative comments - they did it not us, so it's easy to sit in hte comfort of your home and criticise
 |  |

Great writings are worth repeating
 |  |
Liked WIWF - new one I think
 |  |
Bob Marley's dying words (to his son Ziggy) were 'Money can't buy life'
 |  |
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