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Submitted by: Gath

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SSSOOO, why dont you guys ever talk to me...if you do, im never on...well...here's a joke:

what did the ocean say to the island???

give up???

nothing!!! it just waved!!!!! :):):):):):) LOL!!!
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it is 11:35 here in anywhere but here!!!
 |  |

Have a great weekend!
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GATH the kids sudokus don't work brings you back to easy.
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In Lebanon, civilians are inevitably harmed when militants hide among them.Terrorists use the population and live among them,Unfortunately, civilians sometimes pay the price of giving shelter to terrorists.many civilians in southern Lebanon have rockets under their beds,it is alleged and israel More...
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ED: I, too, love the Little League World Series! I'm not sure why, but I love seeing the innocent children from all over the world engaging in friendly but fierce competition. If their parents could only behave so well ...

FI, AMMA, KEITH, etc.: I read the Stottish Scrawberries recipe to my husband, and at last there is a recipe that appeals to him!
 |  |
My heart and prayers are with those who suffer loss no matter where they are, simply because one group of people feel it necessary to impose a way of life on others that is neither asked for or needed. I feel that while democracy may be viewed as the greatest form of government, it does not More...
 |  |
guess what you guys...you are really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really wweeiirrdd!!
 |  |
I guess the BIG GAME has been completed, at least for the Yanks, but GANNIEMO and the Brits are ready to step in and do battle! KEITH, sorry about the Dixie Cup, but it DID take you an awfully long time to make it up to the bleachers! CHEAPSEATS, you would have had more liquid refreshment if you hadn't taken so long in the potty ... small bladder?
 |  |
MAMACITA: Way to roll on in the game, regardless of your useless compatriots in the bleachers! At least there was ONE serious athlete at the stadium!

Good comments above.

 |  |
oooooooops,after the heavy statement i need to lighten the mood..
chk this guys
If at first you don't succeed,you have the following options!!
you can call it v1.0!
you can destroy all evidence that you tried
you can redefine success
er..you can try the reset button
if you can do nothing of these things,atleast hide that
bloody astonishment....
 |  |
JAMIE: Thanks for your 'sobering' influence at the game last night! Best wishes for you, KIM, and all of the other TEACHERS going back to work in the next two weeks. Whether he admits it or not, my (recently retired principal) husband is going to miss the interactions with the kids and teachers. His send-off in June was emotional and amazing.
 |  |
is a tragedy for feelers and a comedy for thinkers
is lived forwards, but understood backwards
is too important to be taken seriously
is a Game.....You can't win. You can't break even. You can't even quit .....
 |  |
BOBC: You live full-time high in the mountains? I'm jealous! We only spend 4 months here at 9000', and it refreshes and renews the body, mind, and spirit. I can only imagine how beautiful your aerie is!
 |  |
How about slowing ourselves over the weekend and maybe having a truly international Tiddly Winks competition?
If I wink my tiddly onto a map of the world and announce its country of landing who knows where we will travel to.
Anyone want to play or are you all still recovering from your exciting game yesterday?
 |  |
its 10.15 pm and here i sign off folks..bye for now
G'nite all
 |  |
Good Saturday Maen, all!

Looks like I missed some fun and games last night--will have to check out yesterday's postings to catch up...
 |  |
GANNIEMO, the vision of you tinkling (winking? tiddling? piddling?) onto a map is truly brightening my morning! Carry on!
 |  |
Gannie Mo I know nothing about Tiddly Winks, but that won't stop me from joining you. I'll tiddly my winks like a pro...Show me the way girl!!!A little lightning up will be good for the soul, and if I can have as much fun playing this as I did playing whatever we were playing, I'm all for it! I am More...
 |  |
Must run out for a few hours ,but will return for the game. Save me a spot.
 |  |
Hey...broke the three minute barrier today! Good for ME! Having a great weekend? Do something nice for someone on the sly and you'll have an even greater weekend.

Maen all!
 |  |
Shall we have a practice run?
Take your wink (the larger of the 2 counters) and press it onto the side of your tiddler( smaller counter) so it jumps onto your map.
Mine just landed on Brazil. Thats lucky as we have a Brazilian band playing here on Tuesday night. Now next player wink your tiddler from there in any direction around the world. Go on have a try!
 |  |
If you land on the home of another sudokuist you get to stay for tea and cakes. If you land here you get a glass of wine, and so on round the world.
 |  |
We don't have any Tiddly Winks here at the cabin (tend to choke the young grandchildren!), so I tossed a checker onto a map. It landed in the ocean near Iceland. AMMA, can you tell us about Iceland? What will we see and experience there? Very few of us know anything about your native country ... can you fill us in? I, too, will check in later!
 |  |
Thats great. We should learn about each country we 'visit' I'm going to serve up dinner then will be back.
Not everyone will have tiddly winks so yours is a great idea, but maybe done with eyes closed.
 |  |
Dont drink and drive
 |  |
My other car is a Lotus
 |  |
I don't have a flat map of the world...so I put my tiddler on Brazil on my globe (after tipping it till Brazil was on top) popped it with my wink toward my home town, it flew clear off the globe and landed in a flower pot near by...don't think I'm playing this right.
 |  |
Nal: Glad to see you like the little smilies too. I was thinking this morning why would I ever use the wheel chair but after having been out for the last two hours on my tractor I need one. The %$##%^&&*& bees got me again---maybe they are wasps I am not sure but they live in the More...
 |  |
GATH: Can we get a girl in a wheel chair? I don't look anything like the picture you have.
 |  |
GannieMo: As soon as I find a map of the world---(I know we have one) I am going to try the game. Now where do I start? Brazil? The Ocean? A flower pot?
 |  |
JUDY From San Diego
Hi. Our Principal retired last year too. The party was great and his children came home to be there--as a surprise.
I know that when I retire I will miss it but feel like the time is coming soon for me to do just that. I had a friend retire that had been teaching for 40 More...
 |  |
mAen All... (4:38= lousy) Two questions: Is Australia on 'summer time', and How many time zones are there in Australia?
 |  |
I came back after dinner and winked my tiddler from the flower pot on the corner, and after one false start ( dog grabbed it and I had to stop her eating it) I landed on the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean.
I know very little about these islands except in early days of flying the planes used to stop here to refil on the way to the americas
 |  |
KIM: My husband's plan was to retire BEFORE the body gave out, and that's just what he did! He's taking a 'gap year,' as the Aussies and British say, and then he will probably teach a college class, advise a 'head hunting group,' and supervise student teachers ... all part-time. We have More...
 |  |
KEITH: I'm very sorry to hear that you are tiddly-impaired. After reading the description of your efforts, I'm going to have to revise my vision of you ... I've always considered you to be, along with reasonable and kind, a very intelligent guy!!! Maybe the flower pot has some special significance here ... :)
 |  |
 |  |
JUDY: So your husband is glad he did this? I stay awake at night and think about it. I have seen teachers stay until they are no longer productive in the classroom--they can't hear or see or move about. I love doing this, just don't want to wait until everyone is glad I am leaving because I am not More...
 |  |
Ok, need to get laundry done, shopping done, house cleaned---maybe not enough time for that.
Have a great day!
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