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Submitted by: Gath

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Will need today!
'Jack be limbo, Jack be....' Thanks a lot, Kathy!
14/Aug/13 12:03 AM
 |  |

The flowers are taking over.
14/Aug/13 12:04 AM
 |  |

Here's another one...
'Tomorrow, tomorrow....'
(Sung in expectation of my orthopaedic appointment tomorrow!)
14/Aug/13 12:05 AM
 |  |

Yesterday;s puzzle answer:

The ring containing 1 emerald, 1 diamond, 1 ruby and 1 amethyst cost $2300?

Gemologists Wolf, Judy and Peter can see if they can find any stones in this .
14/Aug/13 12:07 AM
 |  |

Swap the ; for a ' and the ? for a . in the previous post and it will make more sense.
14/Aug/13 12:09 AM
 |  |

Good morning people of the world.
14/Aug/13 12:09 AM
 |  |

Karen's going to announce my day.
14/Aug/13 12:11 AM
 |  |

What's it going to be, Karen?
14/Aug/13 12:13 AM
 |  |

National Left Handed Day
14/Aug/13 12:14 AM
 |  |

I solved yesterday's puzzle in such a convoluted way that instead of sharing my solution I'll give you the one that came with the puzzle.

The three rings can be expressed as:

0E + 0A + 2R + 1D = $3,000
0E + 4A + 0R + 1D = $2,000
3E + 1A + 0R + 1D = 41,400

If we More...
14/Aug/13 12:14 AM
 |  |

Yay she announced it. I get to party all day. Last time I checked, Canuk Greg has the unofficial list of left-handed sudokuists.
14/Aug/13 12:16 AM
 |  |

Did I do it, Serena?

I know there are lefties in our world, I am a rightie.
14/Aug/13 12:18 AM
 |  |

Oh, I get to party today, too! My son once gave me a tee-shirt that had printed on the front: ''It's a left-handed thing. You wouldn't understand''. He is a lefty, too.
14/Aug/13 12:22 AM
 |  |

Rebus Time:


Answers to my ''quite contrary'' inbox please.
14/Aug/13 12:28 AM
 |  |
Another lovely picture that can't be done as a jigsaw! WHY CAN'T THEY FIX THIS!
14/Aug/13 12:29 AM
 |  |

I'm right-handed, but strangely, I weed my gardens left-handed.
(I blame it on learning to weed from my left-handed mother!)
But then, I can also legibly write left-handed...
14/Aug/13 12:31 AM
 |  |
Good maen to you all from beautiful, sunny Portland, Oregon.
14/Aug/13 12:36 AM
 |  |


All together now!

♪♪ Every limbo boy and girl
All around the limbo world
Gonna do the limbo rock
All More...
14/Aug/13 12:37 AM
 |  |

Happy Tuesday!
14/Aug/13 12:39 AM
 |  |

Well, where's Keith?
14/Aug/13 12:47 AM
 |  |
Stormy night last night--cloudy and cool today. I've reluctantly made the adjustment from vacation mode to getting back to work. But it's nice to see the cats sleeping at my feet again. And to hear what you've all been up to!
14/Aug/13 12:48 AM
 |  |

When I first started school, they tried to change me to right-handedness. Didn't work. I was stubborn even then.
The strange thing is, when I first started using a computer, the mouse was on the right side. I learned that way and my mouse is still on the right side. When my right More...
14/Aug/13 12:48 AM
 |  |

It's just sitting here waiting for the taking, it seems...
14/Aug/13 12:48 AM
 |  |

OOPS (Again!) I hope Keith is still abed.....
14/Aug/13 12:48 AM
 |  |

I DID look at the numbers this time, but went to answer the door mid-type......
14/Aug/13 12:50 AM
 |  |

Yes, Cathy, interesting storms! They went through here before they got to you.
14/Aug/13 12:51 AM
 |  |

all. From Keflavik Intl. Airport. Our Iceland trip is over and we are awaiting our flight home.
14/Aug/13 12:51 AM
 |  |

G-H! I FINALLY got that stupid thing out of my head! What have you done???
14/Aug/13 12:54 AM
 |  |

HalT, I got a blank message from you. Assuming you are still having issues, you could put the answer in the subject.
14/Aug/13 12:58 AM
 |  |

Safe travels, Hal!
14/Aug/13 12:58 AM
 |  |

14/Aug/13 1:07 AM
 |  |

I logged in somewhere around this time uyesterday, and we weren't close enough to make a run for it. Today, it's already long gone.
14/Aug/13 1:25 AM
 |  |

Good afternoon (almost) to all! Nice window box.
14/Aug/13 1:57 AM
 |  |

Yep, Serena is correct. I'm a southpaw too, and proud of it. As the old saying goes, I'm one of a few folks that's in the right side of their mind!
14/Aug/13 1:59 AM
 |  |

CP, I haven't heard from 4T but I'm sure he and she are enjoying the experience. They did have a news feature showing numerous Scouts arrive. Interviews with ones from Mexico, England, the USA and other countries, but no Aussies. C'est la vie!
14/Aug/13 2:02 AM
 |  |

I'm in my 'right mind' also, though some might dispute it.
14/Aug/13 2:04 AM
 |  |

As to Hal's blank message, I guess that's to be expected from such an old fart!
14/Aug/13 2:05 AM
 |  |

CP and out of here. Cheers!
14/Aug/13 2:05 AM
 |  |

I proudly wear a t-shirt that says, '' Everybody's born right handed. Only the gifted overcome it.''
14/Aug/13 2:13 AM
 |  |

I have a version of that t-shirt but it says best instead of gifted.
14/Aug/13 2:15 AM
 |  |
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