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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi all! Andre, invite eagerly awaited! Max Der Alte (just wanted to write it in full - what a fab name that is!) my (very much older) sister had the record - a 45! - when....oh, I can't be that old, it must be Jungian collective unconsciousness that means I know it....and andre, those are the words - maybe you picked it up the same way as I did :)))
 |  |
 |  |
Gath, this site is great - my husband introduced me to it - we are both addicted and it has become a first thing in the day ritual! Kristi form Virginia, only solution for your Dad is to get hooked too! Nicky from Northants, we could have an ironing competition (after Sudoku!)
Max Der Alte - I know the song!
Andre - your jokes are great, I see you knw the song too!
 |  |
 |  |
Susan - Camden This ironing comp. Is it to see how long it would take to iron it all, or how long we could leave it? I vote for the latter.
 |  |
Oops, sorry for the double-post. 3:27
 |  |
ooh-eee, ooh ahah, ting tang walla walla bing bang.
 |  |
3.58. congrats from me too Gath. I am going to have to stay up late, i am always the 100th + person to post and it is not quite 8am here.
 |  |
So close to breaking 4 minutes!!! 4:08. I know I'm slow, both at completing sudokus and posting my comments. This is insane!
 |  |
Rosa and Blep I was referring to the use of 'it's' by Max. Interesting that Blep would assume that I am a 'she'. Is nit-picking a feminine trait?
 |  |
My time: 5:30. I have my hurricane shutters up, water and food, flashlight and TV batteries, a freezer full of ice. Now we see if it hits here. It has slowed to a crawl and Hurricane Wilma, which was to be here now (Monday's forecast), is now expected Monday afternoon.
Who remembers 'tie me kangaroo down?'
 |  |
Max Der Alte: My 12 year old drew an amazing picture of the purple people eater when she was 4 - not so long ago!!
 |  |
 |  |
There were a lot of neat nonsense songs back then: 'I saw Esau sittin' on a seesaw', 'she wore red feathers and a hooly-hooly skirt'. And before my time, too: 'Maresy Doats and Doesy doats and little lamsy divey'.
 |  |
5:03 Best Time!
 |  |
Suanne: Maybe she was channeling a long gone weird music lover.
Nit: thank's for the correction. Its appreciated.
 |  |
Max Der Alte: Do you remember the 'monster mash', 'hello mudda, hello fadda', 'they're coming to take me away', and short people have no reason to live? My early 20's nephews think their Aunt Jean has totally lost her mind!!! André: Sorry, no pics of the purple people eater, but I remember sewing the costume in the 60's. Didn't keep the costume either - what a shame!
 |  |
Over 16 mins, not too helpful when you are almost done and realize you have a mistake. I decided to start all over. Not sure if that is the best strategy. Is there a strategy to find your mistake?

Any opinions?????
 |  |
Elizabeth from NZ - nice and sunny and warm down in the south ;)
GO OTAAAGO (NPC Rugby final today, for non-NZers)
Gonna do the puzzle now. Oh, btw, gr8 site gath, enjoy your hunnymoon
 |  |
Sadly I am old enough to remember with fondness the purple people eater and hello mudda hello fadda here I am at camp granada. Now tell me folks, your opinion - is it a purple people-eater, or a purple-people eater? If the latter, the eater might go hungry, there not being too many purplepeople about.
 |  |
 |  |
Thanks jh, now I am walking aroung the house singing, I think that it is the Camp Grenada song not 'hello mudda, hello fadda' but could be wrong. Dr. Demento(not sure how spelled) was very popular to listen to on Sunday nights. And now I have dated myself.
 |  |
Hi Gath - fantastic site, love it, addicted. Feel guilty coz I spend so much time here, and you get no reward for your effort ... do your Google ads work the same as mine (10c if we click on them (we don't have to buy))? If so - all you guys who love this site ... click through occasionally - Gath deserves something - cos we all love it (and I know I hate the ads too - but ...!!!)
 |  |
Max and others, yes sadly I remember all of those songs, including 'tie me kangaroo down' Kathy, i join you in always being 100+ to post but find myself going back in archives to read the comments I missed!!! Go the Kangaroos!!! Great win. now for the puzzle
 |  |
Hi all, I am new to sudoku and have never posted an internet message before but u r all so welcoming. Read all the comments over the past few days. Congrats to Gath. Maybe someone from NZ can confirm but pic really looks like south island NZ. Jim from Florida - most aussies prefer to forget Tie Me Kangaroo down!
 |  |
2:18 happy birthday to me ...
 |  |
thank you for this site. my boss's wife got me interested in sudoku, and in turn, i showed her your site! thx for all the fun! congratulations on your marriage!!! may you both never use anything worse than water pistols on each other! nerf balls are another good one..hubby & I are coming up on 27yrs :) So, lots of hard times, lots of good times, hope you two find your balance together
 |  |
5.33 had trouble with the '1's - seems to need a specific order of doing the numbers to flow easily and I sometimes start in the wrong place (OK often!!) Ahh well! Thanks Gath for this great though addictive site.
 |  |
Hi Gath thanks for the fantastic site!

Rosa, What is green and hangs on trees???
 |  |

Great site Gath Many Thanks

I also remeber Flanders and Swan
'Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud'
 |  |
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fun
 |  |
4:18 Thanks Gath, totally addicted now. Have to book internet time just to play. LOL
 |  |
To Jenn from 127' above: How are you? Worried about Wilma??
 |  |
Ripper site ... thanks Gath! Enjoy your honeymoon as much as we enjoy this sudoku site.
 |  |
 |  |
Been away for a while. This site is starting to take off. I tell everyone in my sudoko circle about it. 'Hello' to all the world.
 |  |
Gath congratulations on both the Marriage and a great site.
 |  |
great pic
 |  |
 |  |
It's amazing how this site has grown in the past couple of months. It went from 'where do I find the timer?' to sharing marriages, births, and other important moments. Gath did you imagine that this would become the community it has when you started this site? Off to make my own hurricane preps. . More...
 |  |
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