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Submitted by: Gath

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Yvette will she melt Baz's heart? Lets vote. I say maybe. I like to commit
 |  |
Take a bit more than a hug to melt this cold, cold heart, mate!
 |  |
Too late, Baz. You just showed us your softer side.
 |  |
No softer side - just touched a nerve,
Seen that photo before, didn't like it then, don't like it now. Hrmph!
 |  |
I must agree about the 'prefect' match...there's no such animal. But this is true even with your own birth children. My problem, besides my breath, is that I'm single and male. If I was married or female it would be a lot easier. At this point I just hope to get; I can't really hope for a match.
 |  |
Good Maen.Maen means morning afternoon evening night. We started capitalising the time zone we are in. If you want to speed up your times then uncheck the 'allow incorrect moves' box. This will give you faster times but does take the challenge out of doing the puzzles.Hope this information is helpful. Good luck!!!
 |  |
Baz xxx if that doesnt work and a hug isnt doing it how about my prayers for you each and every night! Love ya!!xxxxxxx
 |  |
I tried to comment on the adoption bit and got put on time out by Gath That man made me feel like a kid again, Bless his heart! Agree with you Baz. As long as the child is brought up by a loving parent - who in the heck cares if it's a single parent or not. I was a single parent More...
 |  |
And if that dont melt your heart maybe a gallon of petrol and a match might do it????
Oh I dont mean it Baz is tops in my heart xxxxx
 |  |
Warren, Whatever happens you are making a compassionate, courageous, and most loving gesture. To even think of doing so shows what kind of person you are. Sell youself to the fools who have the nerve to say no. Your strenght will show thru. Once you adapt than the matching will begin. You both work More...
 |  |
Baz, Yvette is sending mixed signals, keep your guard up.
 |  |
All a young person needs is love, safety and kind but firm boundaries, who cares whether you are single, married, gay or not, black white or purple!!!
 |  |
Ed!! would I do that to Bazziekins my sweetheart xxxxx
 |  |
6:34. Is that creature being loved to death a chipmunk?
 |  |
Glad I'm not the only one that feels the way you do Yvette!!!! - I guess I used the wrong words before, thus the time out. (Still cannot get over that one! - If I get carded next time I go drinking it means I don't need a plastic surgeon)
 |  |
Baz reminds me of my dog. . . all size, and bark - no bite. Just one big
 |  |
good maEn everyone. . . .If I don't turn on the light in the kitchen, I might become a single parent again.

 |  |
Good Maen to all. Beautiful morning in Strathalbyn S Aus! Shame I'll spend most of it cleaning up the weekend mess.
Might just do medium first. Maybe hard too. I wonder how long tough could delay me today?
 |  |
I wonder who's in the chatroom?
 |  |
Join me in chat Nal and elsie?
 |  |
Baz is just like candy... soft and sweet like a chewed up toffee!!!!
Baz is just like a million dollars... all green and wrinkly!!!!
 |  |
Why did Baz cross the road????
To go to the other side and moan!!!!!!
 |  |
Obviously nobody commenting here yet is actually adopted. I am. I was always taught to believe that my parents (adoptive) were the lucky ones and that it was not I who was lucky. That made me feel special and that I just wasn't here to fulfil other peoples needs. Childlessness is difficult but we More...
 |  |
Whats the difference between Baz and a woman giving birth???
Baz moans and whines more!!!
 |  |
Good Maen to all,
A blonde joke with a twist.
A man boards a plane and finds himself seated next to a beautiful blonde woman. He immediatly makes his move. 'you know' he says, 'I've Heard that flights will go quicker if you strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger. So let's talk'

 |  |
Mike, born to babies have no choice in their birth parents. Adoptive parents and the children are truely blessed, the child for being soooo wanted and the parents for having a child that sooo needs them
 |  |
The blonde, who just opened her book , closes it slowly and says to the man 'what would you like to discuss?'
'oh, I don't know' says the man 'how about nuclear power?'
'ok' says the Blonde 'that could be an interesting topic'
 |  |
Every child wants to be wanted and every child wants to be 'normal' I have traced my birth parents but my Dad and Mom are those that love me and reared me. Ed, since you are not an adopted person I would ask you not to be so judgemental. This is a very emotive issue and I think everyone need to be aware of other peoples feelings and sensitivities. Adoption is not charity. The child matters.
 |  |
My job is trying to place very damaged young people with new parents as their born to parents (for what ever reason) did not do the best job at parenting, the laws no stop placements because of silly reasons such as se*uality, gender and marital status, thus kids become 'too old to be placed
 |  |
And Mike im an adoptee and proud to be loved by my family who chose ME!!!!!
 |  |
'but let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow and a deer all eat the same stuff...grass. yet the deer excretes little pellets, the cow turns out a flat patty, and the horse produces muffins of dried poop. why do you suppose that is?
 |  |
the man is dumbfounded! finally he replies 'I haven't the slightest idea!'
'so tell me,' says the Blonde 'how is is it that you feel qualified to discuss nuclear power when you don't know sh**?'
 |  |
3:45 good MAEN all
 |  |
Yvette, thats the very point I am making. I am proud too that I was not just a solution to other peoples problems. Now because careful consideration was given to placing me in a background similar to my original one...both sets of parents get on super (my birth parent eventually married!) That makes everything easier for me and I thank everyone for that.
 |  |
4:13 Good mAen.
 |  |
Mike I once tried to place a duel heritage 7yr old with two folks who really wanted him, but it was decided that because they were white he couldnt be placed with them!. His mum was white his dad Asian but an absent father, he would have been brought up in a white household if his mum could have do the job
 |  |
But due to 'matching' he was not placed with the family who wanted him, he had to wait for a duel heritage family to become available. He is now 15, in trouble with the police and yes no family has ever claimed him. All due to matching. this is just one of lots that i deal with
 |  |
This family who wanted the boy just wanted a son to love regardless of creed or skin colour!!
 |  |
Anyhoe back to Baz hope you like this.....
Baz I love you yes its true
Just like all love you too
You love me i know thats true
And you love Sudoku too
Your my man i cant deny
even though i often try
 |  |
Mike, Don't make assumptions please. I did not mean to upset you. I would wish the parent(s) and the child are both as happy as possible. I don't see some natural parents doing such a good job and some do a great job. It probably is the same with adapted children or do research show something More...
 |  |
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