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Submitted by: Gath

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is 35 min bad for my first puzzle?
 |  |
Yeah, bloody awful
 |  |
right Hugh, but i do drive on em
 |  |
2:27. Pretty puppies. Love the posts, you are all the best! Ohio is hitting mid 90's today but with the humidity; it will feel like 100-110. Advisories are out to stay inside.
Off to work.
 |  |
Hugh - I've been behind similar drivers in UK and France. Maybe they think it is safer to drive in the middle where nobody can overtake them, or that it is their own private road. They make me so annoyed I have been known to break the law and undertake them. Occasionally this makes them move over but not always.
Oh dear you have got me on one of my pet soapboxes.
 |  |
My husband calls them sunday afternoon mimsers!
 |  |
5:48 Ugh! Blame it on the night shift. Although, when I started I used to get 7:00+ so I guess I'm improving!

Yay for doggies (even stuffed ones)!
 |  |
Well, Hugh from Canberra, I find that it's equal opportunity for those who drive in the 'overtaking' lane, as you call it....although it does seem to tend toward the 70+ crowd. Here we have folks in motorhomes who tend to hold up the traffic -- we actually have a law that if there are more than 5 vehicles trailing you, you should pull over. Of course, there are lots who do not follow that.
 |  |
Shaddup!!!! Everyone's babbling on! Stop talking about road hogs - it's boring
 |  |
AP - if the driver of Diana's car was drinking whiskEy, then it was Irish whiskey, not Scottish whiskY, one being written with an E, the other, the original and the best, without an E!! And no, I'm not after Spellmaster's job!
 |  |
Did the puzzle and the date was July 31st and then read the comment from the guy who submitted the pic of the dogs and went and checked the archives to see that picture and it was the same one came back to todays puzzle and it has Aug 1st but the same comments and puzzle as before...I am so confused!!!
 |  |
Geez Louise, So am I now
 |  |
LOUISE, you have to click on 'Previous Pictures' link at the bottom of the page to see the old photos. Aschived puzzles always show today's picture
 |  |
Oops that's 'archived' noy 'aschived' obviously.
 |  |
.. and that should be 'not' Cheezzz
 |  |
 |  |
Hi everybody.Hugh; The problem with those who I call car movers, who tie up traffic by driving side by side or in the passing lane , are every where, every us state, and in all places where there are cars. Its not a right or left brain problem, just an 'I don't care about others' attitude. To be kind, some folks just don't know better.
 |  |
STOP!!!!!!Enough with the drivers. left brain, Right brain, no brain. stop talking about them. Now!

Us from Noo Noo thank you for your patience.
 |  |
The virgin!!!

In a tiny village on the Irish coast lived an old lady, a virgin and very proud of it.

Sensing that her final days were rapidly approaching, and desiring to make sure everything was in proper order when she dies, she went to the town's undertaker (who also happened to More...
 |  |
Mamacita - from everyones comments it would seem that you are right - it's just an 'I don't care about others' attitude. Doesn't matter whether you drive on the left or the 'wrong' side it seems.

By the way why do you drive on the 'wrong' side? In all the westerns I've seen the driver of the wagon/buggy always sits on the right - how come you changed?

 |  |
The Scots are so frugal that they even removed the 'e' from whiskey.

The word whiskey is an Anglicization of the Irish language term 'uisce beatha' which translates as 'water of life'.

Irish whiskey is believed to be one of the earliest distilled beverages in Europe, dating to the More...
 |  |
I'm almost a cornflake!!! - one more and I'm there.
 |  |
re: road stuff
Around here, I don't see so much of what you describe. Either the roads are smaller or much larger. A section of Rt. 128/95 (for example), a multi-laned, divided highway, is so congested that 1. what were formerly 'passing' lanes are used as 'traveling' lanes now. 2. traffic is More...
 |  |
Hugh, we in the USA had to be unique, alone with the others who only think they are unique...lol. You know, you are a cornflake already!!!
 |  |
Aaarrrgh!!! - I've been kicked out.
 |  |
Kicked out again - thought I'd fixed it...obviously hadn't.
 |  |
This is the culprit..hope I've fixed it.

Two Elderly Ladies

Two elderly ladies are sitting on the front porch, doing nothing.

One old lady turns to the other and asks, 'Do you still get h*o*r*n*y?'

The other replies, 'Oh sure I do.'

The first old lady asks, More...
 |  |
Mamacita - Ed's been quiet, have gou got him in the naughty corner again? - wouldn't be surprised.

The Spell Nazi will get me - I still live in Canberra!!!
 |  |
Atill around, Baz? C'mon, the F.L. is waiting dor you...
and you'll get a goodbye party with bolly, hocolate and all...
 |  |
Correction: waiting for you.
Maybe there you will be useful. Guerrilla war, you know...
 |  |
Good morning world.
 |  |
HUGH - Absolutely right about the WhiskEy. It does pre-date WhiskY. There was much to-ing and fro-ing between Northern Ireland and Ayrshire in Scotland back then and the Scots, knowing a good thing when they saw (tasted) it, took the recipe back to Scotland, and the rest as they say, is history.
 |  |
so cute
 |  |
these puzzles seem too easy or am i just that good?
 |  |
4.43 while watching tv...
 |  |
6:57 one of my slower times
 |  |
 |  |
This was rather easy, but interesting..enjoyed solving it..cheers!
 |  |
What is Maen?
 |  |
 |  |
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