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Submitted by: Gath

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Can I do it again?
11/Nov/11 12:59 PM
 |  |

11/Nov/11 12:59 PM
 |  |

Might have known someone would be lurking!!!
11/Nov/11 12:59 PM
 |  |

YES! Welcome to page 4.
11/Nov/11 12:59 PM
 |  |

Sorry, CP. I wasn't lurking, really. I was reading my mail.
11/Nov/11 1:03 PM
 |  |

HalT That's not too bad for the Vegemite.Son paid $10.oo Aud for 100gms at Brisbane airport to ship to a mate in Alaska.
11/Nov/11 1:14 PM
 |  |


“You cannot get the water to clear up
until you get the pigs out of the creek.”
11/Nov/11 1:20 PM
 |  |

What did you say ?

Subject: Senior logic

Ear Infection
This is so true!

They always ask at the doctor's reception why you are there, and you have to answer in front of others what's wrong and sometimes it is embarrassing.

There's nothing worse than a Doctor's More...
11/Nov/11 1:24 PM
 |  |

Wow, if I calculate right, your son paid almost twice as much in Brisbane as I would have in Columbia. Of course, airport prices are notoriously high. (In the US, they are.)
11/Nov/11 1:39 PM
 |  |

1:48 Good morning one and all!

11/Nov/11 1:49 PM
 |  |

CP, my SIMs card crashed last week. I do have numbers in a book, which I have not seen in a while, because I did not need it because, I had my phone.
Since my last post, I put my old SIMs card in the new phone and found about 15 numbers.
11/Nov/11 1:53 PM
 |  |

As he only had carry on luggage he was not allowed to take it through security and had to buy it on the other side and they make Ned Kelly look like a saint. The things we have to do to spread a gourmet flavour to you.
11/Nov/11 2:01 PM
 |  |

Worth the effort though.
11/Nov/11 2:02 PM
 |  |

What do you call a woman that's holding a dish of chocolate ice cream in her left hand whilst at her husband's funeral?
11/Nov/11 2:42 PM
 |  |

Well Cap?????????????????????????
11/Nov/11 2:46 PM
 |  |

'waiting for dessert'???
11/Nov/11 2:47 PM
 |  |

Hello VV.
11/Nov/11 2:48 PM
 |  |

Happy Veterans Day weekend to all!
And thanks to all who served!
11/Nov/11 2:48 PM
 |  |

Methinks Cap J may have some pooter problems or the alcohol has kicked in.
11/Nov/11 2:52 PM
 |  |

Good night people of the world.
11/Nov/11 3:21 PM
 |  |

Extraordinaly pollination video, Kathy.
My bedtime. Good night all.
11/Nov/11 3:29 PM
 |  |

Try "extraordinary".
11/Nov/11 3:30 PM
 |  |

11/Nov/11 4:13 PM
 |  |

I returned from a job fair in Wichita and grocery shopping on the way home to find cows in the yard. It looked like one was trying to ring the doorbell. We tried to get them back in the field with the water, but they chose to go back to the milo field. Tomorrow we need to take them back to the wheat field so they can hunt the milo field on Saturday....opening day of bird hunting season.
11/Nov/11 4:17 PM
 |  |

Two blondes were lost in the mall and decided to find the information centre. When they got there and looked at the map it said YOU ARE HERE.
They looked ateach other in amazement and said

WOW how did they know that????????
11/Nov/11 4:21 PM
 |  |

Q. Why does it take longer to build a blonde snowman?
A. Cause you have to hollow out it's head!
11/Nov/11 4:23 PM
 |  |

Q. Why was the blonde in the tree?

A. Because she was raking the leaves!
11/Nov/11 4:24 PM
 |  |

A blonde comes home from a day of shopping and discovers that her house is on fire, so she calls the fire department on her cell phone.
"Please state the nature of your emergency," says the operator.
"Help! My house is on fire!" the More...
11/Nov/11 4:26 PM
 |  |

One day 2 blondes decided to drive to Disney Land. When they saw a sign that said 'Disney Land left' they turned around and went home.
11/Nov/11 4:27 PM
 |  |

A. Why can't Blondes dial 911?

Q. They can't find the 11 on the phone!
11/Nov/11 4:29 PM
 |  |

What did the cop say to the popsicle?

11/Nov/11 4:30 PM
 |  |

Why did the computer go to the doctor?

Because it had a virus!
11/Nov/11 4:30 PM
 |  |

What has four wheels and flies?

A garbage truck!
11/Nov/11 4:30 PM
 |  |

Once there was a blonde who was going to take flying lessons, so she went to the airport to rent a plane. The manager told her there were no planes left so she would have to use a helicopter. So the blonde got in the helicopter and took off. Every 10 miles she More...
11/Nov/11 4:30 PM
 |  |

Where did the vegetables go for drinks?

The salad bar!
11/Nov/11 4:30 PM
 |  |

Why do elephants never forget?

Nobody ever tells them anything!
11/Nov/11 4:30 PM
 |  |

Q. What is eternity?

A. When 4 blondes meet at a 4-way-stop-sign-intersection!
11/Nov/11 4:31 PM
 |  |

Q. What does a blonde see when she looks into a box of cheerios?

A. Donut seeds.
11/Nov/11 4:32 PM
 |  |

Q. What is the fastest way to get a one-armed blonde out of a tree?

A. Wave at her.
11/Nov/11 4:33 PM
 |  |

A blonde and a brunette decide to start a farm together. They add up their life savings into a total of $200.00.
Then, the blonde decided to purchase a bull with it. The brunette agrees, and so the brunette leaves to go find the perfect More...
11/Nov/11 4:34 PM
 |  |
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