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Submitted by: Gath

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and you are right Jamie, I just wouldn't lend a significant amout of money.
 |  |
Banks loan money to millions of people they never see. Credit cards.
 |  |
Baz, Darn, I was hoping to hit you up for a few Oz dollars.

Rosemary, How about you? Hugh? Deb? Kathy will do it, after all she has meet me.
 |  |
Billy - of course you are not silly for going for the Dockers - very sensible decision, I would say. Although in 5 hours I might change my mind!!!!
 |  |
Ian what has lending money got to do with 'friendship'?
Lending money to friends is usually the end of the friendship!!!
 |  |
ROSEMARY: Did you make up that description of 'cyber friendship?' It was lovely, and also very appropriate for face-to-face relationships. Many of us have extended our Sudoku friendships with email and other forms of communication. While taking a different form, these contacts can be just as real and valuable in our lives.
 |  |
Correct topic please folks.
 |  |
sorry I am a little 'skint' at the moment!!
But I will still be your cyber friend
 |  |
The picture is grate

 |  |
and another final word before I go

Re cyber-friendship. No it doesn't replace friendships where two people are in the same room

- and Yes Ian, there is room for deception as we are using less senses in getting to know one another. Some of the cyber friendships on this site have More...
 |  |
yes all my own words and all from my heart. friendship takes all forms and you start out cautiously then over time, as you find out more about a person you open up to them. it doesnt matter whether it is face to face or not.
 |  |
What the hell is the topic? The G Spot? Well, that'll do anyway.
 |  |
Baz which 'G' are you talking about?
 |  |
You may be a little 'skint', but your words are rich.
 |  |
Me thinks they are messing with you.
 |  |
You are a wise and gracious woman, ROSEMARY.

Yes, most of what we spew out here is just silliness, but a few folks have really laid themselves out. Who knows if a kind word or an outrageous joke might have been just what someone needed at that particular moment. Maybe we shouldn't denigrate ANY manner of human communication.
 |  |
ED: Some of us really don't know what Baz is talking about, but from the innuendo, I would guess he is referring to his pride and joy! YOU seem to understand, so maybe it is a guy thing! (Double entendre intended.)
 |  |
Judy, You and rosemary have a lot in common. One is common sense, which seems to be in short supply.
 |  |
thank you Ed and Judy
it costs nothing to show that you care about others. the world would be a much better place with a little more caring about our fellow man.
 |  |
Judy, I already made one statement, I regret. And that one was not at all indicative of my feelings. I will pass on futher elaboration.
 |  |
Thanks, Ed, and I'd be proud to be clumped (clustered?) with Rosemary any day! :)

G'night all.
 |  |
rosemary, Many people to my amazement don't get it. Barb tells me all the time to face realty. I have great diffuculty doing that. At my age it will continue puzzle me. I know you, Judy, Kathy, Billy, Baz and all the rest, I don't have to see you. If you choose to disrespect me, it would be More...
 |  |
Ed, have your seen Idlewood? If so, what did you think? The moves of Terrence Howard will draw me into the box office quicker than the grooves of Outkast. Together, no doubt they serve up some soulful entertainment. I've got to check it out.
 |  |
I just checked Dr. Jeff Masters' blog on Weather Underground to see what he knows about Ernesto's current status. 'The new center position is bad news for Haiti and the Dominican Republic, which will now be subject to torrential flooding rains. Considerable loss of life may occur in Haiti, where More...
 |  |
Clever Signs..

Sign over a Gynecologist's Office:
'Dr. Jones, at your cervix.'

In a Podiatrist's office:
'Time wounds all heels.'

On a Septic Tank Truck in Oregon :
Yesterday's Meals on Wheels More...
 |  |

To commemorate her 69th birthday on October 1,
actress/vocalist, Julie Andrews made a special
appearance at Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall for
the benefit of the AARP.

One of the musical numbers she performed was 'My
Favorite Things' from the legendary movie More...
 |  |
DEB, good - and with that I am off to bed.
Long day ahead, since I did nothing today.
 |  |
Wish I could lend you money Ed.....but....(always a but in there)...lol

No, seriously, I do consider a lot of people on this site as friends. There are different levels of friendship, I think anyway.
 |  |
Nice one Deb, thats really pushing their noses into it, isn't it?

On a Septic Tank Truck in Oregon :
Yesterday's Meals on Wheels


On another Septic Tank Truck:
'We're #1 in the #2 business'
 |  |
Bored out of my skull - trying to study but have just opened a bag of mango liquorice which has suddenly perked me up as I type...quithe nithe it ith too! Too early for a drinkypoos??? Nah...it'll help me concentrate...
 |  |
Hey Billy, I'll help you out with the liquorice AND the drinkypoos. Nice pink gin for me. Teehee.
 |  |
/// from /// - just call yourself 'slasher' - although a pink gin would be a bit poncy with a name like slasher.
 |  |
Hey watch, who you are calling poncy mister.
 |  |
rotfl billy
you fooled another one
 |  |
What do you mean fooled?
 |  |
/// is hardly a name, I was going with 'slasher'...poncy was referring to the pink gin if you're name was going to be 'slasher', a more appropriate drink to go with your moniker would be...let me see....'everclear' - 95% proof, although you would probably cark it after one shot...
 |  |
you're= your, hugest apologies QRP
 |  |
Seems like you were the only one fooled today Rosemary. lol, rotfl, time, sims.
Probably cark it after sniffing it, let alone actually drinking it.
 |  |
Maybe not.
 |  |
My referral was the fact that you called billy 'mister'
billy is not a mister.
 |  |
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