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Submitted by: Gath

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3:18 G'day from the beautiful tropics
 |  |
Hello there - and here we go again - any tips for a faster time - 7.13 ?
 |  |

Joke for the Day:

What do you call it when your parachute doesn't open?

Jumping to a conclusion.
 |  |
2:57 Good day
 |  |
andré - we needed your advice earlier - Ted's up a tree with a drop bear drinking some weird thing called bundy and getting stoned on eucalyptus leaves, while holding tightly onto a slug - what should we do?
 |  |
2:46-Fastest yet! Most people will tell you that work with the numbers in sequence. Starting with 1, then 2, etc. I didn't believe it until I tried it myself.
 |  |
2:28 best time yet
 |  |
My time was 3:26. I would have broke 3:00 but phone rang. Hey KB from DM IA... has the cold weather arrived on the prairie? My sister went to Drake, lived in Stalnaker. My late wife was a Chi Omega at Drake; now she is gone and so is Chi-O. Rime marches on
 |  |
I simply must proofread better, or QRP will get me. Of course it is 'time' that marches on not 'rime'
 |  |
4:18, personal best.
Like most things, I'm improving with practice.
 |  |
 |  |
2.51- KB - you just practise and practise and suddenly you're as fast as the others - there's no secret, but I like starting with the nines first and working back through the numbers one at a time
 |  |
I can't believe I'm in here this early. When I started there were only 4 posts, and now 12! I'm still no better but all the hints have made it faster for me.
 |  |
3:29 i still need to go a little faster
 |  |
5 minutes but its 1 am + i blame fatigue and depression brought on by playing the blues on my 'pianny' for the last hour.

Be careful all you party goers - 'keep yourself nice', or not, as you wish

i'm off to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 |  |
Morning all...what a cute pic!! Ahh..Bundy..I prefer it with ginger beer (also called a Dark and Stormy). Also known as crazy mans drink!! Oh and time..3:13 today..it is a bit busy here at work tonight..Friday night and all...lol
 |  |
2:15 next joke of the day.A three-year-old boy was examining his testicles while taking a bath.
'Mom,' he asked, 'are these my brains?'
'Not yet,' she replied. sorry guys no offence but it it cute!
 |  |
2:28!!! Don't believe it: this is my fastest time ever (no aids used) Woo hoo!!
 |  |
fiona don't worry about ted. It's cold here tonight so he's bound to come in soon
 |  |
How do you guys tell how long it took you to complete the puzzle? I have finished two but don't see my time anywhere.
 |  |
4.02 very slow but you know you can't teach an old mouse new clicks. Seeing you are here Jim (and Chrissy is not in sight) I have this knot in my neck that definitely needs attention, would you mind? Fiona I know what a drop bear is but really woudl like to hear André's response.
 |  |
Robin, the timer is to the let of the puzzle under the pic of the girl
 |  |
Use the needle fiona Ted ready steady............
thwump ............

Ted are you alright (smoothing of Ted's brow) you appear to be upstanding within this community here let me help you (with leather mitten shmacsh quiet smack, discipline dear boy!)
 |  |
left not let
 |  |
2:56!!! Awesome time for me. I have gone from over-analyzing and 10:00 down to below 3:00. Will look for the next breakthrough like Coe and Bannister!
 |  |
3:00 on the nose... any sign of liam yet?
 |  |
K from Brissie- let these big strong hands massage the kink right out of your neck. A good massage can moves the kink from kink to kinky!
 |  |
There once was a boxer named Cassius
Who had a condition most gaseous.
Into the ring he would dart,
but when he jabbed he would f*rt;
His opponents, overcome, were quite nassius.
 |  |
Q: What is the difference between erotic and kinky?
A: Erotic is tying your lover, and tickling with a chicken feather till they tremble. Kinky is when you use the whole live chicken to tickle with....
 |  |
3:43 first time under 5:00. i'm a happy girl!
 |  |
8:26 a personal best...but I'm just a newbe
Don't understand how you do it one number at a time.
and I just discovered the clock too
What a great group, here. :-) Happy weekend !!!
 |  |
How do you determine how long it took you to complete the puzzle?
 |  |
3:46. . .at least I kept it under 4:00. Think I need more caffine!
 |  |
3.13 I dont believe it myself
 |  |
andré, not the needle -let's just leave him to come down by himself, Fraz says it's cold in Melbourne tonight and it's true, only 7°C predicted - either that or he'll fall out of the tree as these bears do (but I thought koalas were marsupials, so why don't the aussies call them drop marsupials?
 |  |
1:55, wow under 2 min. Anyone know how long you have to wait for paint to dry before you can put the painters tape on it. I am painting stripes on my walls and the main coat is done. I don't want the paint to peel if I use the tape too soon. HELP!!!!
 |  |
2:23 my best time so far this is my first post, but I'm beginning to feel like you are all my best friends. What a fun, funny, smart community.
 |  |
2:15 with Liam filling his diaper midway through. I think that sped me up a tad. Must get poo off lap!

Donna : Wait at least 5-6 hours for it to really, truly, completely dry or else you'll be pulling off the paint you just painted. Best really if you can wait a complete 24 hours to be certain. I learned this the hard way when we were reno'ing
 |  |
Donna from Ohio, generally 1 hour longer than the label says for a second coat. Be sure it's painter's tape, too (usually blue). what a great invention that was!

El Senor Pintador del Norte
 |  |
fiona, I'm very proud of you picking up Aussie venacular. Your first post is classic!! Well done. The drop bears will bring you an extra couple of shots of bundy. Enjoy!!!
 |  |
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