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I leave you a bottle of Baily & Baily. Two fat Ladies. Dolce.. Iam sure you will enjoy it..
20/Jan/08 2:06 AM
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Well Hello there Susan. Just realised that you have a page now.
I'll leave you a nice Dolcetto and some choccies. Hello to the family.
30/Jan/08 1:16 PM
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Ahhhhhhh now I know what your new sign-in is...just calling in to say 'Hi' and to tell you that you brought back memories of Trinidad today - that was when I first started on the site....right in the middle of the wedding! It's a wonder really that I didn't turn tail and run.
30/Jan/08 2:48 PM
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now I can visit without being sent to the NC..
I bring you some flowers from my garden
30/Jan/08 2:57 PM
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Well, well, well!!! WelCOME to your own page at last, Susan. Nice to see you becoming a SP after all this time.
Just for that I'm leaving for you a bottle of Wignalls Late Harvest and a bottle of Goundry Unwooded Chardonnay for you to share with all your visitors. I hope you and your family More...
30/Jan/08 3:30 PM
 |  |

, hmm think this smilie might just need to be changed LOL
It is great to finally be able to put a face to the name, and I must say that your family is just amazing. We all had a great time the More...
30/Jan/08 6:33 PM
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Hi Susan, I've raided hubby's wine cellar and found a nice Grange 83 (he won't notice cause there are still 2 or 3 more).
Glad to see you are moving in nicely. I can't do that puzzle - it's too disconcerting for poor old me. I also brought some chocolate cake and some flowers to brighten up the place.
30/Jan/08 6:55 PM
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Hello Susan, welcome to your new page. Bringing back memories of fun times re: my wedding to Trevene and someone else now but can't quite remember! I often wonder where Trevene went to, take care xx
30/Jan/08 9:01 PM
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Here I is.
Gday and to your page Susan. It feels odd saying welcome to someone who has been around soooo much longer than I have. I know you'll have fun here, you have been for some time now!
I have brought along a bottle of bubbly that hopefully one day, we can More...
30/Jan/08 9:11 PM
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Welcome to your new page Susan! Some flowers for you while you decorate your new place they way you like. Have a great day!
31/Jan/08 1:28 AM
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hi Susan, nice to see you have a page all to yourself! André, Trevene ran off after Ted's credit card I believe!!
31/Jan/08 2:11 AM
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Yes amber that was it... well done that girl! Actually there were two ambers weren't there. Nice to see you back around and a posh page to boot xx
31/Jan/08 10:12 AM
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hmmm, got a nudge this morn.. heard you drunk all your vino..
Let me see - a quick visit to the bottle shop, and buy for you... mmm.. umm.. a nice sweet red.. ahhh.. what about a Brown Brothers Dolcetto & Syrah ! CHEERS
31/Jan/08 12:06 PM
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Hi Susan,
Colin said he's seen that silicon (to protect against mould/mildew) but only in small quantities. Can you tell us what you use and where you get it from (hardware?).
Thanks , oh and that puzzle, I just get confused half way through. I gave up! Cheers, Cynthia
01/Feb/08 12:04 PM
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did you really think that would ever happen, to someone that is soooooooo "speshial".
I had so many emails I nearly died, couldn't stop laughing all day long.
Thanks for the fun, it was a great ride!

02/Feb/08 1:17 AM
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Hi Susan
I read your puzzle comment on one of the other pages and dropped in to take a look. I read it easily although I'm not colourblind - I think that means I have no imagination!!!!!
02/Feb/08 7:58 AM
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Suzy, reading it is easy. You have to name the colours!
02/Feb/08 9:54 AM
 |  |
I LOVE your avatar Susan - Gone are the questions. I might just see if I can find a similar image but for Darwin and up load it. By the way I'm not signed in... Don't like being Fii rayjrt than Fi. By the way - welcome to your own page - O only beat you to it by a couple of months.
04/Feb/08 10:27 PM
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Hi Susan, it was great to catch up with you & your family in Perth. Just got home last week, caught the flu over there & brought it back with me. Had a great holiday, hope you guys did too. It's good now to be able to put a face to a name. Luck us we had great weather over there & have to come back to all the storms. How are you fairing up your way?
06/Feb/08 8:28 PM
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Nope, Susan, you read correctly! I was asking anyone who was willing to send my address to Fiona. Thanks for saving me the effort! XO
09/Feb/08 12:09 PM
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With your colour chart you have just invented a new kind of dyselxia for teachers to deal with !!!
09/Feb/08 9:08 PM
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Thanks for droping by and leaving your was well appreciated.
12/Feb/08 4:19 AM
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Happy Valentines Day Susan
14/Feb/08 6:35 AM
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Thanks for your good wishes, Susan! Everyone should bond through adversity and a common goal as we have! :)
15/Feb/08 11:07 AM
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saw your light on, thought I would pop in and say hello.
21/Feb/08 3:06 PM
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Susan, just passing, thought I'd drop in to let you know I am thinking of you.
Hope all is well, and that we will see you soon.
11/Apr/08 7:56 PM
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Hey Susan..
how is it going?.. been a while since I last saw you..
How is the family?
mm I see that twin of mine been visiting you as well.. hehe

08/May/08 10:14 AM
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Dear Susan,
Thank you so much for your caring message after Mum's death. The love and support from everyone on this wonderful site has been amazing and very much appreciated.
19/May/08 4:54 PM
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Taking the time to say thank you for your message of love and support through the tough times with my mum, and her death. My heart has been lifted by the warmth and love shown to me here. Thanks too for sharing your memory of Mum on site. I still find it hard to believe - and I miss her.
05/Jun/08 12:59 AM
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How about a light with a motion censor. We have a downlighter in the hall which only activates after dark and switches itself off a minute or so after any movement ceases. It works really well for visitors who have to get up in the night and aren't sure where light switches might be
17/Jun/08 7:04 AM
 |  |

Susan, we had one of those night lights, though it got broken very quickly. We would have found it at Coles or Woollies. I'll keep my eyes open...
17/Jun/08 7:59 PM
 |  |

Hi Susan - by the time I found your message it was 11PM so I can't contact my brother until at least tomorrow evening - I'll write myself a note so that I don't forget. Someone in the family will still have the light, either him or one of his kids. Will investigate further fora brand name and More...
18/Jun/08 11:14 PM
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Hi Susan! Just saw a note on CynB's page that your Mum is doing better. I'm so glad to hear that. I know you have devoted lots of time these past few months to helping her. Hope you found the light you were looking for. Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts & prayers.
18/Jun/08 11:30 PM
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Susan -

Glad to be of some help. I frequently buy Frontline Flea an Tick medication for my dogs online from a company in Australia. They do a great job of shipping. The combined price is less than I can find in the states and it is delivered to my door. At least you, More...
19/Jun/08 12:07 AM
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I can see why you wanted a nightlight! Wow! I'd send you all my extra energy if I could! I am sure you are using yours to the max! It's a tough place to be. Best wishes to you and your loved ones.
19/Jun/08 11:43 AM
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Oh Susan! You poor dear. Isn't it crazy trying to keep different households going. I try to remember which household needs what groceries (was it my home where the bananas are needed or was it my dad's?) Every other day I make two dinners, try to remember who likes what, who has a special More...
19/Jun/08 11:59 AM
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Well Susan, I guess I just "blew it". I totally forgot about that possibility...

Good Luck with your search!
19/Jun/08 1:05 PM
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Hi Susan, you sure have a LOT going on right now! Hope things settle down soon but regardless, as you said - you can do it!! Shame I don't live down the street from you so I could drop by to give you a hand.

I'm still looking for the light....
19/Jun/08 2:21 PM
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21/Jun/08 4:12 PM
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to your daughter
Hope she had a wongerful day.
26/Jun/08 7:54 PM
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