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  Greetings and felicitations!


Please feel free to comment on anything at all here, especially things not Sudoku related.  Contrary to public opinion, I almost have a life outside of Sudoku.


On the other hand - if you have a burning question that is Sudoku related....

Please visit the blog, and I will be thrilled to muddle through with a response.


To email me with any sudoku related comment - especially tough puzzle proofs -


Sudoku Email address:




Elder Junior High Wrestling Tournament 12/27/06 Zach, eight grader in top half weight class 92 Ben, seventh grader in lower half weight class 98 Both won these matches Both placed second in tournament

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Steve, How do we find your page?
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Hi Clive!
I think that these pages are something that Gath has provided as a bonus to those of us who are 'supporting members'. I have not - yet - done anything with this page. I intend, however, to eventually have some solving advice type pages available. Please be forbear my delinquency.
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Hmmm... Please also forgive my poor grammar - a result of clicking too soon on 'submit comment'!
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Hello Steve, I thought I'd just drop by and welcome you to your own place.
Although I don't do the tough puzzles very often these days I always check the page out.
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How can I interpret the 'solution code'? I only started playing Sudoku a couple of months ago, and am curious about the solution code. So far it looks pretty 'Chinese'?

1) Start 23, Unique Possibilities to (UP) 27.
2) Naked pair 17 at e12 forbids d23=1, e4=1. UP 32.
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Hi Stephen!
Indeed the code takes some research to understand.
Unfortunately, almost every prover as compiled their own list of shorthand notations, so I cannot speak for everyone.
Fortunately, some terminology has evolved into some sort of standard AT THIS SITE.
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Further answer for Stephen:
I have been asked these types of questions many times. LOOK for pages in the very near future dedicated towards deciphering the code, amongst other things.
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Hmmm... thanks.

So what exactly would be implied by 'd23=1'. Is 'd' a row/column indicator? A small hint may help me figure this out... This is almost as tempting as Sudoku itself ;)
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Hi Stephen!
My sudoku blog, just started today, has an explanation of the puzzle grid conventions that we use at Click on 'Sudoku Tips Introduction' on the right side of this page.
BTW, d23 is shorthand for d2,d3.
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Clive, you just couldn't resist, could you?
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Hi Steve! Thanks for the blog! I'll be able to better my times I hope. Nice to have the explanation of your terminology. Come visit sometime!
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Very nice proof today (dec.13/06), but as your comment : it is quite complex.
IMO, I think to solve puzzles if we only use forbids chains (some where call: forcing chains) we can not solve hardest sudokus (even puzzles with rating 8.5-9.0/10 in SE)or very very complex to follow More...
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Oh, i saw Sudoku Blog...
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Hi ttt!
Forbidding chains, as commonly used, have some shortcomings regarding proving many of the fairly tough puzzles. If one generalizes the concept of forbidding chains a bit:
The endpoints strong and weak links need only be boolean variables - any concept that evaluates as true/false - More...
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To find a forbidding chain:
I asked this question myself a few times early this year. Never have I really received a good answer. I have a methodology that I use, but this methodology is constantly in flux. Eventually, the blog will tackle this idea in some detail. Hopefully, that venue will allow me to finally explain some fairly reliable search parameters.
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I just wanted to thank you for all your work
 |  |

Just popped in to say Happy Christmas, keep up the good work!
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Hi Steve - Nice place you have here. I have brought you a bag of Florida oranges. Here is wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great New Year.
 |  |
Thanks Debbie!
The oranges taste wonderful! My entire family enjoyed them.
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Hi Steve. Nice to put a face to a name. Always enjoy (but sometimes don't understand) your comments / proofs. I have posted my Christmas greeting to everyone on my page, as I couldn't post the picture in the general comments section. Best wishes to you and yours!
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Steve, funny, that is exactly the face that I have imagined went with the name! Thank you for your guidance in solving the puzzles. I left a 12 pack of Coors (Rocky Mountain Spring water on your desk! Enjoy.
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From one Buckeye to another! Where in Ohio are you? I am from Dayton, then lived in Columbus for 5 years before moving here. Here are some Christmas goodies for you,...some Cherry Walnut bars and of course, some Buckeyes!!
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I'm sure you've got a sense of humour Steve
- well I hope you have if you read the solution that I posted to todays Sudoku- It does work!! but then it's not such a tough sudoku is it!!

Merry Christmas Steve.

Christmas in Australia is hot so I bottle lemon cordial to give away to More...
 |  |
Hi Fi!
Thanks so much for both recipe's:
I am sure to enjoy the one I can drink,
and I have already enjoyed the one for my brain.

Feel free to post proofs using any nomenclature that suits you.
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Merry Christmas Steve and family! What a great family photo!
 |  |

P.S. - With all those kids, how do you have time for Sudoku?
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Hi Steve, I am happy to be in your place and find it most welcoming. I'm glad that you and the kids are so into wrestling. When my son attended Lehigh Universary I learned to follow wrestling since the Engineers had such good teams. Love the flickr pic. I'must hurry since I'm traveling around the More...
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Steve, my older son wrestled in middle and high school, and my 13 year old is wrestling for his middle school and a wrestling club. It took me several years before I learned to appreciate the sport, but it's amazing the amount of strategy is involved.
 |  |
My oldest son, who is now 21, started to wrestle in high school as a freshman. That is how my younger sons became interested in the sport. My oldest son now helps to coach the high school wrestling team, so my younger boys feel a little bit of pressure (from him, and the situation) to do well. More...
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Well done Steve! Nice to see the photos, and the best to your sons! 2007 is around the corner. A whole new year coming up, and so much will happen during this coming year. I do hope that you and yours enjoy peace, happiness, good times, (chocolate for those of you who indulge), and should there be More...
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Hi Steve,
I am an ' old ' member of Sudokuland - though a very quiet one . I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your proofs and the way you teach us new ways to enjoy this great game . Thanks for that !
I also want to wish you a very Happy New Year ! Health and all the best !
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Hi Steve - just had a little nose in here as I hadn't visited before - hope you don't mind! Very best wishes to you for 2007!
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Hello Steve. It would appear that your boys have the wrestling skills mastered. Good job! Happy New Year to you. Thank you so much for your dedication and work on the blog. You are truly amazing in your ability to simplify the most challenging concepts. I hope 2007 is a great year for you.
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Happy New Year Steve
from one southwestern Ohioan to another!
Your puzzle solving help is truly amazing!
Best wishes for 207!
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Hello Steve
We've propped your office door open with a fruitcake, so enjoy! After you do your proof, check the cooler...Would send some cookies, but it looks like Santa finished them off.
Thanks soooo much for the proofs and thorough explanations.
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Hi Steve,
We visit Hudson, Ohio every Thanksgiving. Beautiful area.
 |  |
I'm trying to make sense of your 'A proof for tough sudoku of 01-12-2007' lingo.. is there a site that explains? I'm a recent sudoku addict.
 |  |
Hi Pete!

The blog I have been writing explains the lingo.

If you are at any page at, look at the top of the right column. You should find there, above the adds, below a bunch of blue links: 'Check out the sudoku blog'
Under that there is a link to the most recent More...
 |  |
Thanks Cinji!
 |  |
Hi Jeff from Cincinnati!

You could be my neighbor. Great to know that there are fellow sudoku nuts locally.
 |  |
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