Kathy from Maryland/USA

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Welcome to my page!


Help yourself to a bowl of Maryland Cream of Crab Soup.  There's cold beer and wine in the fridge.  Pull a chair up to the table and join me!


Thanks for stopping by!

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Hi, Kathy! Welcome to membership privileges and your own page! I brought some beautiful pink tulips and some Frango Mints as a page-warming gift.
01/May/07 5:34 AM
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greetings kathy!!! it is fun here! and the amazing people youll meet will just make you day, time after time.
i am bringing you my traditional powered snow from high up in mountains of utah as your gift from me. feel free to drop by my place anytime. my doors always open and your always welcome!
01/May/07 5:52 AM
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Join in on the fun. My husband complains too. But I do get addicted to these silly games, need my daily fix. Here's some Belgium chocolates and a bottle of wine to enjoy
01/May/07 12:14 PM
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Welcome to sudokuland and your own page, I have left a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Please stop by any time the door is always open.
01/May/07 2:42 PM
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Hello Kathy
Sorry I was a bit late in arriving to Welcome you to your new page. Lots of newbies to visit in the wonderful world of 'sudokuland'.
I see you have had many visitors already so I'll leave behind this for all to enjoy.
02/May/07 10:14 AM
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Kathy, . Enjoy your new space! This should be alot of fun. Here's some flowers to decorate your place.
03/May/07 8:58 AM
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popping in to say Thank You, for your good wishes today. I've had so much fun, and I feel like I have an extended family all over the world.
Come on over to my place sometime, lots of parties this week, and plenty of cake for all to enjoy.
03/May/07 8:37 PM
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Welcome to your own special page Kathy, and gald to see you posting! Do you like pastries? I hope so, as I'm leaving a double chocolate fudge pastry for you as a page warmimg gift. Enjoy!
04/May/07 5:01 AM
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kathy...thanks so much for stopping by my page, also for bringing the steamed maryland blue crabs. maybe i can save a few for the weiner roast this weekend at my house. starts friday night and ends on sunday night. hope to see you there. thanks again sweetie!
04/May/07 5:33 AM
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Oh Kathy, you just hit a sweet or should that be a garlic spot in my heart!!! Love the crabs.

Thank you so much, you are too kind to this new kid on the block.
04/May/07 7:19 AM
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Congratulation to have Your own page and to your visit to me and also for very beautiful meal I enjoyed it too much specially You do it Yourself.
You any and every time to my page .
04/May/07 5:51 PM
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Kathy, that soup is darn good eatin'! Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I'll leave you with a bottle of Niagara region ice wine (they're nuts for it in Japan). It makes a decadent dessert, but don't overindulge--the hangover is brutal. Wishing you a terrific weekend!
06/May/07 1:43 AM
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Kathy, I've finished those crabs and they were wonderful! Waiting for another shipment.
06/May/07 4:45 AM
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Awh, you have a web page. I think I have a tear in my eye, how you've grown!!! Can not wait to show your son and grand kids, they will get a kick.
To this welcome party I will bring, the frozen snicker bars and that malty, chocolatey 'stuff' you call coffee. Congrats on the page.
06/May/07 8:11 PM
 |  |

Hi Jo!
Please remember who who got me started on this site Frozen Snickers? You know me too well The 'chocolatey malty coffee stuff' will be appreciated by others who stop by. At the moment everyone is trying to win a Last To Post Competition. Take a look at those comments if you want a laugh!
08/May/07 1:03 AM
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Shawn says you need to get a life!!! Did you notice the time of your reply to my comment!!! You are addicted, what have I done. And another thing, I never knew you had this party side in you.
08/May/07 10:43 AM
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I became a card carrying paying customer of this thing last night. Mom and Dad had been out of town for a month and we were keeping two houses, so I did not play much Soduko, but I am back and I did not want all the blinking ads ~ had to get away from that, it made my time so slow. The A D More...
08/May/07 10:47 AM
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Thanks for the Crabs ~ It makes me really want to come home. The tea too ~ throw in the shrimp and I might have to be on a plane.
08/May/07 11:58 PM
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Thank you for the soup, it is divine. I love seafood in any form. I do have a lovely view of my mountains from those windows. I need to go through all my pics and get some on my flickr site. I'm leaving a box of assorted Purdy's chocolates for you. Drop by again soon.
09/May/07 5:57 AM
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Hi Kathy, thanks for the welcome. I see Rena beat me to the Purdys, I guess I'll just bring a nice white cowboy hat from our famous Stampede as a 'warming' gift!
10/May/07 1:33 AM
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Thank you for the welcome and crab soup Kathy. Sorry its taken me so long to visit you. One of these days I'll get a chance to decorate my page. I'll leave you with a bowl of hibiscus and some fresh out of the oven brownies.
11/May/07 10:25 PM
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Hi Kathy, and doesn't it just gall you when fools come aboard the site and make complete asses of themselves? I salute you for speaking your peace--I know with this particular form of communication even the gentlest retaliation seems to ignite the jerks--but I also don't believe in being afraid of More...
12/May/07 3:07 AM
 |  |
Kathy, thanks for the welcome and for bringing some crab soup. I'm leaving an apfel strudel for you to enjoy.
14/May/07 3:36 AM
 |  |
Hello Kathy ,thank you very much for your welcome visit ,the crabs were delicious ,my Gardenia flower is blooming these days ,i got you a handful ,enjoy the smell .will put new pictures soon on my page ,come back to visit again.
16/May/07 2:15 AM
 |  |
Kathy .am glad that you love Gardenias ,will keep them in water for you
16/May/07 3:51 AM
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WOW! Thanks for this delicious soup! I love the international-ness of the goodies offered in Sudokuland. Please have more oatcakes and another dram! The cheeses are Scottish, (Caboc) French, (Brie) Dutch (Gouida) and English (Blue Stilton). The butter is Scottish. And forget about the weather here, it is cold and wet.
16/May/07 6:51 AM
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Thank you so much for stopping by my page and leaving FOOD! Haha! For you, I am leaving brats, fresh from the grill.

Don't forget to come back and take a look at my flickr page.
17/May/07 4:46 AM
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Thank u Cathy for popping in and delivering some delicious soup to my brand new page - I am still learning! No photographs yet. I would like to leave you delicious bobotie with yellow rice and raisins with a dash of Mrs Balls Blatjang from my country South Africa!
17/May/07 4:58 AM
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Thank you for your welcome and the Maryland cream of crab soup it is really delicious, I hope you will accept a rather down to earth Bangers and Mash from England to enjoy.
17/May/07 9:03 PM
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Hi Kathy, Thank you for the cream of crab soup, yum, one of my favorites. I haven't had time to do much with my page, but hopefully will soon. I am leaving you some Pepe's Pizza, which is the only pizza worth eating, hope you enjoy! http://sudoku.com.au/10
18/May/07 12:47 AM
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Hi Kathy - I just realized that I haven't visited you yet. Here is a big hearty to Sudokuland. It is so good to have you here. I have brought you a bag of juicy apples grown here in Michigan. Your game sounds like fun. It is fund to play with other people. We are a family that More...
18/May/07 5:51 AM
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So glad to have such a pleasant visitor at the end of a work day. Nice to hear from you, Kathy, and doesn't that ice wine go down smoothly? I'm leaving you a bottle of Cave Spring Late Harvest Riesling this time--great with chicken, pasta and fish. Aw, heck, drink it on its own! Arthur is doing More...
18/May/07 5:55 AM
 |  |

Done deal Kathy, and I'll throw in a half a dozen apple cinnamon beavertails for some of your special soup!
18/May/07 6:40 AM
 |  |

Ahhh. The Senior Citizen articles! My son gave my husband a huge calculator with huge numbers on it one year. He loved it because he could see it!
18/May/07 7:18 AM
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Hi Kathy returning your visit Thank you for the crab yum love it. I've picked some from my garden for you to enjoy.
18/May/07 8:43 PM
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Hello to my fellow Kathy! Are you a Catherine, Katherine, Kathryn, or just Kathy?? I am Kathryn. Where in Maryland do you live? I've just been looking at a map today to plot a trip to BWI in July. We're actually headed to a wedding reception in PA, but they tell us it's closest to fly into BWI. Anything special we should try to see in Baltimore while we're up there?
19/May/07 5:05 AM
 |  |

Kathleen - of course, I forgot that possibility!! Our PA friends live near Harrisburg in a little town called Etters. The reception will be at Allenberry Resort Inn in Boiling Springs. We have flown into BWI before when we went to a football game at Annapolis, but we have never seen anything in More...
19/May/07 5:33 AM
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Hi Kathy, so glad you enjoyed the pix. sounds like we have the same travel agent, although my hubby has been our 'agent', so i guess that's not really possible. i wonder what other things we have in common.......any possibility you were a navy wife?
what kind of crab are available in your area? More...
19/May/07 7:12 AM
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forgot to tell you we are planning a trip next spring to italy. have you been there? we hoping to go to northern Italy for our 40th anniv.
19/May/07 7:14 AM
 |  |

sounds like we have a few things in common...
we have learned the same thing - visit sites early.

i used to love the hot weather, but now i stay in the AC. i grew up in Ind and it is hot and humid there, but only for days instead of the whole season...
20/May/07 7:23 AM
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