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Hi Mariane,

Thanks for your kind words - and also for becoming a member! Now *you've* got to put up a photo of yourself (though I'll understand if it takes a while - you have only been a member for an hour!).

I'm glad you enjoy the site, and I've got plenty of new stuff coming up.

28/Apr/07 7:28 AM
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Hello Mariane! I see you've joined the ranks. I have a tradition of dropping off a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa as a page warming gift. Hop you enjoy it, and welcome to your own page!
30/Apr/07 1:08 AM
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Welcome Mariane, Here's a bouquet of flowers Iris are in bloom this month, hope you enjoy!
Have fun setting up your page.
30/Apr/07 5:56 AM
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Mariane! It is so nice to have you here. I have left a bouquet of Spring Flowers on your table. Please come and visit me soon.
30/Apr/07 7:56 AM
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Hi Mariane and I've left some caramel TimTams on your kitchen bench - I hope you don't mind that I snuck one of them... I was feeling a bit peckish. Enjoy your time with us.
30/Apr/07 11:23 AM
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Hello Mariane, and welcome!! A bottle of bubbles to share with your visitors!!
Just googled Barooga, and it looks beautiful, but I bet it is dry at the moment. Have you had any of this rain over the weekend??
30/Apr/07 11:32 AM
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Mariane, Please accept this bottle of wine and some Stilton Cheese, you can serve it to you guest, or sit back and enjoy it along with the grapes and crackers....your choice! Just know that it comes with a great big welome to the sit!!! Drop by when you have a chance and enjoy my 'youtube' offerings.
30/Apr/07 12:21 PM
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Hello Mariane - nice to see you've joined the ranks of SM. Welcome and congratulations.
Here's a nice bottle of Goundry Unwooded Chardonnay for you to share with your guests. I'd like to give you some flowers to help brighten up your place but I'm at work at present.
30/Apr/07 3:27 PM
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Thank you for visiting my page. The people on this site are wonderful. I know what you mean about housework, I'm a stay at home/homeschooling mom and still can't keep on top of it, there's so many other things I would rather be doing.
03/May/07 1:56 PM
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for your kind visit to my page Or my 'Egyptian Guest House' as I like to call it.

To Your second home Cairo/Egypt any time ,You are welcome.
04/May/07 6:22 PM
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Hello, I'm homeschooling my 9 yr old daughter. It can be quite challenging as she is dyslexic. She requires a lot of help with reading and writing. Writing especially as she finds it difficult to spell and copying takes forever. I started homeschooling my boys 11 yrs ago when we moved to our More...
05/May/07 12:12 PM
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Miriane, what an interesting sounding desert you left at my page, thank you very much. I do learn from all the international internet friends. I must admit, I had to google pavlova to discover it's delights. May I have mine with Strawberries? Today I am leaving a jar of my home made apple butter More...
06/May/07 10:06 AM
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Hello Mariane - thanks for dropping by to view my photos. I'm glad you enjoyed them.
If ever you do make it west don't forget to visit Albany and the south/west and call in for a coffee. Anyone from the site is always welcome.
You will be assured of some beautiful scenery down our way.
26/May/07 7:51 PM
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Hi M A R I A N E
for your visit to my Guest House and for your interest about my photos,Infact this idea is to keep all of us in contact at least Once a Week .Hope You do the same and I will follow You.
By the way this week picture is now in my page hope you visit and see.
Have a nice mAen to You.
26/May/07 9:49 PM
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My horoscope says that 'people aren't going to know what a superstar you are unless you make them aware of it! ' Hence my new avatar!!!
28/May/07 6:35 PM
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Hi M A R I A N E
Very pleased to reed your comment and Your interest .In fact My Tounge language is Arabic but during schools time our Second language is English in addition to have either or both French or German .
Hope You enjoy my today photo ang the English wording of my First Tube.
Have a very nice Day.
03/Jun/07 1:21 AM
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Hi Mariane. What a beautiful picture of a butterfly on your page. You should submit it to the site so everyone can see it! Cheers!
04/Jun/07 5:42 AM
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Hi Mariane, What a beautiful butterfly, did you take the picture. I had to chase my butterfly's all over the yard trying to get a few decent pictures.
Are you in the part of Australia that is getting some rain? I know how it is not to have rain. In 2006 it rained on 4 April and not a lot, we did More...
04/Jun/07 8:48 AM
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Hi Mariane. Beautiful picture and lovely thought. I'm leaving a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup for you and your guests to enjoy. I'm not familiar with Barooga. I'll do some research and see where you are Drop by my place anytime, door's always open!
05/Jun/07 6:52 AM
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for your visit to my Guest House and your interst and comment.
The ' NILE 'Is One of the longest Rivers (6671 Km/4000 Miles)long start from Victoria lake(Mid.Africa) ,passing by Sudan and ending in Egypt.
Egypt occupies the last 1200Km/700 Miles before its More...
05/Jun/07 10:52 PM
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Hi Mariane. You posed some BIG questions on my page. I think its fair to say that most Canadians would prefer to see Canada maintain its role as a 'peace-keeper' in terms of conflict. There is a lot of opposition to having our troops in Afganistan. We are politically caught between 'a rock and a More...
07/Jun/07 8:13 AM
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Hello Mariane - thanks for your visit. Yes, seven of our group with our guide and porters did the Inca Trail which took the most part of 4 days. We didn't do the more popular trail, we did one that followed the Urubumba River but quite a bit above it and so it wasn't all climbing until the last More...
08/Jun/07 8:31 PM
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Hello Mariane, thanks for visiting my page drop in any time. Sorry you did get it wrong my Dad is still with us but has the beginings of shizophrenia that his Dr is contolling with tabletsand is pleased with his progress. Do you still go to Wentworth, if so next time maybe we could meet for coffee in town let me know what you think. Cheers.
08/Jun/07 9:04 PM
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Mariane, just had to drop in and congratulate you again on your sons Engagement.
That is just wonderful news. I wish them a very wonderful and happy future together.
08/Jun/07 9:38 PM
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mariane; CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you, your son and your future DIL.
May happiness, fortune and good health shine upon them, their children and their children-children always.
08/Jun/07 11:49 PM
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Hi Mariane - I chose Eeyore because I just love him, and as a long term depression sufferer, I think I identify with him at times. I also have many of the Little Misses in my avatar stable, and the Mr Men, and a bunch of cereal avatars since my site name is identified with cereal posts.
09/Jun/07 9:56 AM
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Hello Mariane, and thank you for visiting and for your concern. We are in Coffs Harbour at the moment visiting my daughter, and we actually drove up yesterday through all that weather!!! It was horrific and took us heaps longer than it should of, so we didn't arrive until after 7 o'clock last night!! Hope it will be better by the time we go home on Wednesday.
09/Jun/07 10:43 AM
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Very glad to your visit of this week to my Guest House, and your interst about my new picture but what about my new Tube of this week.English wording on page(1) EASY and page(5) own page ,I would like to know your idea and your More...
10/Jun/07 2:36 PM
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I saw your post on Texan page and I was having the same idea. I just found the members listing and thought I would touch base with one and all. I should have a map and pin point where everyone is. I love your comment on children - how true.
Well, I'm in the Midwest - More...
28/Jun/07 9:22 AM
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Mariane~Thank you for your kind words and visit to my page,I'm glad you like my smilies,I get them on the internet,I browse around.
I'm not having any party for the 4th ,my Mom is coming over to play a game of scrabble.
thats great that you More...
04/Jul/07 1:37 PM
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I had the page open too long and my wouldn't come up!
wanted to leave you a
04/Jul/07 1:43 PM
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Hi Mariane you have had your hands full haven't you hope things settle down soon. I will leave you these to brighten your day.
08/Jul/07 7:18 PM
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Morning Mariane glad you liked the Youtube. Its a nice sunny day here as well I've opened the curtains to let the warmth in. Meant to tell you I had a chuckle over the lost handle saying above.
09/Jul/07 9:14 AM
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Mariane could you tell me how to put more than one youtube on please like you have with the boat, they were great its amazing what people can do on the computer.
09/Jul/07 10:19 AM
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Hi, Mariane! The reason I was asking about the other accents, etc. was for e-mails. I figured if there was a shortcut for the é, there had to be shortcuts for all the other accented letters. Thanks to everyone's advice, I now have all the shortcuts written down. Before today, I had to compose More...
11/Jul/07 11:17 AM
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Hello Mariane thanks for stopping by it was lovely to see you. Loved the photo of the sayings, Goodness knows how long it will take me to keep finding them all. Take care xx Oh by the way I write the é by holding the alt button and typing in 1 3 0 on the keypad.
17/Jul/07 4:18 AM
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Mariane, I thought I would stop by your place and say Hi! Loved the video of the ship transforming! Hope you're having a good day! Here are some flowers to brighten it! Visit my page anytime. If you ever want to chat, drop by the SA2 page(under Clips conversations) sometime! ). People pop in and out of there at all times. Take care!
18/Jul/07 12:40 AM
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Gday Mariane, just popped in to see your vid of the Pasha transformer! So that's how they moved it. What a hoot.
I've brought along some goodies for you. A bottle of bubbly, a plate of nibblies and an invitation to drop in to my page anytime. Take a stroll around the garden, find a seat in the sun and meet my family. Hope to see you there.
31/Jul/07 9:08 PM
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Hi Marianne. I haven't been in to visit you in a while, but I was wondering how all was going. Is all well in your neck of the woods? Hope so. Take care and stay smiling!
17/Aug/07 8:44 AM
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Hi Marianne, thanks for your comment. I have always found the Haka to be a stirring piece of 'theatre' (don't tell the Kiwis I used that word, they might take offence and they're bigger than me).
I have looked up Barooga on the map and I found your town down on the Murray near Cobram. I've More...
18/Aug/07 11:23 PM
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