cool sten from Orlando, Florida

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I have started a lawn cutting business.
He enjoys his work!

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Welcome to SudokuLand, cool sten. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
15/Oct/11 11:32 AM
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Thank you mr.T
15/Oct/11 11:40 AM
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Thank you, Cool Sten. I have fun with the avatars.
Welcome to Sudokuland, hope you enjoy yourself.
15/Oct/11 1:00 PM
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I just spent 10 hours building a barn and I am so
16/Oct/11 10:58 AM
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Hi Sten, I am tired tonight, too. Why don't we work on putting some pictures on your page tomorrow? I see you got your Sponge Bob avatar working!! Good for you! I had fun with you on Friday. I love you.
16/Oct/11 11:33 AM
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Hello there Sten - I hope you like playing sudoku on the site with your grandma.
I have two grandchildren near your age and one of them loves playing it too.
Have fun!
16/Oct/11 12:36 PM
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Welcome to this great site Sten.
I am sure you will enjoy your time here.
16/Oct/11 12:59 PM
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Welcome to Sudokuland, Sten! We have a lot of fun here. Your grandma is the greatest!
16/Oct/11 1:39 PM
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to Sudokuland Sten from down under! Hope you enjoy your time here
16/Oct/11 2:20 PM
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Sten. I see you are up already! I never told you what good Maen means. See if you can figure it out. Isn't it nice that so many people have welcomed you to Sudokuland! Grampa & I are going to play tennis this morning, but I will try to call you later & work on putting some pictures on your page. Have a good day. I love you. Gramma
16/Oct/11 10:58 PM
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To Sudokuland Cool Sten. Young or old everyone enjoys this site.
16/Oct/11 11:15 PM
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Hi Sten! I got your monkey picture uploaded for you. Do you want to write anything about him under the picture? If you do, please let me know.
17/Oct/11 9:30 AM
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I got mixed up Sten! I forgot I was pretending to be you when I uploaded your pictures! I have just uploaded the one of you at the airport. Now I'm back to be being me again. You should go to bed soon - school tomorrow. Hope you have a good week ahead.
17/Oct/11 11:40 AM
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Hi cool sten.
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Spongebob Squarepants and I am 55 years old.
I also like Hello Kitty.
19/Oct/11 9:11 PM
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Sten. I haven't seen you on sudoku lately. Have you forgotten about it already? There are some good Halloween jokes yesterday & today!

I miss you. Gramma
21/Oct/11 9:55 AM
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Hi Sten I hope you had a fun time in Michigan.

Bye from Jaxon
23/Nov/11 9:54 AM
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Hi Sten. I am in Cary at Aunt Wendy & Uncle Chris' house. I've been teaching Jaxon to do Sudoku puzzles, & I showed him your page!! He loves it. I think maybe he's a little too young for his own page yet. Have you been reading any of the Turkey Day jokes on Easy lately?
23/Nov/11 12:53 PM
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Are you out of school today? I will send you an e-mail with instructions on uploading a YouTube.
24/Nov/11 12:39 AM
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Hi cool Sten this is Jaxon what are you doing
24/Nov/11 9:40 AM
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Hi Sten! Did you get my e-mail about finding the Embed code? And did you know that you got the TOPP on my 38th page of comments?

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at your house from everyone at Aunt Wendy & Uncle Chris' house. We love you.
25/Nov/11 5:34 AM
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Good morning Sten. Please send me the YouTube in an e-mail, & I'll see if I can find the embed code for you. Has your Christmas vacation started now?
18/Dec/11 1:05 AM
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Meery Christmas, Sten.
23/Dec/11 7:53 PM
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Hi Sten! There is a surprise for you on your Page! A nice lady named Wilodene showed me how to post your YouTube!

Hope you're having a good day. I love you.
28/Jan/12 3:07 AM
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When Grampa & I come to stay with you in March remind me to show you where to find the OLD embed code on YOuTubes & then you will be able to change yours any time you want.

Have a great day! Love, Gramma xo
31/Jan/12 3:00 AM
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Hi coolsten39,
I finally found your website! Wondered why you picked 39? Have you posted any videos on it? I couldn't find any. Do I have to subscribe to YouTube to be able to see them?
06/Apr/12 12:02 AM
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Hi Sten. Don't forget to go to Sharkey's page & leave a message for him!
20/Apr/12 8:18 AM
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Hello Sten,

I have sent you a private message to your inbox. I hope you get it.
20/Apr/12 9:28 AM
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Hi Sten. I never did welcome you to your own page on the site, so welcome. Have fun here and enjoy a double chocolate fudge beavertail pasty from Ottawa as a page warming gift! Cheers!
21/Apr/12 7:26 AM
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Well Sten, you are welcome, and this being a pastry it is more like a fudge cake, so enjoy. I hope you get to try a real one some day. Cheers my friend!
29/Apr/12 4:08 AM
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Happy two-day site birthday Sten. Have a wonderful day and and better year ahead.
09/Oct/12 2:59 AM
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09/Oct/12 7:31 AM
 |  |

cool sten
Hope you have a fabulous day!

Here are some Australian friends to help you celebrate - More...
09/Oct/12 8:32 AM
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And lots of
09/Oct/12 9:49 AM
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Hello Sten - a very to you. I'm sure you will have a lovely day with your family.
09/Oct/12 7:50 PM
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to Cool Sten. May every day be special.
09/Oct/12 11:53 PM
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10/Oct/12 12:03 PM
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Hi Sten. I am leaving you this message so I can find out later when you sign on to Sudoku & find it! Please let me know by leaving a message on MY Page. I love you.
12/Oct/12 8:59 AM
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Did you like the new pictures I posted for you? This is message #38 on your page. When you get to #41 you will start Page 2!
12/Oct/12 9:01 AM
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Happy birthday for tomorrow Sten. I hope you have a super special day!
09/Oct/13 3:20 AM
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And since we're this close.....
09/Oct/13 3:21 AM
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