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Friends at a sudoku gathering in Texas!

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Dropping in tobring you a supply of wine and cheese to get started when your guest start piling in. I know you've been busy and wouldn't have a chance to prepare. I'll be back later with some flowers and any thing else you can think of. Just call or leave a message and we'll get you started.
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Here's some Christmas cookies to get you started too. And some congratulatory flowers for your wife.. and a cake to celebrate 5 yrs cancer free!! WHOO HOO!! Think about coming on next years cruise!!
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Howdy Jamie! Want to trade weather? Our high for the next week is only about 25 . Congrats to your wife, I see suzanne has already brought you a cake so I will just extend my best wishes to you and your family!
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Thanks, ladies!!! I guess I better start decorating - probably be over Christmas before I can do much. I will eat the cookies and cake - and save the wine and cheese for the big open house.
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Jamie, Knowing how busy you are, I know you wouldn't have time to party with us so I brought you some of my jambalya and rice. Its pretty spicy so take care, hope you enjoy it. Thanks for taking time to pop in and say...hope next time you will bring your wife and stay awhile. Love and kisses.
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Hi Jamie, thought that I would come and check out your room..not sure what a Dublin Dr Pepper is so will help myself to something else in the fridge
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Hi, Jamie!
What's a Dublin Dr Pepper? I usually have a Diet Dr Pepper, but I suspect it may be like a Rum and Coke(Cuba Libre?) but with Irish whiskey and Dr Pepper?

It's 6:10pm over here, so I'm game to try one, since I'm already sneaking a taste of Mamacita's jambalaya and rice (ooooh, wonderful...)
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Just a quick check in from work to say Hi - back for a drink later, Jamie.
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Jamie - Rob loves Dr. Pepper, but what makes yours Dublin? I suspect maybe Irish Whiskey or something similar?? Think many of us might like to try one!! TGIF. Have a good weekend. Bet you're counting the days til Christmas break.
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Sorry to disappoint everybody, but a Dublin Dr. Pepper is JUST Dr. Pepper - made in Dublin Texas and sweetened with cane sugar instead of whatever they usually use. It has a different taste (maybe a little sweeter), and it isn't very widely distributed. Probably be quite good with a little Irish More...
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jamie, I'm passing out redwood burl starter trees. Just keep it half submerged in water and in 1000 years, what a tree you'll have. I've never been a fan of Dr. Pepper, but with a little Irish Whiskey, ... wow, think I'll have a second.
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Keith - I will get the tree started immediately. Stay as long as you can.
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howdy from another that loves Dr.Pepper, oh and Pepsi too, umm but mostly coffee flavored with HazelNut creamer,
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Hi Jamie! Mind a visitor from Canada? My first time in Texas. Dropping off an Ottawa apple cinammon beavertail pastry for you. It's early, so just a coffee for me please.
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Hi Jamie: Dropped by to say hello. Got to go and dress up my page.
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Hello jamie just popped in to say hello and look forward to seeing your photos!! Cheers
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Hello, jamie! It snows, we shovel, it snows, we shovel. About another 6'' today, but the powdery stuff. My husband used the leaf blower to do the driveway. Men and their toys!
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Morning Jamie. Hope you're having a nice weekend.
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Hey Jamie. I popped a Dr. Pepper. Thank you. I would like to leave you these flowers and a lemon pound cake. It's been a wild weekend. Our vineyard shuttle just got in from Bordeaux so I've got a jet lag and sloshiness between the ears from changing altitudes and too much partying... 'just taking a break now to greet you and say your page is looking good.
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Hi, Jamie!
Thanks for the update on Dublin Dr Pepper.

Yes, I would like one to go with Bert's lemon pound cake...oooh, that hits the spot!

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Jamie...son #2 currently has a B in his college math class! YEA!!!! He scored a 93 on his las test. I guess he discovered the TRYangle! Hang in there, 1 more week. Our kids go til the 20th, some til the 22nd, 23rd.
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heyello jb
just passing as I am doing the rounds of the special pages.
keep on keeping on your holiday break will be here shortly.
hope your wife is coping ok with your MIL's health issues. it is a real nuisance getting old.
ok must keep moving or I wont finish my rounds.
chat soon hopefully.
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Still waiting for those pictures Jamie.
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Hi Jamie,
I don't like Dr. Pepper (sorry) but I am also a math teacher down here in sunny south Florida. I teach in a middle school. What level do you teach? I have cousins that live in Austin and it is one of my favorite places to visit but haven't been there in a while.
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Jamie~ Thanks for the GUESS!
And love the bbq..YOU ARE AWESOME!

Looking forward to seeing your picture up on these walls..Love how you've started your place.
I'll just take a Dr. Pepper with me, on my way out the door, if you don't mind...
I'll bean bag it, when you're around to join!
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JAMIE - Drop me a line at 'glenn at tapley dot us' and I will give you Robyn's address! Thanks for stopping by!
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SARAH BETH - I am sure glad we finish this week - the 15th - yeah! Tell your son to keep TRYing - congrats to him.
To all who asked - my pictures will hopefully get put on the walls after school is over! Then I will have time to get hooked up with flickr.
Restocked the Dr. Pepper, and I More...
 |  |

TAMI - I teach high school math - primarily PreAP Geometry - I just spent three days in Austin working on Algebra 1 problems for the state-level end of course exam that is given.
I have a brother in Austin and one in New Braunfels (about 30 miles south of Austin).
 |  |

Jamie - try glenn @ tapley . us - just remove all the spaces.
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I teach at a much lower level. I have been helping my niece with her algebra 1 homework. I have the textbook she uses at my house and she calls me. It is fun trying to teach math over the phone. At least I see what she needs help with so I know what to teach my students to get them ready. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
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Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year x
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May the Peace of the Season be with you today and always.
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Hi Jamie! You've been hiding out lately. Do hope you have a chance to relax over the Christmas break, and that all is well health-wise with the family. Cheers!
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Merry Christmas Jamie.

I've been bottling in my kitchen today so have just cooked up a few cyber bottles as well.

Just thought I’d drop you in a bottle of home made LEMON CORDIAL. It’s fantastic with water and with soda water. Cheers.
Juice of 7 large More...
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Thanks to the recent visitors - CG - things are getting better!
FI - I saved your recipe and sampled the Lemon Cordial - yummy!!
I have managed to get one picture posted to flickr, so there it is!!
Ha ha
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Nice photo Jamie, and good pictures on your site. Thanks for sharing!
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Wow, Jamie, I really enjoyed all of your photos! You are a very nice-looking feller, and ya gotta love a man in a pink shirt! Jeanie is lovely, and your son and his bride are adorable! Of COURSE your best student headed for U of M ... that should go without saying! Merry Christmas to you and your family, and God bless. XO
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hope all is well and you are getting some down time from all the work
for my christmas message there is a link on my page or go to
http://www.hallmark.com/ECardWeb/ECV.jsp?a=4537732145951 M153826353Y&product_id
see you at the party friday
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Hey Jamie
The magic of Christmas never ends
and its greatest of gifts is family and friends
Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous Christmas
and a Holiday Season filled with peace, love & laughter

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May all you wish for be yours and your family's this Christmas
et Bonne Année
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