Aileen from California

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Welcome to my page!


There's always Diet Dr Pepper in the fridge, but we can always brew up a cup of coffee or tea, if you prefer. 


Enjoy some cookies before my 2 Cookie Monsters get to them...

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Hi Aileen! to your own page!
I've brought a pot of Maryland Cream of Crab Soup for you and your guests. Bon Appétit!
No need to apologize for a lack of computer skill! I don't have any either! At least you've figured out how to put a picture up, my poor page is barren I am sooo happy you've joined!
27/Feb/08 7:12 AM
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to you to Sudokuland, along with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner, stop in anytime for more pie and a video.

Welcome to you own page - thanks for joining us.

27/Feb/08 7:22 AM
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Aileen! So glad to see you have your own page! When I heard what happened, I was afraid we wouldn't "see" you anymore! I hope you have lots of fun on your page! Stop by anytime! Here are some flowers to help brighten your day! (You becoming a member has helped brighten mine!) Have a great day!
27/Feb/08 7:55 AM
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Please say I don't have to update my youtube more than once every three weeks, or that I have to have a widget. (It's been five weeks since I updated.
27/Feb/08 7:58 AM
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Hi Aileen, to your oun page. Nice to see you have a picture up already, you have a good looking family. Leaving a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on the table. Stop by my page anytime.
27/Feb/08 8:06 AM
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Oh! Hello Aileen - to your own page here in Sudoku land. It is great to have you with us! I have left a dozen of red roses on your table for you to enjoy. Please stop by sometime for a chat.
27/Feb/08 8:52 AM
 |  |

Gday Aileen, just saw your wonderful post on easy. You have been here so long, it just feels silly to say this but... ! I'm glad to see you have taken the plunge and have decided to stay with us.
27/Feb/08 4:45 PM
 |  |

You are,
And You are more than to visit my own page any and every time You wish.
27/Feb/08 5:21 PM
 |  |

Welcome Aileen, I'm so glad you decided to join.. you would have been sorely missed. Have lots of fun with your new page x
28/Feb/08 1:29 AM
 |  |

Hi Aileen! I brought some and some and a !!
28/Feb/08 2:23 PM
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Aileen and to you. Nice to have you with us in Sudokuland. It is a very cold day here in Ottawa but at lesat the sun is shining. Hope to read your posts soon again, have a great day!
01/Mar/08 4:07 AM
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You say that we are official SM's ... sado-masochists?? Maybe that too ...

Thanks for turning my first page, Neighbor!

Congrats to you, too!
01/Mar/08 4:13 AM
 |  |

to our world. See that you have been around here already, only a newbie myself. Have fun.
01/Mar/08 9:43 PM
 |  |

Aileene, I see you found the smilies, have fun! Once you tire of these, you can submit your own smilies, and be very unique.

Instructions are on Forum, Questions About this Site, Members Special Features, Help and Information. More...
01/Mar/08 11:56 PM
 |  |

Aillene, for resizing photos ( and to make avatars also) Check out this page for resizing photos

or this page for avatars, but you do have to change size to 50x50 for avatars.

Hope this helps you! and More...
02/Mar/08 12:58 AM
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Oh, yeah, the prep . . . I hear you!
I'm glad you're aboard!
02/Mar/08 1:41 AM
 |  |

Thank you Aileen for dropping by and thank you for your compliment on my watercolors. Yes, I am lucky to have five lovely sisters and also two brothers. Makes life interesting...Enjoy your day!
02/Mar/08 2:37 AM
 |  |

Would love to arrange a socal meeting! If you don't mind waiting for summer break. I teach still so I'm kind of stuck for a while.
02/Mar/08 3:59 AM
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Hi Aileen, I know what you mean about having a colonoscopy. The day before IS the worst. I have had 5 so far, they keep finding polyps, all have been benign so far, that is good. Just have to keep a close watch.
02/Mar/08 4:58 AM
 |  |

to official status as a SM!! You're in for lots of extra fun stuff now & also, sorry to say, lots of extra time spent on "upkeep"! Glad you decided to join us. Please come see me in Florida sometime!
02/Mar/08 9:15 AM
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Aileen, I too had a colonoscopy a few years back. I agree - the prep is the worst!!! But it's nice to know you don't have to worry about that part of your body for another 10 years. Celebrate with something good to drink tonight!
02/Mar/08 12:00 PM
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Aileen, I can to check if you had added the pictures of the daffodils, boy you sure have been busy decorating your page. Tell me more about the trip to NYC. Looks like the chaperones were having as good of a time as the students.
05/Mar/08 3:30 AM
 |  |
Thanks for your kind comments, Neighbor! Your son is gorgeous ... how did he get so TALL?! XO
06/Mar/08 4:40 AM
 |  |
How wonderful that your son has been accepted at Berzerkely! What branch of business does he want to study? I just took a quick peek, and, yes, it's Business School is highly rated, and the Graduate School even more highly ranked! What a great time for the whole family!
03/Apr/08 4:13 AM
 |  |

Aileen, congratulate your son on UC Berkeley! It must be a relief to have the decision finalized. At least it is in California! I have two in college. My daughter knew where she wanted to go and was accepted early. My son waited until the last minute to decide. They're both 3 hours away. Now More...
03/Apr/08 10:17 PM
 |  |

Aileen - congrats to your son. I may be a UCLA alum - but I have a cousin that is a Cal Alum, who I am close to. It is a long boring drive between Cal and So. Calif., but it can easily be driven in a day - most at 70.

BTW - I always have Diet DP in the fridge - I don't know how to make coffee.
04/Apr/08 10:26 AM
 |  |

Aileen, I have only just had my power restored and as soon as I read about your son's success, I had to come straight over.
My congratulations to him and to his parents who have obviously supported and guided him well.
I wish him in his future studies.
04/Apr/08 5:09 PM
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Hello Aileen! I just dropped by to say that I was sorry to "ruin your landing" on the next page! But it was a good thing I did... I would have never discovered that I have never visited you before! Great to put faces to names! Is that your son who graduated from Berkeley? Congratulations to him! How proud you must be!
And a belated into Sudokuland!
20/May/08 4:13 AM
 |  |

Well, it looks as if I sped time along and had your son graduating from college already! He looks very mature!
It was hard for me when my oldest son went to college. It took me by surprise because he was only going to a university less than 10 miles away!!!
22/May/08 2:12 AM
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Thank you Aileen for making my birthday a special one.
Many sudoku friends from around the world coming to visit me and wishing me a Happy Birthday have overwhelmed me.
My Husband and sons took me out to dinner to a Chinese Restaurant, and on the Sunday, we had a delicious Roast Dinner at MIL’s.
22/May/08 1:48 PM
 |  |

Aileen....Many may think that as you age, or at least get to my age, birthdays no longer are a big deal...I disagree, and so does my Sudoku family it seems....The many greetings I received helped make a good day a better one. Glad you were a part of that.
28/May/08 8:03 AM
 |  |
My Sidney is almost directly between dayton and lima or toledo and cincinnati, just off of I-75. and thanks for visiting my page. As you can see I am not big on fancy things like pictures.
02/Jun/08 11:24 AM
 |  |

'The Sandwich Generation'! I like that, it describes us perfectly.
Congratulations to your son. You must be so proud of him.
Thinking about your Mum, hope all goes well.
Take care Aileen,
21/Jun/08 12:53 AM
 |  |

Aileen, sounds like your reunion was lots of fun and a big success. We don't have the same games you do but I think we can beat a few of your records farthest was Minnesota, oldest is an Aunt at 91, youngest was 18 months, & tallest is my husband at 6'4". It seems all we do is eat, eat, More...
02/Jul/08 9:32 AM
 |  |

Thank you for the Dr Pepper...Im a pepper too! I left some brownies for you...enjoy!
12/Jul/08 5:55 PM
 |  |

Hi Aileen! Thank you for the warm birthday wishes! Here's a piece of my b'day cake for you to enjoy! I am a cookie monster, too!!!
15/Jul/08 1:52 AM
 |  |

to Annette and Andrea
I hope their day is wongerful
15/Jul/08 9:12 AM
 |  |

Maui sounds wongerful.
Have a great lucky ducks!
02/Aug/08 10:17 AM
 |  |

Good morning, Aileen! The cookbook is a "labor of love". I love to cook, and I love to share. So there you have it!!! Now, I think I'll go rustle up something to eat.........

Have a fab time in Maui! I can't wait to see pictures!!!
08/Aug/08 11:40 PM
 |  |

Hi Aileen - Your vacation sounds great! I am looking forward to seeing pictures when you get home!
09/Aug/08 7:41 AM
 |  |
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