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Hi Tree Sheila, to your new page. Is it cold in Deniliquin? It is here now the sun has gone down.
15/Jun/07 5:07 PM
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I am actually in Mackay at the moment, house-sitting for son while on his honeymoon. It is cold here and it has rained nearly every day since I have been here (2 weeks). I thought I'd be enjoying some lovely warm weather away from freezing old Deni. Thanks for the nice welcome.
15/Jun/07 6:34 PM
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Hi Tree Sheila, here are some flowers and bubbly to welcome you. hope you enjoy this site as much as i have. please visit my page whenever you can.
15/Jun/07 11:05 PM
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Congratulation to have your own page,I am very pleased to visit You with these very beautiful flowers hope You enjoy it.
You are to your own page.
You are to my own page.
You are to visit my 'Egyptian Guest House 'any and every time You wish to enjoy my photos about Egypt and to hear the Egyptian music and songs.
15/Jun/07 11:41 PM
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Gday Tree Sheila, sorry, it me took a while to find you. I went looking in Denil but they said you'd gone to Mackay, of all places!!! Talk about chalk and cheese except I believe the weather's not co-operating for you. Anyhoo, wishing you a very warm to the wonderful world of More...
17/Jun/07 8:12 PM
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Hi Tree Sheila. I left a piece of unadulterated 'Philosophy According to Ian' at the bottom of the 'Tough' page last night. I was wondering if you had seen it?
17/Jul/07 7:51 AM
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Hi Tree Sheila, I have received your reply on my page and thank you. However, one thing puzzles me - there was no sign on your reply of the 'Check out my page', like Gail from Cockatoo above. It should be there because it makes it easier for your friends t reply directly to you. If you are More...
17/Jul/07 9:25 AM
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Woo Hoo! Success at last! I'm glad you solved the problem.
17/Jul/07 1:56 PM
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Oh my gosh, I haven't been to visit you yet Tree Shelia! A big welcome to your own page. I'll leave you my Traditional double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry as a page warming gioft, so I hope you like sweets. Enjoy, and welcome to your own page on the site.
18/Jul/07 9:27 AM
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Tree Shelia - just dropping to say Hi and right on the trail of a pastry to enjoy too. It's summer in the midwest - near Chicago - but a rainy week after a long dry spell. It cool this morning so dropping off some soy chai and blueberry muffins - have a good day, Mary
18/Jul/07 11:58 PM
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Try strewing old fashioned moth balls wherever you see their little social blunders (mouse turds, according to the kids!).
22/Jul/07 7:46 AM
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Tree Sheila, good luck with the moth balls.
22/Jul/07 10:44 AM
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Good luck. I've never tried them myself, but I've been told they work.
22/Jul/07 10:57 AM
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Hi Sheila, left my advice on mice removal on the Sudoku page, in case you dont see it, I have a plug into an electric socket thingie that emits a noise too high pitched for humans to hear, but insects and small animals leave home in a hurry.
Worked for us with mice straight off.
It is made in More...
22/Jul/07 11:38 PM
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Hi Tree Sheila! Loved your quote from Helen Keller. She was such a wise woman despite her handicaps, or maybe because of them?? Glad you have your own page now.
06/Aug/07 12:16 PM
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Shelia: How can simple words help what you are feeling today? I know how tough it is on days like this, and the pain will always be there, but you need to tuck it away in a little corner of your heart and surround it with all the good memories of your mate so that the pain eases. It's hard, but More...
27/Aug/07 8:34 AM
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Thinking of you today Sheila, please know you are not alone. As Greg says the pain won't go away completely, you will always have good days and bad ones, but the bad days will become less frequent with time.
Cherish the good days and try to distract yourself on the bad ones.
Doing something More...
27/Aug/07 8:54 AM
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Tree Sheila, so sorry for your loss
27/Aug/07 10:20 AM
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Sheila - keep your chin up and remember the good times. Time does ease the pain and one year isn't very long, it probably still seems like yesterday that he was with you. Be positive and keep smiling.
27/Aug/07 11:08 AM
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Tree Sheila, sorry to read about your loss. My pain (knee replacement) is nothing in comparison. Grief is a measure of love, so treasure even the pain.
27/Aug/07 12:41 PM
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My deepest condolence. Nothing I can say will ease your pain however, know there are a lot of us - your cyber friends - thinking of you today.
27/Aug/07 1:49 PM
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Tree Sheila~I'm so very sorry about your pain of the loss of your dear husband,I don't know if the pain ever really goes away but becomes bearable,time heals they say and memories help keep our loved ones with us.and know that he would have wanted you to heal and enjoy life.You may even want to see More...
27/Aug/07 2:10 PM
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Tree Sheila, I hope that you have found comfort in the love and support of your friends and family today. I also hope that you have managed to focus on the love you have for your husband, and that he has for you, and remembered the wonderful times that you shared, rather than focusing on the pain of his departure. My thoughs are with you in your sorrow.
27/Aug/07 6:49 PM
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Hi, left you a message on Easy - you have been in my thoughts a lot today.
27/Aug/07 7:14 PM
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Tree Sheila thinking of you today, everyone has said it above. Try to think of the good memories you shared with your husband. He will always be with you in your heart. x
27/Aug/07 7:19 PM
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Sheila, I'm sorry for your loss and all of the pain that it still gives you. Try to fill all of those empty places with all of your remembered joys. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
27/Aug/07 10:01 PM
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Sheila, I just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, my friend.
28/Aug/07 7:13 AM
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I just read your message. You have no idea how glad it made me to know that I helped lift your spirits. Nature is my passion. Animals...what can I say? As I drive into the park - Everglades National being my all time favorite - I feel such a wonderful peace.
I am proud to say our daughter is just as passionate about nature - She is working on her PhD at UGA - marine sciences.
28/Aug/07 8:59 AM
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I just reed your massage today .I am so sorry but believe me We should thank God for everything .Mu thought and prayers with you .Everey one should met in his life sad time to make him too solid .
Please care by your self .
28/Aug/07 9:34 AM
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Appologise for my wrong spelling SHEILA.
Have a nice time.
28/Aug/07 9:36 AM
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Dear Tree Sheila.
Many thanks to your quick response and your lovely words .I believe that we should accept our God's words that this life is only a very short part of a very long there with him there.
You are strong and will stay strong .
Believe me thier prayers will be with us More...
28/Aug/07 12:39 PM
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I am sorry I couldnt get to you earlier..I was a bit engrossed in my own problems a bit..and I can understand what you are going thru right now..I lost my Dad some 5 years ago, but still it hurts..I wonder when I will outgrow is easy to say,divert the mind think of the positive et al..but More...
28/Aug/07 4:45 PM
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Tree Shiela, recieved your message and I hope I sent a reply! I told this machine to send it, but we are having some weather, not sure it got through. Replying here so I can tell if this goes through.

who has not needed her watering can recently!
29/Aug/07 8:59 AM
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Gday Tree Sheila, thinking of you.
30/Aug/07 10:29 PM
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Morning Tree Sheila, thought I would let you know you are in my thoughts today and tomorrow especially.
01/Sep/07 10:05 AM
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Hi, Tree Sheila! I have been away for a while and got to the Archives for 27 Aug., I think. I'm so sorry that it is/was a difficult day for you due to the loss of your husband a year ago. I think the only way to deal with a loss is one day at a time. Enjoy the pleasant memories. Try to do at least More...
04/Sep/07 12:46 PM
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Tree Sheila, haven't you ever seen the Humphrey Bogart/Ingrid Bergman movie, Casablanca? With the corrupt French Captain who takes his winnings as he closes the casino down? If you haven't, I'd advise renting it. The most impossibly romantic movie of all time.
08/Sep/07 11:25 AM
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Just a quick hello to you 'Tree Shalia', or Kate. I read your post on Wagdy's page and I liked the story behind your Sudoku name. I always Goggle places to try to figure out where people are, and I did so with Deniliquin. Looks like a nice place to live. Hope all is well. Have a great day and stay smiling!
09/Sep/07 8:11 AM
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Just visiting around and thought I'd drop by and say hi! My curiosity was aroused when I read Greg's comment about your sudoku name. I took a trip to Wagdy's page to find the particulars. How clever! What a nice way to honor your husband's memory. I hope your sadness is retreating a little every day. I've always loved the saying "With time, comes strength". Take care, Kate...
10/Sep/07 2:45 AM
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Hi, Tree Sheila! Thought I would drop by and see how everything is going with you today. We are having a beautiful late summer day. I hope you are having a gorgeous late winter day there! I've been wondering if you have had any luck with the mice? I believe there are a couple of companies in the More...
10/Sep/07 7:44 AM
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