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Hi, everyone. I just became a member so I could comment about Sandy. As of sundown today, I had emptied a little over 4 inches of rain since Sat. The wind and the rain hasn't stopped. Sometimes, it's hitting the house windows so hard that it sounds like sleet or hail, but it's a little too warm More...
30/Oct/12 2:20 PM
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Welcome to the Sudoku gang, Dottue. Please don't pay attention to all of the people who will offer you nice gifts. (They never send them!!)
But, I'm glad to welcome you to the site.
30/Oct/12 2:50 PM
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HalT is correct Dottie.

Welcone from Downunder.
30/Oct/12 4:04 PM
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Dottie, the two who posted previous to me are the ones to watch out for. Shake hands with either of these two snake oil peddlers and you need to count your fingers.

BTW welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your time here.......and you get bonus points if you know where Tassie is.

Note that neither of them can spell.

30/Oct/12 7:03 PM
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I see you got the trifecta of cheeky jokesters come welcome you Dottie...don't trust any of them! lol
to Sudokuland, and good for you jumping right into the fun.
Stay safe through Sandy :)
30/Oct/12 11:11 PM
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Hello Dottie, and welcome to your own page on the site! Enjoy my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from wet and windy Ottawa. Oh, and as for the previous comments on your page,yes, but be careful of almost everyone here, as we're all a little crazy in our own way!
30/Oct/12 11:44 PM
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Welcome to Sudokuland, Dottie R!
I see you've already had a few visitors!
Note: The guys may be right... I'm still waiting for my chocolate fudge beavertail!
(Love these guys, anyway!)
Hope you are staying safe from 'Sandy'.
31/Oct/12 1:31 AM
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Hi Dottie. Glad to see you are being welcomed by so many. It's always fun to have new people in our midst. I never really understood online dating until I realized from participating on this site that you really can get to 'know' people through cyber space as well as in person! Many of my high More...
31/Oct/12 5:47 AM
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Welcome to the site Dottie, hope you have as much fun as we do.
02/Nov/12 7:28 AM
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Dottie, welcome to sudokuland from a fellow Ohio girl. I am from the Akron area. Once my husband retired we moved to Tennessee. Much better weather here. I hope to see you posting soon. You just have to jump in and say something. Anything will do.
04/Nov/12 10:00 AM
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Dottie, I have just sent a Private Message to your Inbox as well as leaving you this 'public' message on your page. This was the best way I could think of to show you the difference. Please let me know if you find both of them. I know it's tricky finding your way around Sudokuland when you are new at it!
05/Nov/12 1:40 PM
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Hi Dottie, welcome to the sudokuland site. I hope you enjoy the conversations here, both serious and silly! Thanks for checking out my ducklings, though I don't know for how much longer they will be 'mine'. I've learned so much about them from just being able to observe them. They are so open More...
05/Nov/12 3:41 PM
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Hi Dottie, the male and female grey fantails look identical. They are now sitting on their 3 eggs. They take it in turns to sit on the eggs and to feed the young. It's pretty exciting to see what happens.
14/Nov/12 4:31 PM
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Hi Dottie, welcome to the mad mad world of sudoku, jigsaws, poozles & mayhem!!
Hope all that water has gone from your house & hasn't left any mud at all, or any other damage!! We had day to day TV coverage of what was happening during Sandy's assault.
Thank you for your comment about my flowers etc!!
14/Nov/12 9:40 PM
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Hi Dottie. Nice to hear from you. Re fantails: They are really used to us. It's very unlike them to be sitting still, as they are aerial acrobats. They dart and twist and turn as they chase little airborne insects.

The ladder set up really gives me a good view of what's going on with them.
18/Nov/12 7:13 AM
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I enjoyed chatting back with you too.

I have a dark cloud hanging over my head this season and I was afraid of going to the gathering, but Saturday was amazing and makes me feel so much better. I think, this happened before you came here, my mother died in August, and first holiday season More...
19/Nov/12 4:38 PM
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thanks Dotty, Samiyah is my 3rd granddaughter and they live 1 hour away so hoping to see her very soon.
20/Nov/12 9:20 PM
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Hi Dottie, I've challenged hubby to a photographic competition. He reckons he'll do a better job. We'll see! I've had no luck today so I hope he does.
27/Nov/12 7:46 PM
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Hi Dottie. Saw in one of your comments on Easy that you have a birthday coming up in Dec. What day? Mine is Dec. 4. My husband's is the 23rd &
& our first daughter's the 15th. With all that plus Christmas, Dec. is avery busy month for us. I'm sure getting lots of rest this week at Fripp, but I know I'll have to get busy fast when we get home on Sun.!
01/Dec/12 5:35 AM
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Dottie, I got your message on my Page rather than as a Private Message. I get a notice of new posts on my page whenever I sign on to Sudoku, but with the Private Messages I have to remember to click on the arrow up by my name to see if there is anything in the Inbox. I often forget to do that! It More...
04/Dec/12 2:45 PM
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To you
To you
To you
Dear Dottie
To you
20/Dec/12 12:17 AM
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Enjoy your special day or days as the case may be.
20/Dec/12 2:17 AM
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Dottie R
May all of your birthday wishes come true!
Starting with... Have a fun-filled day!
20/Dec/12 3:21 AM
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Happy Birthday, Dottie!
Enjoy your day(s)!
20/Dec/12 3:35 AM
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Dottie,have a great time starting today.
20/Dec/12 6:30 AM
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I hope you have a wonderful day.
One of the best parts is checking on all the international 'Advancing in Age' messages.
20/Dec/12 8:02 AM
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I hope you have a super special two-day birthday Dottie. celebbrate and have fun. Cheers!
20/Dec/12 8:11 AM
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Have a great day!!
20/Dec/12 9:21 AM
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Have a wonderful two day celebration!
20/Dec/12 10:13 AM
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Happiest of birthdays to you, Dottie!
20/Dec/12 11:18 AM
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Dottie, best wishes
20/Dec/12 1:37 PM
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Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and nothing but the best for 2013. Merry Christmas!
24/Dec/12 3:55 AM
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Merry Christmas
Dottie R & Family.
25/Dec/12 10:15 PM
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Hi Dottie. I'm sorry about your crunched mailbox, but glad to see that the city of Cleveland acted pretty promptly to replace it. Have fun celebrating your brother's birthday. Oh dear, I think I might have missed yours?? I don't see a greeting from me anywhere among the comments above. Maybe I More...
30/Dec/12 3:57 AM
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31/Dec/12 5:44 PM
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Dottie R, wishing you and yours the best in the New Year.

01/Jan/13 4:29 PM
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to you and yours.
02/Jan/13 12:23 AM
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Thank Dottie, for the Anniversary wishes!
05/Jan/13 3:02 PM
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Hi Dottie, I'd love to see what you view everyday too. I spent 5 weeks in Europe a couple of years ago and it was magic! Everything was so different to anything I experience here. So much built history compared to our 200 odd years of European history. I can't wait to travel further. At the same time I love living where I do and feel very lucky to do so.
11/Jan/13 5:00 PM
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Thanks for visiting. A lot of my photos have been submitted for the jigsaws, along with a lot of other people's. I haven't had any pop up for awhile, but I'm sure they'll get their turn soon enough. I love the variety of photos that get posted. I'd love to get one like that sea eagle on today's.
13/Feb/13 4:20 PM
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