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Hi there and welcome to Loza's
May y'all have lotsa fun! 

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This is my page, my page, my page
and long may it remain so!
please feel to post your comments.
i cannot promise to remember them if they get wiped again but i will love them just the same!
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heyello Loza
just thought I would come back and visit seeing we lost all of our fun today.
looking forward to a piccy soon ... so can put name to face.
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now you got YOURS up real quick there rose (and a nice one too!) but i am none too sure how to do it!
may give it a try later ... but this flickr youtube thing is a bit new to me...
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Hello Loza - why haven't you prettied up your page yet. Check it out.
Just thought I'd drop in and say hello.
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Hello Loza
just wanted to say hello, this is the first 'my page' I have visited, I didn't even know we had them , it would be nice to put face to name, can't wait till there is photo's to look at
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Are you sure you are you, Loza???
You have me worrying who you really are.
Piroshkis are lovely little savoury pastries that ever time I make them, they just disappear. My speciality.
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hey anne they sound yum! i;ll just have to have 3!
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Hello Loza

I bring chocolate for you, virtual so non fattening but equally irresistible x
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Hey Loza, you were asking how to pretty your page up and I come for a visit, and it's all been decorated. When did you get the decorators in?
 |  |
well there's this fella see...
 |  |
no truly i am here on my lone.
i just figured look if anne can do it then it must be possible?! your divine intervention helped too.
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You have prettied up you page, I think I should go look at mine
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Thanks for the 'compliment' Loza.
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Lots of fun today, Loza, kept me chuckling away while I worked.
 |  |
anytime CP happy to be of service!
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Loza, hi. We got off to a rather rough start with all of this, but you're sailing along nicely now! Your page looks great. I will visit often, and you are welcome to visit the vineyard anytime!
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Hi Loza! Mind a quick visit from a Canuk? An Ottawa beavertail coming your way. What kind do you like, chocolate, apple cinammon, maple sugar?
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Hey Loza
Decided to start my virtual trip around the world again, and re visit all my friends. Love what you've done to the place. Thanks for the Chocolate, I'll be back to visit again real soon.
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Your poem is beautiful. Even if you didn't write it, I give major props. :D
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Hi Loza, great place you have here!
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Hi Loza. It was a lot of fun visiting you today. I hope you have a good one and I will visit again later.
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Loza since the big bang removed all evidence of my visit, I thought I'd come again and wish you fun while decorating, but I see that you have already done a lot. Thanks for the goodies, and my door is always opened to you. Bring you poems too since they are so great.
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hi mamacita lovely to have you along

debbie, LK, Kylie, Anigie, CG, Bert, CP, Mickey, Anne, Andre, Rose ... what a wonderful crowd we have here!
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mamacita I've found another poem worthy of pasting - hope you like it.
for starters i'll put it on the main page
 |  |
haven't managed to get it on tho - posts keep getting rejected. sigh. tried the * button a lot but then my normal posts stopped getting through too. Will this one?????
 |  |
maybe I'll try again then. on the main page.
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Loza - are you alright? You seem to be talking to yourself.
 |  |
at least I was listening, eh Anne?
at least I thiiiink I was ...

I had a lot of trouble posting for a while so I started to type drivel just to see if it would pass muster
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As my Mother used to say Loza, 'The most sensible person to talk to.'
As long as you didn't answer yourself, that's the main thing, eh?
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Looking forward to the new poem, I liked the last one Loza. Mmm, I'll just have a little chocolate on the way out. Ta.
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I posted to you yesterday - must have said something very very bad - cos I see it's not here.

Some decorations for your place

There - now spread them around wherever you feel like.
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OH and Loza - 15th December - be there or be square.

We would ALL really really really like to meet you.
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Col you're too nice!
thank you for the warm hearts
and the warm heart too
will keep you posted, as they say
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Hiya Loza, long time no see. I thought it was time I paid you another visit. Have you settled in alright, it looks like you have.
A nice cup of tea would be most welcome, thanks. No cake, thank you.
It's so nice to be able to call in on friends whenever we feel like it, isn't it. Hope to see you at my place soon.
Bye for now

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hi anne how'd you like it? white with sugar?
you just missed the cake but i'll be sure to have some ready next time you call by
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Loza, there's a bit of a challenge going around between Liz of France and me...we both missed Ganniemo and felt great minds think alike. However Liz had a problem with the 2nd half...well you can read about it on the main pages and my page..but you are asked to take part...because you had supplied More...
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Loza, hello! How are you? Do you have time for a little getaway? Please come tip toe through the vineyard with us? Here are your plane tickets and boarding passes for our first class ride to San Francisco! This week, we depart BWI and head west to tour Napa and Sonoma, then south to Big Sur and the central California coast. 'hope to see you onboard. Cheers!
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Loza -Thanks for your birthday greetings and for the poem - it was lovely!
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hi ya there Loza..couldnt make it a bit early..anyway nice to see you there in ur own place..will visit you in leisure when you are around,,solong till then..
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Hello Loza, I haven't had time to go visiting this past few days so thought I would drop in and say hello. Is there someone else in here with you because I heard you talking. Oh, you were just having a conversation with yourself (again)!!!
Yes, please, I'd love a coffee. Thanks.
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