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Welcome All!

Thank you for visiting my page.


Paul and I recently married in Fiji at the Shangri-La (the Fijian). This was the first time that I had been back to Fiji since leaving when I was 4. It was even more amazing to realise that we used to holiday around the bay from the resort!

I am gradually getting the photos up on Flickr but it might end up being faster if you want to see more photos if you go to which is our personal webpage for our photos.


Christmas photos are up on Flickr! 


Merry Christmas 08

Veronica, Paul, Jacques, Ariane, Elinor and Rose 


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welcome to the membership club and with it your own personal home page. Looking forward to seeing photos of the children including the gorgeous little Veronica. Hope she is still doing well and thriving now that she is home with her family.
some for your page.
25/Mar/07 5:10 PM
 |  |

Oh she's is SOOOOO SWEET!
I can smell the baby powder clear out in the posts!

25/Mar/07 5:45 PM
 |  |

Oh Little Veronica. You are just a darling little Angel.

Rose when Monica and Emily were born, they were just as tiny. I used to think their clothes were Dolls Clothes.

26/Mar/07 1:41 AM
 |  |

Rose, welcome to SM status. You're going to love it. My housewarming present for your page is a Redwood Burl. Just keep it standing in about a 1/4'' of water and stand back. In 1000 years you'll have a huge tree.
26/Mar/07 1:58 AM
 |  |
Wide eyed and a real fighter. It is lovely to finally see a photo and it ll be interesting to watching her grow up. I guess she is a lot bigger now after six weeks of loving care at home.
26/Mar/07 5:31 AM
 |  |

Rose, Veronica is absolutely beautiful, a little dot xx
26/Mar/07 6:02 AM
 |  |

Veronica is just adorable. I look forward to seeing her grow up before my very eyes.
26/Mar/07 9:30 AM
 |  |
Rose, Veronica is just want to pick her up and cuddle her!!
26/Mar/07 11:54 AM
 |  |

Rose, thanks, I'm feeling so much healthier, and that's at least if not more important. It is early Spring in San Francisco, so the gardens look quite nice, but they are permanent, just not as colorful at some times of the year. For notes about my Redwood Burl, go to my comment four up from the More...
26/Mar/07 3:17 PM
 |  |

Hi Rose.....My dog, Maggie, was extremely pleased to see me arrive home and while I was bending down patting her she put her paw up and put a big gash under my eye. Not her fault, she didn't mean to but it meant a tetanus shot in the arm as I haven't had one in I cant remember when. They make your arm ache for a while afterwards.
Beautiful photo of Veronica..she is so sweet!!
26/Mar/07 4:29 PM
 |  |
Hi Sis - enjoy your pressie. I know I'll get to see lots and lots and lots of photos of my nieces and nephew which will make up for not seeing you guys so often.
26/Mar/07 7:20 PM
 |  |
So where are your avatars?
26/Mar/07 8:35 PM
 |  |

Hi Rose! You've moved into your new page and put a georgeous pin-up on it already. Lovely little lady! I have a tradition of leaving a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry form Ottawa as a page warming gift, so hope you enjoy it. Also thought a box a diapers might be appropriate! Cheers, and welcome to the SM club!
27/Mar/07 7:18 AM
 |  |

Hi Rose, Veronica is so cute. Very adorable. I never had any little ladies to dress in pink but I did have fun with my neices though.
I had the opposite problem to you. My youngest grew out of his 000 suits within the first two-three weeks and I had to return them all for 00s. I suppose thats More...
27/Mar/07 2:14 PM
 |  |

Hello Rose - I didn't realise that you were a S.P. so thought I had better pay you a visit. What a beautiful photo of Veronica. Have you got any updated ones that we can see.
Here are some for you.
28/Mar/07 12:40 AM
 |  |

Rose, please check the following link....

What kind would you like next time I drop in?
28/Mar/07 7:25 AM
 |  |

A gorgeous girl, that Veronica - and i bet her big sister Elinor is too. Keep up the good work with the feeding, Rose - you're doing great! Sorry about the Mr Grumpy, i forgot to change my avatar before I came to visit you.I'll leave you with some smilies to make up for him!
28/Mar/07 5:32 PM
 |  |

Hello Rose and Veronica, silly me dropped in the other day and forgot to leave behind a small gift for you both. The teddy is for Veronica and of course some flowers for you. Can't wait to see the next photos' wont be long and before you know it, she will be wearing size 000
29/Mar/07 12:58 PM
 |  |

Hey its me again, just saw your post, so dropping of some Bubbly for you and Paul to help celebrate the great news. Congratulations.
29/Mar/07 1:04 PM
 |  |
Hi Rose Veronica is gorgeous.Congrats to you and Paul on your engagement,and here's some strawberries to go with the bubbly Angie left you.
31/Mar/07 1:21 AM
 |  |

Rose, glad you enjoyed my Redwood tree pictures. It is a wonderful area to live in. I eagerly await more pictures of Veronica. Your dieting should be taking a back seat. You've got more important things going right now.
03/Apr/07 12:34 PM
 |  |

Have a happy Easter Rose and hope you all have a wonderful time. Babies grow so fast don't they! Take care and lots of sleep coming your way! xx
05/Apr/07 6:05 PM
 |  |

Hi Rose! Just noticed on Anne's page that you are now a SM & thought I'd stop by for a quick visit. Know you must be SO busy with a new baby in the house. Veronica is darling - I love babies, even ones I'm not related to!! How old is Elinor? Maybe you can get a pic of her posted, too, sometime. Happy Easter to ALL of you. P.S. Rob & I loved your city of Sydney when we were there in '05.
07/Apr/07 12:52 AM
 |  |

Hi Rose and family
Just a quick flying visit to wish you all a very happy and safe Easter.
07/Apr/07 4:44 PM
 |  |

Hello Rose,

Just dropping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter
07/Apr/07 7:11 PM
 |  |

here's easter bunny hopping on by with easter eggs for the kids ...... oh ok the big kids too!
07/Apr/07 9:49 PM
 |  |

Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter Rose! Cheers!
07/Apr/07 11:01 PM
 |  |

Rose, I am still smiling after looking at all the beautiful photos of the Evans family! I did not realize you have an older boy & girl, too - what are their names? They are darling as is Elinor & now Veronica! Loved the variety of cute natural poses your photographer captured. Those photos will all be family heirlooms. Thank you so much for sharing with me!
08/Apr/07 12:34 AM
 |  |

Rose, thank you for thinking of me over Easter. Yes it is wonderful to have the family around at Easter but it was such a fleeting reunion that I think I must have dreamt it. Still, even a short reunion with the family is better than no reunion.
08/Apr/07 11:04 PM
 |  |

Yes, Rose, you do make beautiful children! And I like the names you have picked for them, too - Jacques & Ariane, both beautiful names & faces like their little sisters. Can't wait to see the next batch of pictures. Please be sure to let me know when they are available to see. Thanks.
08/Apr/07 11:55 PM
 |  |

Hello Rose - I thought I'd reply on your page after just seeing your comment about Johnathan. He was actually three last month but has always been quite big for his age. I just thought that photo was cute so submitted it, although he was probably only about 5-6 months old at the time, I think. I More...
21/Apr/07 9:55 PM
 |  |
What a beautiful baby girl you have Rose, and you're right, the outfit is just gorgeous.
22/Apr/07 10:42 PM
 |  |

the family photos are just beautiful.
you have gorgeous kids ......
pretty cute yourself.
keep up the great work and dont worry about weight loss, you have enough on your plate looking after your littlie.
23/Apr/07 2:03 PM
 |  |

Hi Rose! Your girls are so cute even when they're 'grumpy' as you say. When will the newest studio shoot photos be ready for viewing? I am anxious to see them. You have a very beautiful family. I'm glad your drs. don't seem to be discouraging you from continuing to breastfeed Veronica, but More...
23/Apr/07 11:57 PM
 |  |

Rose, what darling children! Veronica is such a cute little teeny weeny! I'm pulling for her.
24/Apr/07 4:51 AM
 |  |

Oh my Rose...what a sweet sweet baby!Bless her little heart
wonderful photos!
24/Apr/07 11:23 AM
 |  |

I'm glad to have brought a new slant to the ANZAC story for you, Rose. I learned about the inscription when my sister returned from a visit to Gallipoli a few years ago. Her husband is Turkish and his grandfather and ours both fought at Gallipoli - as enemies. This makes their daughter a rather More...
26/Apr/07 9:16 AM
 |  |

Hey Rose - I am so sorry I haven't visited before now - Veronica is such a darling. I responded to you on my page and then thought... duh, so here is my response:

Hey Rose - I shall yell myself hoarse on your account. We have our final home game next week, it's a shame you're missing yours tonight, it's always a good night out.
27/Apr/07 3:06 PM
 |  |

Hi Rose, Thanks for your visit. Your Veronica is soooo cute!
Regarding my 'life's work', I suspect that if they were gentle, compliant children then I might want more, but they are all very self-determined, independent types and I find dealing with them quite exhausting enough without adding any More...
28/Apr/07 1:31 PM
 |  |

thank you for the support on mypage re greg the other day.
Veronica is just a gorgeous little darling. hope all is going well with the feeding and she starts one of those growth spurts soon.
28/Apr/07 10:04 PM
 |  |
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