Aimee from Pgh, PA USA

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Thank you so much for visiting my little page.

"May your home always be too small to hold all of your friends."


Please enjoy your visit and the pictures that I've shared!


Another taste of a new spring in my little corner of our world - Pittsburgh, PA USA, and a time for new beginnings.  I hope all of you are doing well.  I am concentrating my efforts on a year hopefully blessed with hope, wonder and much joy.   


Now tell me a little bit about yourself.  Please feel free to drop me a message and I will try my best to respond.  Take care of yourself, and wherever you call home in this wonderful world that we all share I hope you have a wonderful MAEN!


Peace, love, health, and much happiness always,

Aimee Smile

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Gday Ame, I'm not sure how long you've been here but to Sudokuland.
I've brought along a bottle of Aussie bubbly to toast your page. POP! Cheers. See you around.
14/Nov/07 8:03 PM
 |  |

Ame, just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
22/Nov/07 11:51 AM
 |  |

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! Hope your day reminds you of all of the wonderful things we have for which to be thankful!
23/Nov/07 2:30 AM
 |  |

Ame, Wishing you and your family, health, peace, love, and happiness during this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year! Merry Christmas! Stella & family
18/Dec/07 3:17 AM
 |  |

Aimee and to

I hope you have as much fun as we all do here in sudokuland, and I look forward to getting to know you better.
18/Dec/07 9:28 AM
 |  |

Wishing you and your loved ones a
wonderful, safe and relaxing time
18/Dec/07 9:30 AM
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Hi, Aimee:
Arcadia is a little village on Magnetic Island, one of the few "real islands" (not just coral cays) on the Great Barrier Reef. We have mountains (well, high, pointy-topped hills!), streams, great granite boulders (once upon a time we were some very fierce volcanoes) and More...
24/Dec/07 7:36 PM
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Hi Aimee! The recipe for the Cream of Crab Soup is on the 'recipe' pages. Go to the top of this page and click on Forum. Scroll down to 'Recipes'
(under Off Topics) Click on 'Recipes'. The soup is toward the bottom of the 1st page. It's one of my favorites, hope you enjoy it!
27/Dec/07 5:47 AM
 |  |

Oh, my goodness! I just read back and see that I never welcomed you! How rude of me.

Since you will be making the soup, I'm leaving a bushel of steamed Maryland blue crabs for you. Picking the crab meat from the shell is a bit tedious, but worth the effort! Bon Appétit!
27/Dec/07 5:55 AM
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Stopped by to wish you good cheer
Brought a little bubblie here
May your toast be great
For two thousand eight
May you have a very

Hope your Christmas was blest.
No resolutions to obsess
It is not too late
For to celebrate
Our Lord Saviour’s Righteousness

01/Jan/08 6:52 AM
 |  |

to you and yours Ame!
Wishing you all the best in 2008
01/Jan/08 9:34 AM
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Hi Aimee,
Thank you so much for your birthday wishes to me on the 16th. My apologies for being so late in replying. I had a lovely day, made even better by the greetings from my new friends on this site. Thank you so much!
18/Jan/08 5:51 PM
 |  |

Gday Aimee, I have just stopped by to restock your fridge. Here's another bottle of bubbly and a plate of nibblies too.
I will put these roses into a vase and leave them here on the table.
Drop in to my page sometime and take a look around. Hope to see you there soon.
29/Jan/08 8:43 AM
 |  |

Hi Ame, I see I have never welcomed you, here is a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Hope you have a wonderful time here on Sudoku.
30/Jan/08 4:00 PM
 |  |

Hi Ame! I guess I owe you a belated welcome to the site as well! This is YOUR special page, and as a page warming gift I'll leave you a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Enjoy, and belated welcome to the site!
01/Feb/08 4:31 AM
 |  |

I guess it is Aimee. I should have read your comment first. If you want to see icebergs, the best thing would be a cruise to Antartica. I have never gone on one, but if you Google 'iceberg cruises' there are a few travel sites that show uo with wonderful pictures.
01/Feb/08 4:34 AM
 |  |

Ame, A trip to Alaska I definately recommend! I don't know that you would get to see to many big icebergs there but the glaciers are beautiful and the landscape in general...I loved my cruise to Alaska and definately hope to go back again some day.
01/Feb/08 12:02 PM
 |  |

My cruise to Alaska was the first and only cruise I have ever been on but I must say that I absolutely loved the whole experience and the fact that it took place in Alaska…what more is there to say. As far as the Northern Lights go, no unfortunately I didn’t get to see that. I am with you More...
02/Feb/08 11:55 AM
 |  |

Hey! Ame,
Thanks for the message!
Yes, my name is spelled "wrong" for all of the Aussies and most of the US, but it tells me when people pay attention to detail!
I started a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle today with a friend. (She also found a 2000 piece puzzle of Van Gogh's More...
06/Feb/08 10:21 AM
 |  |

You shortened your name from Aimee to "Ame"!
Shows that I'm not too observant, either! Guess I'll have to pay more attention!
06/Feb/08 10:46 AM
 |  |

Hi Ame, I came to visit you before saying how happy I was that you took the time to visit my gallery. Watercolor is what I use because it has no smell and it dries very quickly. Some say it is harder than oil because you cannot cover your mistake by painting over it...but I learned a few tricks...I More...
09/Feb/08 5:20 AM
 |  |

Hi, Aimee-
Thanks for visiting. That cold beach picture was taken on Assateague Island in Maryland (where the "wild" ponies are). It was pretty cold, and super windy, but no snow. I have seen snow on the coast of Maine, but it was a rocky beach, not sandy. It was striking, though.
Have a great day/evening/night!
11/Mar/08 9:06 AM
 |  |
Hi Aimee, Thank you for you wonderful comments! Come visit anytime.
13/Mar/08 1:43 AM
 |  |

Just dropping in to say Hello and wish you a great St.Patrick's Day Aimee, lots of
18/Mar/08 1:29 AM
 |  |

Hello Aimee - I am just stopping in to say, "Hello." I see I didn't make it by to you and I am sorry for that. I have a DIL who is from the Pittsburgh area. Please stop by my place for a visit sometime. Have a great day!
28/Mar/08 1:03 AM
 |  |

Aimee, thank you for the nice comments about my quilts. Yes, I have ejoyed making each one of them.

They dome photos were put up in show a couple friends what my hubby was doing. He builds kits for making dome structures, and was in NC with these 3, helping the man get started up with More...
28/Mar/08 3:19 AM
 |  |

Dear Aimee, it was nice of you to drop in. Glad you had so much fun with the parade and all. I would have to go to Montreal to see a parade. It is quite big there every St Patrick's day. Nice of you to bring your hubby back to his roots. No Irish blood in me as far as I know but I had an uncle born March 17, they called him Fabien. I don't know if that is irish.
28/Mar/08 3:22 AM
 |  |
Aimee, thanks for your kind words. We are active, involved, irreverent grandparents, and it helps that the kids are all within 20 miles of us. As they say, "If I had known how much fun grandchildren could be, I would have had them first!" All the joys of parenthood without any of the stress ... nothing could be better!
28/Mar/08 4:05 AM
 |  |

Hello Aimee - DIL = Daughter-in-law

I am very new at the abreviations!!! I don't know very many, but I do know that one!

She is from Castle Shannon.
28/Mar/08 5:12 AM
 |  |

Hi Aimee - Scott and Christina live here in Michigan now, but her parents still live there. It was always a challenge for me to go to Pittsburg. I am a true country girl and that is definitely city driving! I can tell you I crossed a few wrong rivers a few too many times until I learned the roads better.
28/Mar/08 5:26 AM
 |  |

Thanks for the rock painting compliment, Aimee! I have a fascination with rocks and they have ended up in my luggage several times! Those particular rocks were at Hartland Quay in Devonshire, UK in a tidal pool. (Yes, I have one!) I do love painting and have found a new watercolor class recently More...
28/Mar/08 12:56 PM
 |  |
Hi Aimee,
Thank you. The cat on the left is actually the "baby" of the cat on the right, although he's twice the size of mama. We don't bother to cover our pool, because the main reason for doing so is to keep leaves out and we don't have trees too close to the pool. I scoop the few that do migrate in there out daily in the fall.
29/Mar/08 8:38 AM
 |  |

Hi Ame - Thanks for your kind welcome! Don't you love this site? All of a sudden I have penpals all over the world! And sudoku puzzles to boot! What fun You're right, Pbgh is "in the neighborhood" compared to Sydney or France!
02/Apr/08 6:34 AM
 |  |

Ame - when we are young, we like to remember the people we love as they were in our memory, and don't like that destroyed. It is hard to see them decrepid and needing our assistance. I hope the video, will help them to understand that their care and love can be a good memory as well. Bringing More...
03/Apr/08 1:19 AM
 |  |

Thank you for your concern. My family has been so good to me. My eldest daughter came to the hospital most night after work when her father was in the hospital and was with him when he died. I had just gone out the the motor home to rest. She lives close to me. The others are 2 hour drives away.
03/Apr/08 1:57 AM
 |  |

hi, thanks for your message! You do realise that Judy and I are just playing in our exchanges?! We are not really being catty (well just a tiny bit!!)No, seriously we are just winding each other up and trying to be smarter than the other! Thanks for your visit, cheers.
08/Apr/08 11:31 PM
 |  |

Hi Aimee,

thanks for your visit, it's not late tho'.
i'm always happy to get the mails from our sudoku lovers.
Myanmar is former Burma. We are east of Thailand.
The capital is Yangon (former Rangoon). i've posted some more photos, so pls visit my flickr again,
some beaches and detailed photo of shwedgon.
10/Apr/08 5:44 PM
 |  |

Hi Ame. Thanks for dropping in. I haven't been to see you either! Sorry about that! My mother made her wedding dress & I wanted to wear hers, but she'd altered it & turned it into a ball dress, so that's why I made my own! My sister, Maureen/Dubbo's son's fiance (does that make sense?!!) More...
15/Apr/08 3:44 PM
 |  |

Ame, glad you enjoyed Petula Clark, and I totally agree, those dances are classic!
17/Apr/08 12:32 AM
 |  |
CZ stands for Czech Republic. But guess what, I now live in Pittsburgh.
17/Apr/08 2:25 AM
 |  |
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