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 Welcome to my page.  Please stay as long as you like and take a look at some of the photos I've taken on my travels.


Lenticular cloud over an Antarctic peak. December 2008

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and Linda, and I have to add a also, Just dropping in from a game of battle pong which I just found and on my way to bed - or maybe just to read alittle bit. I'm near Chicago, The heat wave seems to have left so a nice evening and have opened More...
04/Aug/07 1:07 PM
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Welcome to your own page. I hope you enjoy it as I feel responsible.
I got your message and I do understand. When I work out how to send a personal message I will respond. You will love Australia. It is still winter so bring something warm as well as some summer type clothes, especially if you are doing the Barrier Reef.
04/Aug/07 6:12 PM
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Hey! Linda, Glad you decided to join us! I leave some and and a to decorate your place. Do drop by!
05/Aug/07 3:11 AM
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Hi Linda (another one for the site)
hope you have fun with your page and share a little bit of yourself with us all.
05/Aug/07 10:04 AM
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Gday Linda. (Good on you June! Got her here at last. )
I have brought you a bottle of bubbly which I would love to share with you on your deck! Also, a plate of nibblies for when your guests get here. See you around.
05/Aug/07 6:29 PM
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Hi LP! I thought this must be you! Glad to see you've got your own page now. I remember looking at your photos of your trip to Africa on some travel site (?? - not sure which one). Will you be on a tour in Australia or on your own? Rob & I went to five major areas on our own - Sydney, Ayers More...
06/Aug/07 11:58 AM
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Cooee again Linda. Just thought I'd pop back in to say if you're coming down to Melbourne, let us know because there are stacks of Sudokuists here.
Where ever you go in Australia, you'll find we're a friendly bunch.
06/Aug/07 4:02 PM
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Hi Linda, welcome to your page! Your pictures are beautiful! Enjoy your trip to Australia! Here are some flowers to help brighten your day! Visit my page anytime! Take care!
06/Aug/07 6:06 PM
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hello linda~~~realized that i had not stopped by your page to welcome you. you have some beautiful pictures there. must of been a fantastic trip for you. i want to give you some flowers to decorate with and offer you some bubbly to share with your friends. welcome linda. thankyou for the info on my More...
07/Aug/07 2:37 AM
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Where all did you go and for how long? The animals are fantastic & you have some great shots. We spent two nights at each 3 different safari locations and flew between stops and back to Nairobi (total trip including flying was 12 days).
07/Aug/07 7:47 AM
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The Northern Tribe was almost all Red & Orange & men wore the orange hair pieces. In the Southern Tribe, they wore Red, Orange & Blue. The women had shaved heads. I think the reason for shaving their heads may have been for cleanliness. I found the Masai to be very friendly and outgoing. They More...
07/Aug/07 11:31 AM
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Hi Linda, I do remember you as L.P, so I am doubly glad to welcome you to your page. Your pictures are spectacular, and you did a great job in the selection. As a welcome gift, I'm leaving a basket of goodies that Philly is well known for: Steak sandwiches, soft pretzels, Phila. cream cheese, More...
07/Aug/07 11:40 AM
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Hey Linda, Thanks for popping in to see my page. I will definately make an attempt to reduce my pictures. Seems that a lot of people have the same problem. Amazingly I reduced all my pictures before uploading and they were approximately the same size, so I do not understand why some More...
07/Aug/07 2:56 PM
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Me again! FOrgot to leave you a bottle of Boschendal Chardonnay from the Stellenbosch region in the Western Cape. ALso interesting about malaria in Africa, more people are killed from Malaria than any other animal related deaths. Second is the Hippo and third the Crocodile. So, we all hate the MIGHTY MOSQUITO!!
Take care
07/Aug/07 3:06 PM
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Hi Linda You have some great pictures from your African trip. I love wildlife pictures.
I'm leaving you som crappie fillets to cook on the deck. The deck on my house is quite similar. I'll have to take a picture some time and post it. Not today, it's really rianing out today and it'd dark and dreary.
Where is Pioneer? It looks like Canada.
08/Aug/07 12:23 AM
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to your own page, Linda! As a welcome gift, I'm leaving a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup. Hope you and your guests enjoy it Your pictures are wonderful! I have been trying to get my husband to agree to a trip to Africa. He says he'd rather not go where he is the lowest More...
08/Aug/07 12:24 AM
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Hi Linda, your page looks lovely, and the pictures are amazing! I leave you some Ted Drew's frozen custard in the freezer to cool your thirst on a hot day! It is record breaking hot in Illinois today, and I will likely not leave the comfort of my house!
08/Aug/07 12:26 AM
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Linda I love your pics so you have a link to your entire photo album from your trip? I will never go to Africa myslef, just will not likely ever have that kind of money, but I surely would love to see o more pics! Imagine seeing a cheetah up close and personal! How fantastic!!!
08/Aug/07 12:34 AM
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Hi Linda! Welcome to the home page club. I'm dropping off some Niagara ice wine for you to share with friends for dessert. And some for the table on your deck. Your photos are terrific--thanks for sharing.
08/Aug/07 1:28 AM
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Hello Linda. I have brought you some Purdy's chocolates for you and your guests. Your deck looks very inviting, I'll just sit a while and look at your pictures. You have some wonderful pictures from Africa. I just love all these virtual tours on this site. Drop by my page sometime, the door is always open.
08/Aug/07 2:27 AM
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Hi, Linda! You'll enjoy having your own page! I've brought you some ripe Georgia peaches (the last of the summer harvest, unfortunately) and some crab cakes made from crabs caught off the fishing pier on St. Simons Island. Enjoy! Where is Pioneer?
08/Aug/07 3:58 AM
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Linda - Just dropping in to enjoy the view and your pictures.. brought along some lemonade - It's hot today but looks nice on your porch - enjoy your day. Mary
08/Aug/07 7:21 AM
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hey Linda, your deck looks sooo inviting. I'll drop around with a bunch of Aussie wildflowers for you
08/Aug/07 8:25 AM
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Oh Linda, thank you so much for the link! Those pictures are fantastic! I enjoyed looking at them very much, and have to compliment the awesome photography! Thank you again and I leave you more custard so you can enjoy it on your warm day!
08/Aug/07 8:49 AM
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The deck looks perfect for a nice glass of wine and a visit. I brought you some spiced popcorn and merlot. All your pix are fabulous; what a great vacation!!! Was it a package deal? From a travel agent? Nice of you to invite us to your page. I haven't gotten any pix on my page (yet), but you are welcome to stop by anytime.
08/Aug/07 9:27 AM
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Hello Linda, You have such a lovely back yard, could sit out here all day. Your pictures of Africa are great, Africa is somewhere I would love to go, now all I have to do is get hubby to agree. Think I have heard Pioneer is in CA, what part? Stop by when you get a chance.
08/Aug/07 12:47 PM
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hey Linda, West Australian wildflowers are the best but the other states do have some nice ones too. Enjoy your trip
08/Aug/07 5:10 PM
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Hello Linda, is there still space on your deck for me? I'm bringing a crusty baguette and brie. Your African photos are awesome. Half a lifetime ago my dream was to go to Kenya/Tanzania, the Serengeti, etc etc. Your photos remind me why! Did it start with 'Born Free'? Maybe. I met the late Joy More...
08/Aug/07 10:35 PM
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Hi Linda Thanks for the visit. Kent is located near Akron just south of Cleveland and Lake Erie. It is the home of Kent State University. My wife works at the university counciling the students. We had friends, the Benson's, who grew up in Mt. Vernon. Isn't it a small world.
The grandkids love More...
09/Aug/07 12:18 AM
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Linda Stiil raining today. We are going to a Grethen Wilson outdoors concert tonight (country music). I hope the rain can ease up long enough to get it in. We had a month long drought in July and I guess we are making up for the lack of rain. I think it's going to ease up for the weekend. I have a golf outing so I hope so.
10/Aug/07 12:25 AM
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Linda, I love the view from your deck, how relaxing to sit there and look at the trees and whatever birds and wildlife appear.
The photo is of my grandaughter who will be 2 on Monday so we will also be partying on the weekend.(She has made the Parents page again I see)
I have one message from More...
10/Aug/07 1:22 AM
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Hi, Linda (LP)! We're glad you have a page! Welcome! I hope you'll enjoy these Frango Mints (once made in Chicago by the Marshall Field Dept. Store company) and some flowers. Hope you don't mind if I sit a while longer & enjoy your amazing photos.
10/Aug/07 2:24 AM
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Hi Linda, I see from June's page that you are planning to visit Australia in a few weeks. I do hope you enjoy your visit, the place has lots of attractions and the locals are fairly friendly.
Unfortunately, we are off on an overseas visit in a couple of weeks otherwise I would suggest a meeting in Sydney. Anyhow, have a good trip.
10/Aug/07 8:19 AM
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Hi Linda, oh dear, you have asked the 'V' question. I'll answer it to the best of my ability.
Vegemite is a spread. It is made by Kraft from yeast extract. It is dark, almost black and tastes a bit salty. Most Aussies love it and won't travel without a supply. But most Americans hate it More...
10/Aug/07 3:35 PM
 |  |

Linda, if you look at the following site it will tell you a bit about Vegemite
Ironically, it first became known to the world through a song by Men At Work called 'I come from a land Down Under' which I just happen to have on the YouTube on my page at More...
10/Aug/07 3:44 PM
 |  |

Linda, by all means give it a try, but be gentle.
I have just read what I wrote in my previous comment and it doesn't make sense. I'm sure the last sentence was meant to read - 'All the best for your trip Down Under, I'm sure you will enjoy it.'
10/Aug/07 5:38 PM
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Linda It rain so hard all day that it flooded the baseball field and cancelled the concert.
11/Aug/07 1:18 AM
 |  |

Hi, Linda!

Thanks for visiting my page. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Must be the summer heat! You asked if I live on St. Simons year-round. Yes, I do, and I love it. I am a true beachaholic, and even though it's too cold to swim here in the winter, I walk the More...
14/Aug/07 2:58 AM
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Hello Linda I was wondering if it was you that is LP so glad it is. Your photographs are wonderful, what a beautiful place to visit. I think the mossies would love me they always attack me, someone told me to take vitamin B3 apparently that works. Glad you liked the Iceland photos my son took them on a recent trip. We didn't mark them up as the names were unpronounceable!
15/Aug/07 7:02 AM
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Linda - let me end your first page . . .
16/Aug/07 12:44 PM
 |  |
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